Newspoll: 56-44

The latest fortnightly Newspoll survey shows Labor’s two-party lead down slightly, from 58-42 to 56-44. Kevin Rudd leads Malcolm Turnbull as preferred prime minister 61 per cent to 21 per cent. More to follow.

UPDATE (10/3/09): Reporting a day later than usual, Essential Research also shows a four point narrowing on two-party preferred, from 62-38 to 60-40. Also featured: “political party characteristics”, executive salaries, climate change, maternity leave and “confidence in Australian economy to withstand the current financial crisis”, which Essential Research has been tracking since October last year (and which has taken a big hit in the current survey). You also probably know by now that yesterday’s Newspoll featured a headline-grabbing supplementary question on the Liberal leadership showing Peter Costello favoured by 53 per cent against 40 per cent for Malcolm Turnbull.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Bree @1248
    [Dennis Shanahan PROVES Rudd is scared of Costello:]

    Sorry, Bree. You must have the wrong link there. The article seemed to be implying that it is Turnbull who should be scared of the wrecking ball.

  2. TIME magazine recently ran a feature on “Ten people to blame for the financial crisis.” Strangely, Kevin Rudd was not among them. Top of the list was former Republican Senator Phil Gramm, who led the 1999 push to repeal Glass-Steagall, the Roosevelt-era act which prevented banks owning finance companies.

  3. Finnigans,

    The Finnigans
    Posted Friday, March 13, 2009 at 7:28 am | Permalink
    Will the Vic Bushfire Concerts tomorrow be televised? anybody?

    Silmulcast live Saturday from Noon east coast time on VH1 and Max …. can not remember which is showing which concert, each is dedicated to one city …. You will need cable, therefore, to view ……

  4. Finnigans, the answer to your question on the concerts is YES. I’m rephrasing my answer as the original got caught in William’s spam filter and I don’t know how often he will empty that when he’s caught up in the QLD election chatter.

    You will need cable TV. See VH1 and Max on the music video channels. One is dedicated to Sydney and one to Melbourne, live from 12pm east coast time.

  5. 1252 Yes Adam I read the same article, which is why I’m so amazed that the Liberals would be so stupid to think that they can get away with blaming this GLOBAL recession on Rudd and Labor. People do listen and read the media stories on the GLOBAL crisis, people do have the internet.

    Oh and GP, how much was Turnbull prepared to go into debt to stimulate the economy again, wasn’t it $180b + he didn’t rule out a futher stimulus package in the second half of this year. Please try a bit better.

  6. No 1254

    Who said I necessarily agree with Turnbull. I don’t mindlessly subscribe to Liberal policies – I have my own views.

  7. Dogma and Adam,

    They’re liars, and people will see that.

    In addition, blaming the global conditions (which began in America) on the Australian government – “guilty” was the word Geriatric Person used – they essentially show they don’t have a clue about international economics. So much for the Liberals being the party that understands economic issues.

    They thus expose themselves as liars, who seek to make political mileage at a time of national economic crisis, as well as economically irrelevant into the bargain.

  8. No 1256

    Adam, you think anything that opposes your view is a YL talking point. I might, on occasion, enjoy your eloquent imbecility, but I do not enjoy your hubris.

  9. GP you said Kevin07, Recession08, Depression09. That is the guilty legacy of Labor.

    Your hubris is thinking that Australians would blame Rudd for this GLOBAL recession. Your dishonesty and that of Turnbull’s is thinking that they can get away with blaming Rudd for the GLOBAL recession and using the US Repugs talking points about leaving debt for the next generation, but yet Turnbull by his own admission was going to put Australia into this same debt. Go figure.

    At the moment Australia’s GDP to debt % is 3% Japan’s is 94%, USA is %62 lets try to have some honesty from those on the opposition.

  10. Better watch out for any turn around then, the Rudd rescue, Rudd recovery all coming from a Rapid Rudd Rescue Response.

    We are now in a neo liberal recession; the neo liberal crash/cyclone/tsunami

  11. Who is going to be DUMB enough to fall for the Liberal lie? Who are they targeting this lie at? Those dumb enough to be predisposed to voting for the lying Liberals in the first place. The peanut crowd, the natural constituency of the lying Liberals.

  12. Here is further evidence of the rubbish that is S&P ratings of states. You may recall recently that Qld was downgraded to AA+ and it was mentioned in the Qld election campaign. Yet here the Commonwealth grants commission has decided to reduce GST payments to Qld and WA because of the relative strength of their financial positions compared to other states. NSW is the big winner becaues of its relative weakness.,23739,25179194-952,00.html

  13. GG I was just reading Hewson’s comments on the SMH site
    love this bit 🙂 take hime behind the dunny and beat the crap outa him lol
    [“Costello is just being a petulant child these days,” Dr Hewson told Sky News, adding the former treasurer was taking his bat and ball home because he wasn’t made captain.

    “In the schoolyard analogy, somebody should take him out behind the dunny and beat him up at some point.”]

  14. The lying Liberals must be indeed desperate if they want a “petulant child” (and lazy sulking smirking coward) to “lead” them. Lead them to what? Disaster!

  15. On wiping of film leading to a reshoot, the most famous case was in the making of “Stalker” by the legendary Andrei Tarkovsky. It was a harrowing shoot and used experimental film. When the film was found to have been flawed by the cinematographer, he ran away without anyone knowing what happened to him. Tarkovsky allegedly threatened to track him down and kill him when he found out what happened.

    The entire film was eventually reshot and is one of the masterpieces of world cinema.

  16. juliem, tq for that. Just saw an ad on Skynoooos about it on Channel V and Max tomorrow noon. The Oils is on last at about 10:30pm on Channel V.

    Just love to see Garrett struttin’ again. The real struttin’, not Cossie’s pretending. Where else you can see a Govt Minister and drug, sex, and R&R all roll into one.

    You gotta love this country.

  17. Thanks for the support Adam,

    After last nights dreary dissing contest about the definitions of Socialism and Communism, their variations and whether they actually exist, I agree we’ve lifted the bar.

  18. The odds on centrebet are ALP $1.42 LNP $2.80 surely they can’t get it this wrong. Gives me hope looking at these numbers.
    I am going to put $50 on Rudd vs Hockey at $9 to battle next election

  19. I’m still keeping fingers crossed. My SIL lives in brisbane and thinks Bligh will win. I noticed Alba going to town on Springbok in question time. too bad the only ones watching are the tragics like us!

  20. Just pathetic. Turnbull is going to whinge about whether the new IR laws start at 15 or 25.

    [MALCOLM Turnbull has moved to force a showdown with Labor over its new industrial relations laws as Australia’s unemployment rate recorded its biggest jump since the 1991 recession.

    The Opposition Leader is demanding that small businesses be allowed to employ more workers before being hit with Labor’s tougher new unfair dismissal laws.

    Under Mr Turnbull’s proposal, a small business would be allowed to employ 25 full-time equivalent employees. Labor’s legislation is set at 15 employees, a figure Mr Turnbull had not previously opposed. ]

  21. [So I’m very positive about it. So far the roll out is going well in New South Wales for example, a number of our members are telling me that the New South Wales Government is really handling this roll out of infrastructure in New South Wales around schools very well. And that’s very encouraging.]
    Words of a minister? Nah. Words of a unionist? Nah. Try Heather Ridout, you know that well known socialist form the Australian Industry Group.

  22. Adam 1288


    Other words that come to mind – promising, realistic, necessary

    The problem is realistically stated in a technical sense. I am not expert on Sydney transport but everything I have read so far is consistent with what I know. Some of the non technical problems (org. culture and management in Sydney Rail) are not discussed. They must be dealt with as a matter of urgency. Also it will cost more than stated because of the appalling state of Sydney rail. But it makes sense overall. The lack of a long term plan or any commitment to implement one is damning.

    One of the biggest current problems is implicit in Figure 1.7 on page 9. Sydney rail is inefficient and subsidies cost a fortune. So people are reluctant to invest in the assett.

  23. I think many commentators are misinterpreting Labors tactics with Costello. It seems to me and i could be wrong, that they are doing to Costello what they were doing Turnbull when Nelson was leader. That is pre-emptively trying to discredit him. Like with Nelson and deputy leader Bishop they have decided Turnbull is now unelectable anytime soon and are now targeting whomever looks likey to come after. It appears to be the most effective time to do so as the narrative is less cynical about their attacks as their logic is more under the radar.

  24. [FORMER federal Liberal leader John Hewson says Peter Costello is a “petulant child” who should be beaten up behind the school dunny.
    Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull was being undermined as Mr Costello remained in the media limelight, he said.

    “Costello is just being a petulant child these days,” Dr Hewson told Sky News, adding the former treasurer was taking his bat and ball home because he wasn’t made captain.

    “In the schoolyard analogy, somebody should take him out behind the dunny and beat him up at some point.”

    It was “ridiculous” Mr Turnbull was being denied the opportunity to do something because Mr Costello was “basically doing nothing”.],22606,25180582-5006301,00.html

  25. ]Oh, and that’s supposed to excuse the last 14 years of incompetence?]
    I’m sure you are happy with Scott Morrison who last night on Q&A admitted that the Liberals would NEVER support deficit budgeting (Even though it did in the 2000/2001 financial year once the final figures were updated in the following year).

    You know, it doesn’t matter if their is an world-wide recession, or if there was a massive national disaster, or a terrorist attack, or pandemic. Morrison explained last night that balancing a budget is more important than dealing with human misery.

    Finally someone has endorsed your view for the recession to be as long and severe as possible.

  26. [Morrison explained last night that balancing a budget is more important than dealing with human misery.]

    So why do they support the same stimulus package by $20b less? The Liberal Party doesn’t know if it’s Arthur or Martha or Brenda, they don’t know what they stand for anymore.

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