Newspoll: 57-43

The Australian reports that Newspoll has produced its second successive result of 57-43 in Labor’s favour. The Prime Minister’s approval rating is up two points to 68 per cent, while Brendan Nelson’s preferred leader rating is down two points to 12 per cent. More to follow.

We also have the weekly Essential Research survey showing Labor’s lead steady on 58-42. Also featured are questions on issues deemed important in determining vote choice, economic conditions, interest rates and China’s human rights record. The first of these provides at least some good news for the Coalition if you know where to look: Labor’s core strengths of health and education are found to have fallen in importance since January, while economic management and taxation are up (though so is environment). There is also an echo of the Gippsland by-election in the substantial increase on “Australian jobs and the protection of local industries”.

UPDATE: Newspoll graphic here. Brendan Nelson’s disapproval rating up from 42 per cent to 48 per cent.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Diogenoski
    “his foreign policy on genocide is based on Samantha Power’s work”

    Then why did not phony follow that advice regarding Georgia why quote an practical irrelevancy

  2. Chris, it is sad but true that even after Whitlam reformed Labor, the DLP gave him no credit for it and continued to preference the Libs. You yourself tried to stop Labor winning Diamond Valley, n’est ce pas?

  3. Diogenes

    Will you be supporting the Ruddster joining a League of Democracies if McCain wins? ”

    Diogenoski having problems with my questions , anyway I’ll happily answer yours Kevin Rudd will not hav to join a League of democracys because its a McCain pipe dream , unrealistic Whilst I support Mccain’s firm papprooach over Gerogia including financial penalties for Russia 9& exclusion from G8) , compared to joint position of bush and Obama which is lame , this McCain League idea is fantasyland stuff

    first problem with UN is any one country on Security council being able to veto

  4. Nothing supported by the President of the USA is fantasyland stuff. If McCain wins, the League of Democracies will be on the agenda. If Obama wins, it will be back to world-peace-through-holding-hands-and-singing-kumbayah.

  5. [Nothing supported by the President of the USA is fantasyland stuff. If McCain wins, the League of Democracies will be on the agenda.]

    LOL! As if the Republican right will let McCain sign the U.S. up to another multilateral forum.

    You’re dreaming.

  6. Working your sentences backwards , agree with last sentence , and his Georgia 3 staged reactions evidence

    Yes if he wins it will be on Agenda , and then it may be OK in theory fine , but in practice who will decide if a regime is unsuitable , and on what criteria , where will active members come from , and in a globilised economic world who you will committ significant troops to a Darfur , Rwanda , Zimbabee , and as a list of despots is long what order of action is taken against whom (we’ve got Burma on our backdoor alone)

    Only countreys I could see ar those with common heritage like UK and Canda (if a ‘right’ govt is in power)

    Mechanism is there for a League of Democracys if it was going to work …NATO

  7. Ronster

    I’m guessing Obama doesn’t think what happened in Georgia was genocide. I’d agree with him on that. Therefore Powers doesn’t enter the equation….yet.

    It’s very hard to make a snap decision when you are not in power, on holiday, without access to all the intelligence (for what that was worth) and the machinery on government. Still, McCain certainly won that round IMHO although the press in the US seems fairly disinterested as you say.

  8. ShowsOn, McCain’s nomination shows that the Repub Right is not running the show any more. After the disasters of the Bush era they will in the poo for some time. If McCain wins he will be his own man and will run his own race.

    NATO could probably be wound up and incorporated into the military wing of the LoD, which would of course include Asia-Pacific, Latin American and African countries.

  9. “It’s very hard to make a SNAP decision when you are not in power, on holiday, without access to all the intelligence”

    You mean without a speech writer and advisor to interpret

    Snap decision? Well if he turned on CNN , and saw Despotic Russia crossing into Poland , or Ukraine or in this case Georgia , what more does anyone with ‘ticker’ and commonsenswe need but toi condemn an invader of a sovereign country …pathetic , as was George Bush

  10. Ron,

    Have a quick look on the WA THread 🙂

    In particular post 176, and Adam, you’re welcome to join in as well 🙂

  11. As Bush’s feeble response to Russia’s actions shows, he is not actually a rightist or a neocon himself. He’s just a useless stupid puppet. Once Rumsfeld left he was left without a clue what to say or do. Obama isn’t stupid, just extremely ignorant and naive, and full of himself. Maybe he’ll turn into JFK in office, but more likely Jimmy Carter. No-one has a clue, which is why when it comes to the crunch the key demographics won’t vote for him. McCain is a known quantity. Whatever his limitations, he’s tough, experienced, knowledgable, and competent.

  12. “NATO could probably be wound up and incorporated into the military wing of the LoD, which would of course include Asia-Pacific, Latin American and African countries.”

    Asia-Pacific, Latin American and African countries , not sure there ar many good citizens there Anyway trying to get even NATO Countries to agree would be I think near impossible , however HAD he suggested that option ie. start with NATO then at least infrastucture is there , and some semblance since 1945 (variable) of ‘democracy and humanitarian principals’ history in some of those countries

    But getting NATO Countrys agreement would still be a big probelm , and further some ‘troubled’ areas ar under ‘control’ or ‘orbit’ of Russia and others , making interventon unlikely

  13. “865 Boerwar”

    Swan obviously received some sort of advice or coaching for his Parliamentary presentation after his nervous start. So I wonder why they have neglected to coach these guys on the right type of words to use with the public?

    Rudd tends to use the same words and fillers over and over some of which are getting a little annoying and sometimes says things in a way the ought not to be said for public consumption. These are minor things for those paying close attention but they make a difference in getting your message across clearly to the general public in a few second grab.

    Maybe it is too hard to change old habits, I notice John Howard sounded fairly much the same at the end of his career as he did at the beginning.

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