Abbott government day one: open thread

Breaking news: Abbott wins.

Nothing actually further to add at this stage, but the new day requires a new thread. Please observe the plethora of new posts below for those wishing to follow late counting, and especially the fairly detailed one attempting to review the Senate situation. These extend on to the second page; I’ll do something to make them more accessible in the morning.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. NBN!

    At least one silver lining. Let’s make it a keeper.

    I said back in 2010 that great care must be taken when dealing with the policies to mitigate climate change. I uses we have to wait until it gets dangerously convincing before we act. By then, I expect rural voters will have dropped any skeptics far down their list of preferences.

    No good explanation has come for the removal of Rudd in 2010. If anything, it exposed some unwelcome influences on our polity. McTurnan was repulsive on the late drum. He won’t for one second concede any responsibility for this loss. If he truly believes this, he is unsuitable for political advice, unless one acts on the opposite of his directive.

    This is now expressed through a senate happy to dump the ALP for an assortment of interests including libertarians, rather than giving Abbott full control.

    If the senate only saves NBN, then I wll retain a modicum of faith in the system. I don’t think any of the smellier Morrison brainfarts will get up either. Lucky for Abbott, the ALP topple to the right will stop the boats. So aside from SHY opening the windows to reveal what we wilfully ignore, we can get on with feeling all egalitarian, no matter how deluded this aggrandised view is.

  2. Radguy, both sides are building an NBN. The NBN Co has already been created and I would have thought can build fibre-to-the-node (Turnbull’s plan) instead of fibre-to-the-home (Rudd’s plan) if it chooses. New legislation will be needed only if Rudd’s version is locked in, but I don’t know that it is.

  3. solid win to conservatives – good to see that clown Diaz in Greenway didn’t get up – senate looks interesting but after 01Jul14 could well have a conservative leaning- great to see Greens not doing well – looks like they lose 2 senate seats to PUP. Not sure what to think about PUP party – wish labor had won Melbourne instead of Greens

  4. Good morning all. Now for the most exciting times for the nerds among us, although nowhere near as exciting as the 2010 close calls. Still recall an overwhelmingly positive batch of posfals for Bevis in Brisbane last time leading me to think Labor would win that seat and put Governmenf out of the grips of the Coalition.

  5. John Jones, the Greens currently aren’t ‘losing’ any Senate seats as you have to compare to the 2007 election result rather than the 2010 one. On the current count they are up one seat. The PUP seats are coming at the expense of the ALP comparatively, who will lose 6 senators.

  6. Several talkback opinions overnight that if Palmer had wanted to bring about some real change, he should have stood for the Senate. His vote will be valueless in a majority Parl.

    Oh, and Gina was at Barnaby’s celebration. Will he become her puppet?

  7. Good morning Dawn Patollers.
    Well we get Abbott, say goodbye to Collingwood for the year and have a good chance of farewelling Mirabella. It ain’t all bad.

    Get used to it. We will be given many reasons to vomit.
    Stand by for early sparks.
    Peter FizSimons with some steadying words.
    Let’s hope we can see Mirabella add another facet to her odiousness profile by losing in a bad manner.
    This goes to show that voters eschew craziness as much as they do infighting.
    Cathy Wilcox – a scary sunrise.
    MUST SEE: David Pope on the time warp.

  8. Friendly final score: Brazil 6 Australia 0
    Two other disallowed goals arguably should have been allowed, and another hit the post.

    Some choice remarks by the commentators on Australia’s performance:
    the embarrassment continues
    miserable afternoon

  9. And from the Land of the Free –

    Have a laugh at this street prank – it might take your mind off thngs for a while.
    Is this what we mean by making schools independent?
    Some cartoons on the scourge of the ridiculously low US minimum wage.
    Also the OH&S regulations and enforcement there are crappy.
    Is the social fabric there unravelling?

  10. TRITON – Shows what a joke Australia’s qualification is. We wouldn’t beat the 10th worst sidein South America, and only 4 1/2 of them qualify

  11. Last night we saw the results of Labor’s steady self-destruction over an 18 month period. A lot of seats were lost: clearly not as many as some Labor people feared in the last few days (which is why some seemed so relieved on TV last night, and why desperadoes on here like Thoms Paine were still trying to justify Rudd’s whiteanting.. But still around the 15 seats lost that I predicted last week. And there was a resounding victory to Adam Bandt in Melbourne, which should worry Labor strategists quite a lot.

    The Senate result is a nightmare for Labor and even more of a nightmare for the country. The current system is brokem. It might be fixable with bi-partisan support, but I wouldn’t rate thr prospects for this as being very high at all: I suspect that the apparatchiks on both sides will be unable to resist the temptation of being tricky (especially the Libs, who have ended up with a friendlier Senate than the raw first preference votes would have suggested).

    Worst thing of all last night was Rudd’s “concession” speech. We certainly cannot say, paraphrasing Shakespeare, that nothing in Rudd’s career became him like the leaving of it.

    How any rational person could listen to that entire speech and feel in any way positively towards the man is a complete mystery to me. He totally outdid himself: it was worse that “we’ve gotta zip” and even worse than his 2007 victory speech. He came across as both completely self-obsessed and quite nasty: 99.999% of politicians would have said something like “I’d like to congratulate Bill Glasson for his hard fought campaign against me”. Instead…well you all heard what he said. IMO, the guy deserved to lose his own seat far more than Howard did. But then the electoral gods don’t play fair.

    So departs one of the great enigmas of Australian politics: a leader loathed and despised by many stalwarts in his own side but loved and respected by a large proportion of the politically disengaged. Thank goodness Howard didn’t allow an option of a popularly elected president in the 1999 referendum or we might be faced now with the prospect of President Rudd: everything happens for a reason!!

  12. Why is melbournitea slower than rest of country. Alp collapse were late in Melbourne and peek green looks like happening in this election rather then the last for the rest of the country

  13. meher baba

    Rudd’s speechwriter said he wrote out the speech before knowing who had won, but left out the para on whether he would continue as leader, so that Rudd could make up his own mind. That is probably why the speech was suitable for a winning Rudd – or not.

  14. So the SMH reports that Gina was “utterly charming” at Barney Rubble’s do.

    She must be about to increase her stake in Fairfax.

  15. lizzie@24. So, seriously, a professional speechwriter wrote a 20 minute long self-congratulatory losing speech for a Prime Minister?

    As they say in the San Fernando Valley: “I don’t think so”.

  16. Some choice remarks by the commentators on Australia’s performance

    Don’t worry, Tone has been elected – he’ll stop the rot.

  17. So would I be right in saying that The Fibs will probably have the numbers in the senate to repeal the Carbon tax with PUP support, etc

  18. [So would I be right in saying that The Fibs will probably have the numbers in the senate to repeal the Carbon tax with PUP support, etc]

    On the current predictions, yes, by 41 to 35.

  19. #29. Yep. Barring a significant change in the Senate outcome as the postals are counted, I reckon come July next year the carbon price is a gonner. It appears to be a very right wing senate indeed.

  20. Correct me if I am wrong (PLEASE)
    Are we now we are about to see a real fair dinkum Speaker in the HOR.

    Is Marge Simpson a certainty for the job.

  21. meher baba

    I don’t think it was a professional speechwriter, but an advisor. Hawker, perhaps? And we have no proof that Rudd stuck to the script, but pulled it all out of thin air.

  22. At least, from labor’s perspective it will have something to fight for at the next election.
    Can Turnbull cross the floor if a Cabinet Minister? I suspect not. What a slimey weasel.

  23. [Swing against the Greens: 3.34 points, to 8.42. More than a quarter of their vote gone.]

    im happy the greens got a whack…… is SHY gone?

  24. #35. Turnbull can’t do anything about anything at present. He is playing a long game and waiting to see if Tony blows up. He has a superb model to follow in Rudd’s behaviour under Gillard, or, indeed, his own behaviour under Nelson. But he has to wait for Abbott to make some mistakes.

  25. Catch up from defunct thread {…}

    Wal Kolla quoted me:

    Regardless of our vote, we will be right and the others wrong

    then said:

    [Which is why I regard your lot as a bunch of pig-headed morons.]

    Which comment underlines the single most troubling problem on the right — your evident indifference to matters of principle.

    Psephos, responded to my above remark as follows:

    [Then why run at all? Why not just stay home and be right?]

    Because it’s best if we can give others a chance to fly with the figurative eagles, rather than abandoned to the mercies of the walking dead.

    triton quoted me:

    [The loss of SHY is a disappointment, but Bandt was the more important retain.]

    then said:

    [Bandt is a pain. Now he’s an insignificant MHR. SHY is a much bigger loss. The Senate is more important to keep Abbott at bay.]

    I disagree. Bandt becomes the first Green to be re-elected to the HoR. That’s very cheering, and he’s a far more authentic lefty. He got over the line in the teeth of a plebsicite election in which the Libs officially preferenced the ALP in solidarity with rightwing policies and a desire to protect their duopoly.

    SH-Y, though pleasant enough and certainly a hard worker, was reliant on preferences from the rightwing independent, Nick Xenophon, which always leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

    As to the Senate ‘keeping Abbott at bay’ it’s regrettable that they are one step closer to control, but in the end, that’s representative politics. If the proportion of intellectual walking dead increases, then in a PR-system, they are going to triumph at the expense of better people. I regret the increase in such folk, and along with my fellow Greens, have tried to resist it, but we lack the resources of the elite. That’s the reality. We have to focus on what it’s feasible to do with what we have. Bandt was in the more winnable position and as the sole lower house MP was the more important win.

    Rosemour said;

    [I thought Rudd’s seech was terrific. The idea of losing then giving a victory speech must have really done the tories heads in.]

    Speaking as someone who found Rudd execrable, I’d second that. If you can’t win, you should at least deny your enemy as much of what they want as you can.

    I didn’t see the speech but if the reports here are accurate, then well done him. Bonus points if there are no images of him being downcast. The Murdoch press would certainly have used them to sneer at us all.

    I still believe he should very soon depart from public life of course.

    Sprocket quotes:

    [A FRINGE party scooping up Senate votes intended for the Coalition wants to legalise concealed guns, marijuana and euthanasia.]

    Two out of three aint bad … The LNP would have scored 1/3.

  26. Morning all.

    Australians will be waking up to the mother of all hangovers today, which is set to last for some years yet.

    And to top it all off, the Senate wasn’t saved!

  27. [I tried watching Rudd’s speech but two minutes was all I could stand. I didn’t even try to watch Abbott. I loathe them both.]

    His speech was emblematic of the man himself: self indulgent.

    Abbott’s was worse. Not a gracious moment at all.

  28. Message to all of those people on here who are celebrating at the Greens losing some votes this time (but, if would seem, possibly hanging on to all of their current seats and gaining one in Victoria):

    I hope you are really looking forward to the emergence of a number of other minority parties on the cross benches in the Senate. Say what you like about the Greens, they have a policy platform. a mass membership, party discipline and an ability to stick to the deals they make.

    I don’t like any of their non-environmental policies and even think that they have the wrong end of the stick on some environmental ones (eg the Tarkine). But at least they stand up for some things that are important, and stick to their principles on things that they care about.

    That incredibly annoying poster that calls him or herself Centre was crowing last night about voting for Stop the Greens in the Senate. I hope he or she is proud about having gotten Family First elected.

    I think rational moderatd Labor and Liberal people need to get over their hatred for the Greens. There are far worse things in the Austrslian polity, as we are about to find out from July next year (for six whole years!!)

  29. And speaking of ungracious!

    [A few blocks away, Mrs Mirabella told several party faithful they had faced a co-ordinated campaign to unseat her.

    “We’ve been under assault from an extremely well organised Labor, union, Green, GetUp! campaign,” she said.

    Ms Mirabella says many had been hoodwinked by Ms McGowan.

    “They have had the wool pulled over their eyes,” she said.]

  30. [I tried watching Rudd’s speech but two minutes was all I could stand.]

    I didn’t watch any, but I now somewhat regret that. One probably can’t say “up yours!” in a speech like that, but in context, with so many ALP and even non-ALP folk bothered by the outcome, it was probably as good as one could hope for.

    He’s not staying on as leader — good, very good so he gets licence. Abbott has not earned anyone making nice, and as Glasson was his catspaw, boo yah sucks is apt too.

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