Essential Research: 61-39

The latest two-week rolling online panel survey by Essential Research shows federal Labor retaining its record 61-39 lead from last week, although the preferred prime minister gap has narrowed from 41 per cent to 35 per cent. Tellingly, the government’s handling of the financial crisis has the favour of 63 per cent of respondents against 18 per cent disapproving, compared with 31 per cent and 35 per cent for the opposition. Also covered are attitudes to the US presidential race.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. B.B., did you have a look at Ad astra’s posting today? Recommended to all PBers. Ditto Peter Martin’s latest.
    Maybe, the ABC has become a sort of sheltered workshop for those who would be political reporters?

  2. Glinn, he’s half white. as well. What has his skin colour or racial origins got to do with whether or not he has the capacity to be POTUS?

  3. It isn’t a racist term (although perhaps “African American” is preferred in certain circles). That wasn’t my point. My point was that of all the good things Obama means to those who vopted for him and billions who didn’t, but would have like to, his “blackness” is the grossest feature. And that’s just what Turnbull picked on.

    His mistake was to forget the central tenet of Martin Luther King’s dream:

    [“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” ]

    In referring to Obama’s [i]color[/i] and not “the content of his character” (how could he, after stamping the man as having to prove he is more than just “presence and style”?) Turnbull uttered an awfully crass comment about someone who has suffered, dreamed and positively achieved more than a thousand Malcolm Turnbulls ever could.

  4. Sorry, again, Oz. You can find Ad astra’s stuff at Political Sword, which I usually go to via Possum’s political blog sites.

  5. Exactly, B.B. Particularly those who vopted for him. We need more vopting, I say. It’d be good for the country, probably end the GFC and stop global warming in its tracks.

  6. Just catching up with a few of previous postings about the $ injection into the automotive construction industry. One of the things I’ve not seen mentioned, is the nitty gritty reason you need that industry, i.e, the continuation and continuous redevelopment of being able to make things beyond the automotive industry, the skills, knowledge, the R & D. Obviously, the free market, left to its own devices, has not done this. A government with a wider view of what is needed can prod different, particularly important industries, in different directions. They may not always get it right, but clearly the free market on its own, can’t do it.

  7. Hmmm, that table in the Essential Research poll on the issues of national importance was interesting. While the overall vote may have shifted TPP, just look at what has happened in the vote on issues of national importance. Also makes some sense of why the usual suspects are trying to damage the PM in relation to national security. Has Crosby Textor removed the stake from its heart to rise again? Where’s the garlic?

  8. [That link is obscene, Frank.

    Give us a digest of it.]

    24 Hours with the PM, from Tassie to Sydney. You have to see it to appreciate it.

  9. Hi guys back after getting some chimeric monoclonal antibodies 🙂

    I little known fact about the Oz Sugar Industry, there used to be a reseach body (funded by Govt and the sugar growers) except the growers decided they did not want to fund it any more.

    So the previous Govt in its wisdom says “OK guys, you don’t want to fund your share, we will open up this research to anyone who wants to kick in a few bucks.” The Brazilians, being sneaky bludgers, fund Australia’s pre-eminent Sugar research body thus getting access to Aussie Research.

    This research helps nuke the Oz Sugar industry – who is to blame? 🙁

  10. 797 HSO – he dodged it I have to say.

    Geez, Turnbull going on about Obama was as cringe worthy a performance as I’ve seen since Nelson talked about the wheelchair in the back of the Tarago… which isn’t that long ago I guess! 🙂

  11. ruawake, welcome back and go those monoclonal beasties. Bloody fascinating science that led to them BTW. The type of medication you’re talking about kept my sister alive for longer than anyone expected. I’d really like to see the government put some real dollars into more of the bio-nano type research in every area, but specifically the medical.
    The video was fantastic, Frank. So much for Malcolm, the terminally relevance deprived.

  12. A warning for those in the West. Don’t watch Good News Week (as if you needed to be told anyway) tonight. Julie Bishop is a guest and it’s become a party political. She looks good while she’s bucketing Kevin though. The camera loves her.

  13. grog @ 825, ta, dodging seems a sensible thing given Mitchell’s proximity. I had the same reaction to Malcolm’s proclaimings on the election of POTUS elect, Barack Obama. Why the hell this merchant banker of dubious capacity to provide sound advice to corporations contemplating mergers, lately Leader of Her Maj’s Opposition, should take it upon himself to declaim as widely as the MSM will enable, his pronouncements on the suitability or otherwise of the POTUS elect, is beyond me.

  14. She’s answered that one already. She was asked whether she preferred lawyers or politicians and she said that both were more trustworthy than journalists, and that has been proven in repeated surveys. She was than asked if she didn’t like journalists and she said not one little bit.

    She was asked to do word association. These were some:

    Opposition- temporary
    Malcolm- Prime Minister
    Bipartisanship- overrated

  15. Allright, who’s just waiting for Newspoll and sort of just noodling around? Got to admit, I’m also waiting for the Neilson, as himself indoors got done, as it were.

  16. [She was than asked if she didn’t like journalists and she said not one little bit.]

    An odd thing to say really. A politican who hates journo is like a cricketer who hates umpires. Sure the bad ones are annoying, but the good ones keep the game going. Does she, like Palin, think they infringe on her freedom of speech?

  17. Gawd, you’ve all gawn quiet. What the hell’s the matter with you lot? You usually can’t get a word in edgeways round here?

  18. [Gawd, you’ve all gawn quiet. What the hell’s the matter with you lot?]

    Perhaps everyone except us has gotten a life HSO?!

    Newspoll prediction? – what was it last time 54-46. Sounds about right. That or 55-45.

  19. Anyone see Talking Heads tonight? Interview with Stephen Mayne – I cracked up when drunk Milne pushed Mayne off stage LOL.

  20. There is a lot of Palin in her performance. She’s rubbing up against the male guest at the moment while they’re dancing together singing Echo Beach.. She just held up a money bag and was asked what it was. She said it was what’s left of the budget surplus after a year of Rudd.

  21. [She’s rubbing up against the male guest at the moment while they’re dancing together singing Echo Beach.. She just held up a money bag and was asked what it was.]

    Excuse me while I reach for the sick bag…

  22. [I cracked up when drunk Milne pushed Mayne off stage LOL.]

    Didn’t see it tonight, but it was a classic moment. You have to wonder how many he had under his belt to actually get on stage and do that?

  23. [And she’d be right. Emperor Rudd has no clothes.]

    You are so right GP, much better if we keep the surplus just in case the world goes into recession and we need to boost spending.

  24. They just had a quiz where they were asked who was voted the sexiest politician in Oz. Bishop put on a big pouty face and said The Minister for Sport. She added that she snuck in there with a big smile and flounce.

  25. ‘And she’d be right. Emperor Rudd has no clothes.’

    last time I looked kevin had his trousers on,unlike other pms (and bears) I could mention.

  26. [You are so right GP, much better if we keep the surplus just in case the world goes into recession and we need to boost spending.]

    That’s Keynes, isn’t it. Krugman was saying that governments should go go into debt during a downturn in the economy. Hey, I’ve learn’t something about economics. It’s pretty cool to be able to win a Nobel Prize winners column every morning.

  27. so, Generic Person, @ 839. Glen Milne is a really funny person physically attacking Stephen Maine? This is aprops of what exactly?

  28. btw
    the only thing julie bishop does for me is send me into a deep trance 🙁

    (followed by horrible nightmares about union thugs in dress shops wanting to turn down the lights)

    I carry a glove garlic just in case 😉

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