Newspoll: 53-47 to Coalition; Essential Research: 54-46

GhostWhoVotes reports that the latest Newspoll is slightly less bad for Labor than what they’ve been growing accustomed to, with the Coalition lead at 53-47. More on that as it comes to hand. UPDATE: Full tables from GhostWhoVotes. Changes on the primary vote are slighter than the two-party shift (from 55-45 last time) might lead you to expect: Labor up a point to 33 per cent, Coalition down one to 44 per cent, Greens steady on 12 per cent. Tony Abbott’s personal ratings are coming out of a trough, his approval up six to 42 per cent and disapproval down five to 48 per cent. Julia Gillard is down a point on approval to 38 per cent and steady on disapproval at 49 per cent. Better PM has tweaked from 46-37 in Gillard’s favour to 45-36.

We have also had today a status quo result from Essential Research, with two-party preferred at 54-46 (steady), the Coalition on 47 per cent (steady), Labor on 35 per cent (steady) and the Greens on 9 per cent (down one). Other questions related to respondents’ level of interest in federal politics and perceptions of the media, the latter being consistent with past surveys showing public broadcasters favoured over commercial, the media mistrusted generally but not to the same extent as politicians, and partisans of either side as likely as each other to consider the media biased against them.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. 4871 my say
    Posted Monday, May 2, 2011 at 10:42 pm | Permalink
    yes and they tried it on again all week end with abc doing old footage of old fires at christmas isl a new person to the country would of thought it just happpened

    ah but you can rely on the abc. cant you

  2. yes mod lib thank for the compliment i think we will convert you eventually,

    our julia is so so good, i was so so proud of her trip over seas.
    all of it even the over coat in japan it showed a stoic person who only concern was the people she was talking to at that point.

    then the wedding, she did us proud. I think charlie likes Julia becauce she is welsh born

  3. [Could well be the O/S trip making her look PMerial…]

    Doesn’t mater what causes the upsurge … after all, Abbott has been getting support with no substance at all.

  4. The polls at this stage of the electoral cycle are next to meaningless.

    Julia and Labor will continue to implement their progressive policies such as the NBN, mining tax, carbon tax etc. whereas Abbott will continue to oppose everything, criticise and offer nothing.

    If Labor can get their message across a hostile media, they will win again. Big IF though!

  5. [KJBar A US national security official has told Reuters that the special forces team that hunted down #Osama was under orders to kill, not capture. ]

    journos are so passe these days

    dont they know they are reporting 20th hand


  6. The propaganda machine has finally hit the wall of reality.

    I have observed for a month or so that the propaganda units had become hysterical, a sure symptom of self perceived ineffectuality, confirmed by three consecutive polls that they “own”.

    Poll Bludgers, we have achieved “peak lies”.

  7. yes mod lib could be if so perhaps thats good the julia factor you did us wrong re kev
    may diminish hopefully she certainly showed what great lady she is and she adapts to who ever she meets with genuine warmth.

    one exception the picture of the guard

  8. [ GrogsGamut Greg Jericho
    @GhostWhoVotes “Libs consolidate winning margin”?
    7 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply »

    GhostWhoVotes GhostWhoVotes
    @ @GrogsGamut Abbott’s ratings have improved so the headline will likely be based on that. #Newspoll
    4 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply »

    GrogsGamut Greg Jericho
    @ @GhostWhoVotes “Tony Abbott’s toil keeps Coalition well ahead in latest Newspoll ”
    3 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply in reply to

    Space Kidette
    @GrogsGamut @GhostWhoVotes Tony has done nothing more than mouth platitudes. The Sideshow is still winning in Newspoll.

  9. [If Labor can get their message across a hostile media, they will win again. Big IF though!]

    Perhaps the ALP should employ Windsor to make ALP statements. He is one of the few politicians in this country with true gravitas. He made great points about the NBN tonight. Putting the viper from Indi next to him was a good way to contrast her ineptitude with a deep thinker.

  10. Space Kidette,

    I was a techo and loved it. I got riding instructions and always questionned them. In my audits I looked at the results. Any errors were minimally due to implementation and largely due to lack of definition of needs (wants tended to impede)

  11. Obama: I want to kill

    [Eric Holder: US does not expect to capture Osama bin Laden alive – By Warren Richey, / Staff writer / March 16, 2010

    The Obama administration does not expect to capture Osama Bin Laden alive.

    Attorney General Eric Holder said the possibility of capturing Osama bin Laden alive is ‘infinitesimal.’ He spoke in response to sharp questioning Tuesday by House Republicans about prospective risks of some day putting the Al Qaeda leader on trial in a US civilian court.]

  12. [#Newspoll 2 Party Preferred: ALP 47 (+2) L/NP 53 (-2) #auspol #qanda ]

    With all the carry on over the past couple of weeks with Villawood I was expecting a drop but this will give some of the wilting, lilylivered Labor pollies something to think about.

    Cassidy said yesterday that the commentators had given the PM a ‘pass’ for her o/s trips. Looks like the punters have her a good sized tick.

    Simon Crean and Tony Windsor – standouts. Simon has grown into his face as he ages and looks wise and sounds it. Windsor is just gorgeous. Tony Jones looked as tho he was furious that the session went too well for Crean and Windsor.

  13. mod

    the fact you also repeated every other grade at least four times, should give you pause for concern

    ps it is rather unseemly to have a 30 yr old in grade 6

  14. the people in q and a tonight seems rather settled with things i thought.

    is this becauce they are Victorians, may be the nsw and qld learned something this evening i saw a few faces that seemed to say re the nbn gee is that whats is all about its a highway that i apply something to ., gee its just not a fast speed internet its more.
    MR. Windsor was great as usual my oh is worried about Simon announcing the clinic tonight whats the thoughts on that.

  15. It was amazing that Sophie on Q&A still resorted to pink batts and school halls to criticise the NBN.

    I would revisit the HIP and BER debate at the appropriate time to set the record straight.

  16. [Tony Jones looked as tho he was furious that the session went too well for Crean and Windsor.]

    I actually agree with the view that Simon Crean and Tony Windsor came out of QandA looking very very good and Sophie very very bad…but why criticise Tony Jones? He practically gave the former two a free ride and kept trying to wrap up Sophie’s comments (and good on him 😉 ) so how can you claim he was biased yet again???

  17. [ my oh is worried about Simon announcing the clinic tonight whats the thoughts on that.]

    brilliant ploy

    got the message out- earnt kudos- and made sophie look even more stupid

  18. BH,

    Thefinnigans The Finnigans
    history will show that the #royalwedding is the turning for Gillard. #auspol

  19. BH,

    Windsor’s and Crean take their lead from commonsense and clearly outclassed Sophie. Much of what she said I could not make sense of or figure out the point of what she was attempting to say.

    If we ended up in a presidency type set up I would vote for Windsor in a heartbeat.

  20. yes gus i tried to explain that to him he still doesnt quite get the media being at work all day.

    thats what i said, its what lyndsay more or less said, it now beats there little side show to morrow.

    may be thats what we should call the msm
    remember the young man who said a few weeks ago its just background noise

  21. Yes jen, but the ALP should be defending themselves, not needing to rely on Windsor.

    And in defending themselves they should turn defence into attack 😎

  22. my say,

    I don’t know who blondie was but she got very little time.

    I don’t entirely blame Tony Jones. The panel was invited a week or more ago and Osama has overtaken events.

  23. [The ABC was created in 1932 by the federal Labor government to meet broadcasting needs not served by the commercial radio stations. The ABC modelled itself on its big imperial brother, the BBC. The tone was patrician, the accents upper class “BBC English”. There were no women’s voices, young people or jazz to be heard among a stolid diet of classical music, church services, Anzac Day marches, royal visits and cricket.

    Slowly over the decades, however, ABC radio and television diversified in content and style, pioneering what few commercial media did — popular education, science, the arts, intelligent children’s programs. Youth were given their own FM rock station in 1974. Current affairs programs on Radio National and This Day Tonight and Four Corners on television, often probed the misdeeds of government and private power.]

    My grade please sir?

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