Galaxy: 56-44 to federal Coalition in Queensland

A new Galaxy poll of federal voting intention in Queensland chimes with the general picture elsewhere in finding little change on the election result.

UPDATE 2 (Essential Research poll): The latest Essential Research fortnightly rolling average is unchanged on last week with the Coalition on 44%, Labor on 35% and the Greens on 9%, with the Coalition leading 53-47 on two-party preferred. The poll finds only 28% rating the new government’s handling of asylum seekers as good versus 40% for poor; 65% considering a budget surplus important for the country versus 27% for not important, which becomes 52% and 38% when framed as important to the respondent personally; 12% thinking the government will probably deliver a surplus in its first year versus 68% who think it probably won’t; and 37% thinking it will do so within three years, in line with its promise, against 40% who think it won’t. Also featured are questions on issues of concern and the best party to handle them, which show across-the-board improvement for the Coalition since immediately before the election, reduced concern about the budget surplus (presumably because Coalition supporters have become less inclined to nominate it as a problem) and increased concern about interest rates.

UPDATE (Morgan poll): The fortnightly Morgan multi-mode poll has the Coalition up a point to 42.5%, Labor down 2.5% to 32.5%, the Greens up half a point to 11% and the Palmer United Party down half a point to 5%. The respondent-allocated two-party preferred moves from 50-50 to 51-49 in favour of the Coalition.

The Courier-Mail has today reported findings on federal voting intention from the Queensland poll for which state voting intention results appeared yesterday. The Coalition holds a two-party preferred lead of 56-44, which compares with what will probably be about 57-43 once two-party figures from Kennedy and Fairfax are finally included in the Australian Electoral Commission’s statewide election result. Primary votes from the poll are 46% for the Liberal National Party (45.7% at the election), 30% for Labor (29.8%), 8% for the Palmer United Party (11.0%), 7% for the Greens (6.2%), 3% for Katter’s Australian Party (3.7%) and 6% for others (3.6%). Dennis Atkins of the Courier-Mail wisely notes that the missing Palmer United Party support “might not have disappeared altogether, as it appears to have gone to the ‘others’”, which is up from 3.6% to 6%. The poll was conducted last Tuesday and Wednesday from a sample of 800. Also featured:

• Sixty-three per cent of respondents, including 32% of Labor and 89% of LNP supporters, oppose Labor holding up the carbon tax abolition bills in the Senate. Twenty-nine per cent are in favour, including 59% of Labor and 6% of LNP supporters.

• Fifty-nine per cent think the government “too secretive” on boat arrivals, compared with 36% who disagree. The splits are 86-10 among Labor and 31-63 among LNP supporters.

• Forty-two per cent still feel the government has not done enough to stop asylum seekers, compared with 43% who say it has done enough. The high “not enough” rating seems in large part down to reflexively negative responses from Labor supporters, who split 55% to 28%, while LNP supporters split 33% to 58%.

• Fifty-two per cent say the new government has met expectations, 6% say it has been better, and 36% say it hasn’t been as good (74-9-14 among LNP supporters, 34-3-56 for Labor supporters).

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Abbott is to international diplomacy as X is to X……

    he is like a sick old dog that walks in giving you slobbery licks, shits all over the place and walks out.

  2. [ Since the election, it has been noticeable that the Murdoch Press have been running a sustained campaign against the ABC. ]

    T’was ever thus.

    Even in it’s current sorely degraded state, most ABC journalists can outwrite and outwit your average Murdoch journalist, even though said ABC journalists earn just a tiny fraction of what Murdoch has to pay his flunkeys.

  3. 3248
    Posted Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at 10:55 pm | Permalink

    Roll up, roll up, a Poll Bludger challenge….. Complete the following….

    Abbott is to international diplomacy as X is to X……

    as Maggie Thatcher was to life saving

  4. [ Abbott is to international diplomacy as X is to X…… ]

    Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Pick me!

    Abbott is to international diplomacy as Abbott is to … well, just about anything really!

  5. [Even in it’s current sorely degraded state, most ABC journalists can outwrite and outwit your average Murdoch journalist, even though said ABC journalists earn just a tiny fraction of what Murdoch has to pay his flunkeys.]

    Your average grade 5 can outwrite and outwit your average Murdoch flunky.

  6. The difference in coverage between The Age and The Heraldscum today was astounding.

    As far as the Scum were concerned it was that SBY should just “Chill out”. Besides, the Indonesians spied on us once, you know.
    Abbott had nothing to apologize for, if anything, it’s the Indonesians that should be saying “sorry” to the “oh great one” PM.
    The Sun was pathetic.

    The Age was sensible.

  7. 3236

    Public transport could be considered cheap compared to driving, and particularly parking in the CBD but it is less price competitive for trips not to the CBD because of parking being cheaper or ever free. There is an argument, not necessarily a conclusive one, for a higher price for CBD travel. The recent 5% above inflation increases in Melbourne PT ticket prices has reduced patronage growth.

    There are better ways to increase cost recovery than fare rises. Perth has 36% cost recovery compared to Melbourne`s 30% mainly because its system does connections well and thus gets more patronage per dollar.

  8. Abbott will be unable to give the Indonesians a reason for the taping of the Indon Pres./wife’s phone

    What rational answer could there be ??

    just sheer stupidty on the part of the “boys” in security young men alecks…who do it because they can
    and Govt’s often don’t know what they are up too

    tell that top

  9. [ Abbott is to international diplomacy as Philip Morris are to a healthy lifestyle ]

    Good one! How about:

    [ Abbott is to international diplomacy as BHP Billiton is to environmental responsibility. ]

  10. Tom the first and best@3261


    There are better ways to increase cost recovery than fare rises. Perth has 36% cost recovery compared to Melbourne`s 30% mainly because its system does connections well and thus gets more patronage per dollar.

    Bingo, lack of connections is one of the biggest problems for the Melbourne PT system.

  11. Save me typing

    Schnappi ‏@Schnappi5 9m
    #auspol Wonder what USA thinks about Abbott #DestroyingJointMilitaryExercise all by himself destroyed months or years of High LevelPlanning

  12. [ Abbott is the peace dove of international diplomacy. ]

    Sorry, my hearing aid is acting up … Did you say Abbott is “pissed off” at international diplomacy?

    After today, I’ll bet he is!

  13. [Roll up, roll up, a Poll Bludger challenge….. Complete the following….
    Abbott is to international diplomacy as X is to X……]

    Tony Abbott is to international diplomacy as Jack the Ripper was to surgery.

  14. Bushfire Bill re yobs on Radio talk back
    __________________________ a more muted way the same”hate-speak” re the Indonesians is going on over talk=back radio here in Melb to

    A certain”type” is seizing the chance to utter vile.racist and mad comments on indonesians
    Is their Embassy in Canberra getting such comments too?

  15. Hi Bemused…Welcome Back
    after being made to stand in the corner

    Glad to read your interesting and pertinent comments once more On Line here

    do try to be good !

  16. Re TTFB@3261 – Public transport is a viable option for transport to the CBD but if you are going anywhere else, unless your destination is on the direct route to the CBD, it is very slow – hardly faster than walking when you take into account low frequency, circuitous routes and the need to change between mostly in-coordinated or poorly coordinated services. This is the challenge that has to be met if you are to successfully prise people out of their cars and get on a bus, train or tram. The other thing is the ‘sunk costs’ of car ownership. If you’ve bought a car and pay all the fixed recurrent costs like insurance, rego, etc you want to use it.

  17. 3279

    Much more does need to be done with buses (coordination, route straightening, frequency increase, priority lanes and priority signals) to get non-CBD focused PT up to scratch. Smrtbus shows the way. Some train and tram work needed as well.

    People can be persuaded out of their cars by better PT services and pedestrian and cycling facilities. If people have more cars than they need, many of them will sell or not replace those cars. Car share schemes are also useful for this and they make more of the costs of car use per trip or per km which reduces car use.

  18. It’s Thanksgiving coming up in the USA
    but some workers are hungry
    Would you believe that in Walton’s many stores ,fellow workers are making donation s of food colleagues who can’t affort the traditional foods at this time

    That is to say Walton’s notorious for low pay to their workers …are allowing their workers to help colleagues who while working are getting such low pay as to be close to starvation…just as many workers need “food stamps” as well as wage to just get basic foods.

    ..23 Million families in the USA exist like this…in places where the minimum wage is around $7…in some case it’s nil..and the” wage “is tips

  19. Interestingly enough, on the Indonesians, the attitude of the ALP in the parliament seems to be:

    “We will STFU for the moment. Let you guys handle it and encourage you to handle it well. Recommend an apology but not bang on about it and give you lot room to maneuver to repair the relationship as best you can.”

    Have there been any comments from ALP figures so far that could be seen to inflame this issue?? Most of what i have seen from the likes of Bob Carr has been along the lines of apolgise, and then try and move on to constructive engagement.

    The stuff from Textor is bizarre, and Dolly Downer is just ridiculous.

  20. [On behalf of the NT, I apologise for inflicting Troppo Textor on the rest of you.]

    If you really mean it, you’ll feed him to a croc. 🙂

    Actually, do you think dropping Mesma into a pool of starving reptiles would mollify SBY?? 🙂

    Or would that just be seen as the equivalent of attending the next Fiberal party room meeting??

  21. [If you really mean it, you’ll feed him to a croc.]

    Now that’s just going too far.

    What have crocs done to deserve such a cruel fate?

  22. Israel and the Saudi Royals plan a war with Iran


  23. The USA elected a dope in George W Bush and now we have our own GWB in Abbott. One can only hope that we, the Australian public, are not stupid enough to give him a second term like the USA did with Bush.

    It is embarrassing that we have elected a buffoon. Can anyone remember a diplomatic incident so close to a government being elected?

    Let the boats come to totally destroy the man. The sooner the Libs dump him the better off we will all be.

    Off to the USA for Thanksgiving to see some friends in Boston (safe Democrat territory).

  24. WeWantPaul, your #3246 was a seriously magnificent comment. Worth repeating:

    Posted Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at 10:53 pm | PERMALINK

    This place has gone seriously crazy. If I didn’t know better I may have thought I had stumbled into an Indonesian blog


    A spat with Indonesia would usually be largely irrelevant in Australia, but Abbott, is he the stupidest PM the world has ever seen, raised to issues, that if looked at in a reasonable way are both almost irrelevant to super important.

    Firstly the naughty cow slaughter and suspension of trade, was made a failure of the labor government of monumental proportions. And the Indonesian relationship given more importance than it really does have on an objective basis.

    Then you take Abbott’s stupidity with unauthorised boat arrivals many of whom are going to claim to be refugees and most of whom are actually refugees under current rules. He made this a really really big deal for personal gain. He insulted the Indonesians for the same personal gain. He made the boat people the ‘greatest humanitarian’ crisis in the history of universe and then mishandled the Snowden leak crisis in a way so bad most primary school kids could have done better.

    He also broke all the conventions an talking down the national interest in economics and foreign affairs for personal political gain. And now he isn’t even being paid the same back by Labor. Shorten is obeying the very conventions in the national interest that Abbott and Bishop deliberately ignored for partisan political gain. He is reaping Karma. It is very very well deserved, and more.

    It is a shame the Country has to pay for his traitorous disgusting immoral and stupid behaviour. But then a lot of people in our country were stupid enough to vote for him, and they deserve any pain headed their way.

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