Iemma out

ABC Radio reports Morris Iemma has told a meeting of his faction that he will resign. He will be succeeded by Nathan Rees, who entered parliament barely 18 months ago as member for Toongabbie.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. 196 “Centre the fact that you have to refer to Howard as a rodent demonstrates your pathetic partisan rancour.” Ha, ha, ha, ha. Pot meet kettle.

  2. No 197

    My measurement would be their record on delivering services and infrastructure. Pathetic on all counts, worst in living memory.

  3. My 93 year old mum, who lives on her own in her own home, had to go to hospital because of a bad knee, as she could not walk nor get out of bed because of the pain. She was taken to Blacktown Hospital where she was kept there for 2 weeks until she was able to walk a little. Now she has been transferred to Mt Druitt Hospital as the Rehab there, is better equipped and and has better facilities for getting her to a state where she will be able to get around.
    In each hospital she has been looked after very professionally and taken good care off. Our family have been very happy with her care at these public Hospitals.

  4. Albert Ross (106) hits the nail right on the head when he says that electricity privatisation has not benefited the consumers anywhere in the western world.

    All very nice for politicians who can’t wait to get their hands on the large amounts of money involved of course, but what are they going to do next time they need a large cash injection and there’s nothing left to sell. Then they’ll have to start running their finances properly.

    The people of New south Wales are lucky they still have their assets in public hands, while other states have been merrily flogging their’s off. Let’s hope they are smart enough to severely punish any party that wants to try and take them down that path.

  5. Barry (166) if you’re still on board, what happened to the 60% completed bit of the Maldon/Port Kembla railway when Greiner cancelled the project.

  6. Gusface

    #204 “couldnt agree more -Howard spent like a drunken sailor and like a drunken sailor spent it in all the wrong places”

    Gus , where is th evidence that a drunken sailor spends money in th wrong places , we only hav evidence Howard did so

  7. No 204

    Drunken sailor? LOL Funny how you don’t use that barometer when talking about Morris Dilemma, who squandered billions of dollars with nothing to show for it.

    Howard delivered billions in tax cuts, billions in infrastructure spending, billions in education spending, billions in health.

    The real drunken sailors are the ALP, taxing us to high heaven in Canberra in order to underscore their fallacious claim to fiscal responsibility.

  8. “Oh, and Muskiemp, I watched my grandfather die in Blacktown Hospital.” Are you blaming the hospital for his death?
    Joke of the week – “Howard delivered billions in tax cuts, billions in infrastructure spending, billions in education spending, billions in health.” LOL

  9. Darn Says:

    “Albert Ross (106) hits the nail right on the head when he says that electricity privatisation has not benefited the consumers anywhere in the western world.”

    ‘benefited’ , generally they do produce better eficiencys , better ‘service’ debatable , equal/better ‘maintenance’ very questionable These decisons ar motivated more by short term capital needs & reluctanse to take on debt against short term alternative outlays prioities I remain totally unconvinced there economic modeling corectly measures th diferential costs of funds over longterm nor that they ar outweighted by eficiency gains

    Believe th econamic hav played false miirrors & would luv to debate them , with there econamic models in hand beforehand so i could research what they notionaly ‘excluded’ or ‘included’

  10. Muskiemp
    I remember long ago when I was a younen and not worried about politics, one night I heard my dad swearing and cursing at the TV. I ran into the loungeroom to see what was wrong and it was news of Askin’s death.
    To say my dad agreed with your worst government call would be an understatement, he was telling the TV stuff like “the ### %^$# mongrel c##! not before time, couldn’t of happened to a #$%# nicer bastard”

  11. Hi Vera

    two questons
    Did your Dad mention Askin and Safron in same sentence together
    Hav you been enjoying th Lady & th chorus show…but relaxed

  12. G’day Ron
    I don’t remember hearing mention of Safron but no doubt dad would have cussed him as well as he was a pretty good cusser!
    And yep, I caught some of the show, bit of a slow day not much of the Lady saw the old bloke on the news, at least he ain’t a show pony, a bit boring like St Kev (well some would say, not me, I reckon Kev rocks.)
    but I did see a grab of her Guy making a sppech about had he known what was coming he woulda never let her near the local council. (or something to that effect, got lots of laughs)

  13. Hello Vera

    yes , maverick is not a good speeker nor an over convincing one , and never was However th Lady was very convincing in her points not that i agree with alot but my point is her handling of such a huge situation is far better than people here give her credit for , she does hav ‘ticker’

    I also not impressed with one dimensional arguments of what happens if McCain dies , well what those posters omitted for “balance” is what happens if oiliness dies…yep war mongerer Biden becomes POTUS & Biden agrees with Bush’s Iraq policy ‘to stay course to ‘win’ ” !!

    Now if posters said both POTUS dying scenarios were a reel worry and gave reasons why there VP’s may be a problem , then I say tha is objective , seems th Lady has hit a raw nerve (of course ‘right’ bloggers will be gibving th reverse one dimensional scenario)

  14. I saw Maverick’s 96 yr old mom looking spritely and sharp as a tack today, so I wouldn’t be holding my breath waiting for a young buck of 72 to cark it lol!

  15. Vera

    Well they did elect Ronaldo Reagan so age doesn’t stop them , but then they elected dim wit Bush two so intelligence isn’t a factor either !

    My point was if people wish to speculate on maverick going tyonda & therefore having thLady as POTUS , then they should similarly speculate in Joe Biden becoming POTUS…with his 20 years proposal to fight in Iraq policy & comment on that

  16. Ron
    shhh can’t say things like that about His Oilness, he’s a God immortal will never die!
    That Biden bloke looks older than mcCain to me
    Have a look at this. note last paragraph
    thought the Democrats had it in the bag?
    I don’t know if this lot are reputable or if they are Republican leaning( I’m sure someone will soon let me know)
    “The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows the beginning of John McCain’s convention bounce and the race is essentially back where it was before Barack Obama’s bounce. Obama now attracts 46% of the vote while McCain earns 45%. When “leaners” are included, it’s Obama 48%, McCain 46% (see recent daily results).
    Both Obama and McCain are now viewed favorably by 57% of the nation’s voters (see trends). However, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is viewed favorably by 58%–a point more than either Presidential hopeful. Forty percent (40%) have a Very Favorable opinion of her.

  17. Vera

    “Ron shhh can’t say things like that about His Oilness, he’s a God immortal will never die! ”

    appologise , thought this late no one would notise , but tell you we never get said my favourite topic from him…NOT th anti stuff , what does he positviely offer except a NON bush that anyon Democrat will offer

    I want to see some trouble spots listed & what he’ll do , so he can be benchmarked later , same domesticaly…otherwise this ‘message’ will go on for 4 years , and after we may say …what reely did change other than NON Bush

    “I don’t know if this lot are reputable or if they are Republican leaning”
    Vera , slightly but one of two best Other good one is SurveyUSA , there polls jump more due to there methodology Problem in USA polling is samples & guestimating how mmany reely will turn out

  18. thanks Ron, I’ll have look at SurveyUSA tomorrow
    “I want to see some trouble spots listed & what he’ll do so he can be benchmarked later”
    Maybe we’ll hear what he’s going to do and how and when it will be achieved when they have the debates, we can only hope.

    off to have a sleep now, g’night

  19. Darn said:

    How about this for a scenario for 2011.

    The new premier sniffs the wind and realises that electricity privatisation is electoral poison and promises he will never, ever do it.

    The Liberals meanwhile plough on regardless and promise privatisation if elected and for their trouble manage to lose the unloseable election.

    How ironic that would be, when they could have had it all done and dusted already – courtesy of the ALP – and then blamed it all on Labor at the next election.

    It’s unlikely, but if it did happen that way, it would make it very difficult for any party in NSW to ever promise electricity privatisation again.

    The fact is the people of NSW do not want any more such privatisation. They have seen the results elsewhere and they know it is a “bad thing” for them.

    I personally think the Liberals and Nats would be quite relieved that there is no possibility of an early election. There is a good chance that there would be a lot of “good” ie. electable independents putting their hands up in RARAland and in some metro areas. So the Libs might “win” an election but find they are trying to govern relying on a lot of independents – especially in the Upper House.

    The results in the upcoming local elections (although WB has studiously ignored them) will be worth studying as bellwethers of the voters’ stomach for non-major party politics.

    The other issue is that the Liberals are such a rabble in NSW. There are so many right wing Xtian fundies in the ranks that moderates have no place.

    Do not forget that the putative messiah Baird is tainted by strong connections to “The Family”. This is not the sort of politics we need in NSW or Australia although their brand of subversion of democracy is multi-party and dates back to the days of Quakin’ Norman Makin.

  20. Good riddance to the morally bankrupt Iemma!

    Still, don’t forget Iemma is merely a stooge for those few running businesses and their wealthy investors, as is the entire right-faction of the Labor party at all levels. Like the Liberal party, the Labor right are more then happy to steal our services and infrastructure and give them away to their parasite mates in the all important microcosm of the Australia business world for kick-backs and back-slaps… for future career prospects… As for “privatisation” of anything, it has in every last instance in Australia led to higher prices for consumers, poorer services and products, and/or massive profit windfalls for the tiny minorities able to invest substantially; this is exactly what privatisation is designed and intended to do! With both major parties of W.A. dominated by amoral prostitutes the only avenue for preventing the crime of privatisation is direct action, as proven by W.A. trade unions; Trade Unions being one of the last vestiges of democratic representation in this country.

    Iemma’s failure to steal what belongs to the tax payer demonstrates that Australians do not believe an elected representative ought to dictate according to his or her own whims and material interests, but according to the specific mandates and principles with which they were elected. I hope Iemma’s successor has a greater understanding of this reality, and despite not having been elected will behave in the manner of true Labor values for which we elect that party, else we’d all vote for the party of privatisation; the Liberal party.

  21. It’s good news that Iemma and Costa are gone. However, let’s wait and see what the new team does. There’s no guarantee that they’ll be any better.

    “There are so many right wing Xtian fundies in the ranks that moderates have no place.”

    Do you realise that a clear majority of State Liberal parliamentarians belong to the moderate faction?

  22. No 232

    Once again, the stupid lines about Christian fundamentalism. Hell, even if it’s true, I’d rather some Christian fundamentalists than the pack of idiots running the state now. Why don’t you Laborites ever acknowledge how bad NSW Labor actually is!

  23. B”aird is tainted by strong connections to “The Family”.

    “Why don’t you Laborites ever acknowledge how bad NSW Labor actually is!”

    That’s the difference between labor and liberal GP.

    Labor eventually get rid of their trash whilst the libs let it stay there and fester and ferment.

  24. It’s hardly so very surprising, in this modern era, or pretty much any era governments can last only so long before the people find their rhetoric to be tiresome, get accustomed to the good things the government brings and stops really treating them as an achievement but as an expectation, and become less tolerant of the governments perenial shortcomings.

    Carr was the longest serving Premier since federation, with Iemma’s re-election it was a new face and the people were a bit more tolerant but ultimately it’s still a labor government. A fifteen year old government is a huge period, if they were to win re-election it would be remarkable twenty year government. In the days of profesional labor and liberal parties which I mark as commencing with the end of Arthur Calwell’s departure the oppositions are too organised and you just accumulate too many slip ups over a long period of time.

    The election of Rudd didn’t help either, truth be told is Australians don’t like wall to wall governments. In 1995 under Paul Keating’s prime ministry Bob Carr was elected the only labor premier, in 2002, 5 years after Liberals took federal Mike Rann becomes premier and ever state government is labor. We have this mentality that one will keep the other in line if they are from different parties I think and when both are from the same party we get scared and think they unrestricted.

    Really labors win at the last election was lucky at best. The Brogden meltdown and Debnam’s silliness made what should have been libs with a small headstart a neck and neck thing, then the fresh faced Iemma smoothly replacing Bob Carr whom seemed to leave on his own terms and bearing the bulk of labors shortcomings on his shoulder gave Iemma his majority. But now the government is even older, the party leader is much more talented and the previous premier was pushed it seems makes victory for ALP seem impossible. But Nathan and even Morris shouldn’t feel too dissapointed with themselves, they’ve managed to keep the opposition at bay for longer than most governments could dream of and destroyed two electable oppostion leaders in Brogden ad Chiko, by all means now is the time for Rees to roll the dice, who knows what next. Ultimately policy will not deviate that much from the days of old but the campaign manouvres will be interesting, expect him to stack the marginals with celebrities come election time.

  25. Dovif does that make Brodgen and Debnam the worst oppositions of all time? Or NSW the stupidest people of all time? Just sussing out your views on how it comes about.

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