Newspoll: 64-36 to Coalition in NSW

No signs of buyers remorse from NSW voters in the latest bi-monthly Newspoll, which essentially replicates the result of the March 2011 election (as well as the previous poll result) in having the Coalition leading 64-34 on two-party preferred, from primary votes of 49 per cent for the Coalition (steady on the last poll), 25 per cent for Labor (up one) and 13 per cent for the Greens. Barry O’Farrell’s approval rating has eased slightly to 46 per cent (down three) with his disapproval up one point to 29 per cent; John Robertson is down two and up one to 26 per cent and 34 per cent; and O’Farrell’s lead as preferred premier is down from 54-15 to 52-15.

UPDATE: Full tables from Ghost Who Votes.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

33 comments on “Newspoll: 64-36 to Coalition in NSW”

  1. Can the NSW ALP heavyweights do us Libs a favour please?

    Keep Robertson for as long as possible.

    Oh, and if we are allowed a second wish….keep Gillard for as long as possible too.

  2. Probably the most uninspiring leader of a political party in NSW since Ned Manning led the DLP or Pat Morton led the Liberals. But who can replace him – Tebbutt for my money if she was interested

  3. Yes shellbell, how soon we forget. There was a time when the NSW Coalition in opposition was led by a series of dunderheads. Even better (for Labor) was that the Coalition spent most of its time knifing its own members in the back.

  4. LBB I’m happy to delay until after the 24th. People may be thinking they can get rid of both leaders with one election. Leave it to the people of Ashgrove to deal with Newman while the rest of the electorates deal with Bligh.

    When I see a poll that shows what is happening in Ashgrove is part of a uniform swing then I will order the boxes. Until then I will wait and see.

    Interesting that Brisbane Times reported that internal polling was showing that the swing against Newman wasn’t a strong as the Galaxy poll indicated.

    I think there is still a lot of water to flow under the bridge before this reaches it’s final outcome.

  5. Kakuru, it will be interesting to see:

    (a) how long NSW ALP persist with Robertson;
    (b) how long Keneally and Rees sit quietly?

  6. I agree that Robertson is useless, and making zero impact in the media.
    State Labor’s got few options as alternatives, perhaps only Tebutt(who doesn’t want the job) or Nathan Rees(who is one of the few shadow ministers who does a reasonable job).
    Another idea – put Luke Foley into the lower house at some time before 2015 election.

  7. It seems that BOF hasn’t done anything at all for the past year. Nothing has happened. It seems that they are just starting to make decisions now, such as the school funding and changes to Barangaroo. ( sorry i can’t spell it)

    When the population starts to feel the impact of his changes to electricity, schooling and work laws, that’s when the polls will change. I can’t believe BOF will stay in for long.

    However, the ALP needs a new leader desperately. Carmel might be good, however, she’s of the left isn’t she? I don’t think they are eligible to become leader of the ALP in NSW.

  8. “It seems that BOF hasn’t done anything at all for the past year. Nothing has happened.”

    That’s because it is the case. He has done absolutely nothing. Drawn some lines on maps. Renamed some departments. Extracted some revenge for sixteen years of humilation. So much for a substantive start to the NW railway. Or an actual start to a light rail link – any light rail link. And so much for the M5, although one could call the indefinite shelving of the M4 East a decision. Power sale? Easy to slag off a government from opposition but not so easy in government, is it, Fatboy?

    Nevertheless, when you are the News Limited candidate, you can get away with this sort of thing. At least he got to keep his minister who got involved in a public blowy, unlike the poor ALP bloke who got publicly outed – something I’m sure his unsuspecting family will be forever grateful for.

  9. Shellbell,
    I responded re his treatment of KK, among other things, but the shitheap servers chewed it up. If you want it, you can find it. Can’t be arsed doing it again in this piss-poor environment.

  10. Foley is presentable but
    1. MLC with no obvious lower house seats availsble
    2. Of the Left
    3. Hated by the right as a result of his time in Sussex St
    If he overcomes all this he deserves to be premier

  11. Am amazed about the public of NSW’s apparent love affair for BOF.
    What’s he done? Lift public transport fares, shafted the police, the nurses and other public sector workers and very little else.
    He gets away with it IMO largely because The Daily Terrograph and the shock jocks give him the kid gloves treatment.
    Robbo is ok but I can’t see him leading labor to the next election.
    Pains me to say but an Abott negativity approach may work here but you need a sympathetic media for that which he doesnt have.

  12. KK and Nathan R both abstained during the electricity privatisation bill ??!! Robertson won’t see the end of the year

  13. William,

    What is going on? Obviously comments have been turned off for almost all the threads, presumably to stop the chronic server problems experienced this week. It only seems to apply to PB (ie PB was bringing down Crikey all by itself!?!? the power!)

    Why is there no explanation at least posted in the header, or another “weekend off” post just to tell us what is going on?

    I would have to say this is a terrible example of communication from Crikey, and if the IT gnomes have just switched off commenting to save their bacon for today, what were they thinking not providing any explanation whatsoever?


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