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A thread especially for those sorting through Musrum’s immensely appreciated efforts with his CCCP browser bolt-ons.

For Firefox, install in order:


For Chrome:

Google Chrome

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. I have lost the original font again and the lines showing ‘show help’ ‘cccp setting’ and ‘recommend cccp’ are showing 2 times above and once below the comment box.

    Could you tell me how to use the “” function showing in the posts?

    I am using firefox atm.

  2. Make sure that you dont also have another cccp script (uat_cccp or wip_cccp installed, by clicking on the greasemonkey icon’s little down arrow.

    I’m also using Firefox with the latest cccp and I am seeing everything ok, so it shouldnt be the script itself.

  3. Got rid of all uat, wip and cccp, refreshed and had old font, green links and no preview.

    Installed cccp 4.05 refreshed and have new font blue links and preview in the comments box.

    Also worked out the ” thing. So all is OK as I am getting used to the new font. Also William’s comments are highlighted yellow which I like. And the help settings and recommend cccp line is only under the comment box now.

  4. I’m not running tampermonkey or cccp at this posting. I have two comment and bottom…permalink is green, the top box has preveiw. both have ‘ some HTML is OK ‘.

    How do I install tampermonkey and cccp on chrome? and is it essential.

  5. I removed and re-installed tampermonkey and cccp. I got the blue font but could neither post or preveiw.
    all I got was error: please type a comment.

    I have removed tampermonkey again and now I can post. Not being fully cognizant with computers I guess I’ll just have to be happy with what I got.

  6. Update

    greasmonkey enabled
    cccp 4.05 installed
    Using Firefox 15.01
    Preview is workiing
    Links are blue
    Font is new.

    Went to cccp settings, UNticked ‘use old font’ and old font now back.

  7. Musrum@6:58am

    Safari is ok. I don’t have blue links..they are green.

    Have top and bottom comment boxes. Only the top box has preveiw. Both have ” some HTML is OK ” but I have been able to post. I don’t have the means, I think, for emicons, quotes etc, but that’s ok as I don’t know how to use them anyway.

  8. Ian: that is the behaviour of the PB without cccp.

    If you want to try again: Install Tampermonkey into chrome.

    Then when you go to install cccp, make sure you click OK to:
    [Do you want to install this userscript:
    in Tampermonkey (Ok) or
    natively in Chrome (Cancel)]

    And then OK again on the next dialogue box.

  9. A fix for the comments-returning-to-page-one will be implemented later this afternoon, so don’t go working too hard in the interim. Next week some time they will look at correcting the last remaining (I think) biggie, which is that there is no comments preview function on the box at the bottom of the screen.

  10. New Version up:

    // Ver 4.06
    // Revert the Redirect fix (Crikey has fixed their bug)

    I’ll only announce this on the main thread if people start complaining about incompatibility issues.

  11. Is there any possibility of bringing back the ‘show all’ option. I noticed BC asked about it earlier this evening?

  12. MsAdventure@283

    Is there any possibility of bringing back the ‘show all’ option. I noticed BC asked about it earlier this evening?

    Yes this can be done. But I have assignments to do over the weekend, so it will take some time.

  13. Just two things that are NQI (but which aren’t causing any big problems). This is for Firefox:

    1. The quotation marks next to permalink – they worked in previous upgrades, but now they don’t. I’d just got the hang of using them, too.

    2. The script-we-don’t-talk-about. I see it’s had an upgrade, so I guess it’s ok to talk about in general terms. I’ve noted the little link above the comments box, so I’ve re-set it from there. And that works fine. But sometimes posts are there, and if you click on the green bit they can be disappeared, and sometimes you don’t have to do that. It seems to be completely random.

    I don’t mind if either of these things are fixed or not. Just thought you’d like to be informed.

  14. Aguirre, I’m using Firefox and have no problems with the quotes or with stfu.

    Can you be more specific as to what operating system you are using, whether you have any other scripts installed etc? Also, are the quotes completely broken, or does it just paste the wrong text into the comments box?

  15. Musrum@284


    Is there any possibility of bringing back the ‘show all’ option. I noticed BC asked about it earlier this evening?

    Yes this can be done. But I have assignments to do over the weekend, so it will take some time.

    Thank you Musrum, no hurry, all the fine tuning you guys do is appreciated.

  16. Dario,

    The quotes are working now. They confused me for a bit because previously the cursor would change to a ‘hand’ symbol – as they usually do over links – but stopped doing that over the “” balloon. Anyway, that’s all fine. It works.

    Now, with STFU. The only scripts I’m using are the current CCCP 4.06 and STFU 1.03. I’m on Firefox, and it’s the latest version, 15.0.1

    What’s been happening is that I’ll get the same message in green –

    name of poster – Show Comment (Author)

    But sometimes the post would be showing and sometimes it wouldn’t. If the post was showing, by clicking on the green message it would disappear, with the same message, and then if I clicked on it again it would re-appear, with the message above it:

    name of poster – Hide Comment (Author)

    So it’s recognising the names no problem, and I can manually hide the comments that don’t hide themselves. It’s that for random posts it’s not automatically hiding them. I’m trying to see if there’s a pattern to it, but there doesn’t seem to be one.

    If no-one else is having an issue, I’m fine with it.

  17. They stay visible. Also, if I click on the green link to hide them and then refresh, they’re visible again.

    But the other ones – the ones it’s working for, which are automatically hidden – stay hidden when I refresh.

  18. One more thing, make sure stfu is executing after cccp:

    1) Click on ‘Manage User Scripts’ from the Greasemonkey menu
    2) Right click on the stfu script and select ‘Execute last’ (if available)
    3) Refresh the page

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