Monday preselection snippets

Another post to keep the threads brief pending re-establishment of paged comments. Essential Research will as always reports its latest poll result today, but it’s an off week for Newspoll.

Imre Salusinszky of The Australian reports on yet another figure of the Howard years being mooted for a comeback: Jim Lloyd, who lost Robertson to Belinda Neal in 2007. The report says the Liberals have used automated phone polling locally to test the name recognition of Lloyd, current Labor member Deb O’Neill and the Liberals’ unsuccessful 2010 candidate, Darren Jameson. It also quotes Peter Reith’s post-election review criticising the party’s failure to encourage Lloyd to run last time, which “caused disaffection in a number of the branches”. Lloyd is now 57 and “has worked as a tour bus driver and for a local marine research firm” since his exit from parliament.

Imre Salusinszky of The Australian (again) reports the NSW Liberals’ decision to deal promptly with preselections for 16 seats it currently holds is likely to bolster Mitchell MP Alex Hawke in a preselection challenge from his foes in the David Clarke Right sub-faction. The report speaks of “vigorous recruitment in Mitchell by Mr Hawke’s enemies, but the opening of nominations means members who have joined in the past nine months will not be eligible to participate”. It also says Philip Ruddock is unlikely to be challenged if he seeks another term in Berowra, despite long-term jockeying in the seat by the David Clarke Right faction. The likely candidate to succeed Ruddock is said to be political staffer Noel McCoy, but he has ruled out nominating against Ruddock.

Usman Azad of the Kalgoorlie Miner reports the WA Liberals have “set a $500,000 target for a war chest to topple O’Connor MP Tony Crook, with most of the funds destined to build name recognition for his challenger Rick Wilson”. The party reportedly believes television advertising funded by Clive Palmer was responsibile for the Nationals’ win in 2010 at the expense of Liberal veteran Wilson Tuckey, and is determined not to be outdone again.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Someone might have to explain to me how the ALP can go up 2 on the primary vote, yet not record an increased TPP.

    The Coalition are down 1 an the “others” are up 3, which makes the lack of a TPP boost to Labor even more ridiculous, given the “other” vote only transfers 60/40 to the Libs anyway.

    So given the “loss” of 1% of Green vote only transfers as a “loss” of 0.8% to Labor, WTF happened to the other 1.2% from Labor’s increased primary?

  2. SMH poll:
    Who do you blame for the escalation of the dispute:
    Management 46%
    Unions 30%
    Government 10%
    All equally 14%
    after 6,400 votes

    The anti-government meme has not gained traction among SMH readers.

  3. Thefinnigans TheFinnigans天地有道人无道
    Joyce #qantas staffer told Albo staffer that Albo should expect a call from Joyce at 1:30PM Call never came & Albo chased Joyce more than 3x

  4. [I still say the Government should consider an open skies policy for the likes of Singapore Airlines and the Kiwi’s on domestic routes, subject to enforceable guarantees about providing additional Australian jobs with appropriate Australian pay & conditions.]

    dave – you’ve got it in one. Give them incentives to have maintenance done here as well.

  5. Patrick Bateman

    [But this wasn’t a defamation action, which is the existing remedy for harm to reputation.]
    They chose to use the racial legislation but could have gone down that path.After all he was accusing them of claiming to be Aboriginal just so they could “steal” what was meant for “real” Aboriginals. As a journo he is in a privileged position when it comes to esposing his view and as right wingers love saying with rights comes responsibilities. From the judge’s decision and his explaining why they were guilty I do not think acting in good faith or being reasonable is too much to ask of public figures.

    [t the conduct of Mr Bolt and HWT is not exempted by s 18D of the RDA from being unlawful because:
    (i) it was not done reasonably and in good faith in the making or publishing of a fair comment, within the terms of s 18D(c)(ii); or
    – 132 –
    (ii) done reasonably and in good faith in the course of any statement, publication or discussion, made or held for a genuine purpose in the public interest, within the terms of s 18D(b).]

  6. Re Julian Assange. I’ve lost track of his comings and goings. Is he still living in that Victorian/Edwardian villa in England (under bali/house arrest) or is he in custody in Sweden yet awaiting trial?

  7. Anyone who sees “bali” as an island in Indonesia – as opposed to “bail” – has been on some of the substance they sell in that said island. LOL.

  8. [194
    Patrick Bateman
    Posted Monday, October 31, 2011 at 1:31 pm | Permalink

    However repeated printing of blatant crap to smear people was a bit “problematic” for the judge.

    But this wasn’t a defamation action, which is the existing remedy for harm to reputation.

    He is entitled to make up his own opinions but not so entitled to make up his own “facts”.

    I would say he’s entitled to make up his own facts, but he’s not entitled to have his facts be right.]

    Bolt is paid to fabricate stuff about private citizens. He is a professional liar. Those injured by his falsehoods can chose their remedies.

  9. For those who may have forgotten, I believe Keating is on 7.5 tonight and Christina Keneally is on Australian Story which follows.

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  11. Back on the subject of NSW pre-selections – Sydney NSW Lib powers-that-be are disgusted by Nats planting the ‘7 seats they will win’ story in the Oz Saturday. There are big plans to stop this happening. In Hume for example they have lined up Rhodes scholar and multi-millionaire and all round top bloke Angus Taylor to be ready to be parachuted in if Alby Schuiltz calls it a day. Angus has Turnbull like spending capacity and will blow away any Nat challenge.

  12. I am waiting for Jim lloyd still a ratepayer in the Gosford Local Government Area to answer questions about his personal values. Keep in mind on the 8 of November 2007 on the front page of the now defunct Fairfax Central Coast Sun Weekly The Prime Minister John Howard promised “if returned his government would foot the bill for the road repair at Piles Creek.” My own advertising identified this bald front page grab for voter support as the most offensive act of pork barrelling I have ever witnessed. The Australian Prime Minister was prepared to reach over the bodies of five dead, to buy votes for Jim Lloyd. I challenged Jim Lloyd on exactly this sad issue, during a gathering at the Uniting Church in Donnison Street Gosford. The rest is history he lost the seat by less than 500 votes. Bad politics and political sins against the peoples like the systemic corruption accomadated by political allsorts has not gone away. Some public record here and here Link to political attack ads
    Edward James

  13. Danger in Gillard’s opposition to the Palestinian’s entry into UNESCO
    By standing agains a huge majority in favour,Gillard has shown herself to be a hard-line supporter of Israel.
    Obama even more hard line is cutting off $60M in funds to UNESCO used for education and cultural programs…because of it’s decision

    Yet the Palestinians are one of the deprived and ground-down people on earth ,after 40 years of Israeli occupation

    Gillard has killed stone dead Rudd’s hope of a Security Council seat for Oz,a project dear to his heart,and one that took much time and money. and effort

    Gillard knew this and still insisted on support for Israel..when the two other candidates Finland and Luxemburg supported the Palestinian cause..
    .Good Bye Kevin and your project !

    This may account for the stories of a heated clash between he and Canberra in recent days..

    I went to a meeting this week of Arab /Islamic and community groups and friends and the anger and hostility against Gillard in a group normally Labor-supportive was electric….and people wanted to act !
    A long campaign is planned,and Arab government and media will be contacted with the story of Gillard’s actions and her hardline Zionist sympathies.
    Kevin will be angry one supposes…but Gillard is too determined or to inept to see the dangers

    The weekly Arab press here in OZ is, I am told…in a ferment

    I guess we have to steel ourselves to an orgy or sycophantic stuff even worse than her silly goings on when she last visited Washington….

    she simpers when she sees Obama.ugh!
    Lots of boot licking a special feature…(or is it brown nosing ?)

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