Newspoll: 59-41

Via Peter Brent at Mumble comes the news that Labor’s lead in tomorrow’s Newspoll is up to 59-41 from 57-43 a fortnight ago. More to follow …

UPDATE: The Australian report was apparently up first, which they interestingly seem to be doing a little earlier now.

UPDATE 2: Graphic here.

Author: William Bowe

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  1. 891
    Kina Says:
    The media’s attempt to change the public’s understanding of Rudd’s character and the character of his PM-ship by inventing the notion that he is busy doing nothing, or is chaotic or is whatever, as silly and based on personal prejudice as the notions are, end up causing themselves to believe their own inventions.

    Such is the psychology of the defeated,…

    The psychology of the recently defeated. 😉

  2. Nelson is going overboard with this Neal thing. Now he believes in trial and sentencing by paid TV interview. He’s even promoted Neal to being a “key member” of the government.

  3. Can Rudd actually throw Neal out of the Labor Party? Forgive my ignorance, but wouldn’t this require a meeting of the Federal Labor Executive?
    I’d assume the PM would dearly love to see the back of “Igunagate” and Ms Neal, but I think he’ll have to wait for the N.S.W Police to conclude their investigation. Whatever happens, I think she’ll be disendorsed before the next election, and they’ll find a new candidate for Robertson.

  4. Even if Neal was kicked out of the Labor party she would still be the member for Robertson.

    Even if the privelidges comittee finds she mislead parliament they cannot kick her out of parliament.

    The only way she can be forced out is if she is convicted of an offence that carries a 12 month or greater jail sentence. This would probably take a couple of years to go through the courts.

  5. I would suggest that the best thing Rudd can do with Neal is to follow a clear process that the public at large understands and perceives to be fair.
    His consistently made point that politics is a privilege, not a right, and everyone is required to uphold a certain standard.
    Behind closed doors I think everyone knows she’s dog-meat, media and politicians alike, but bringing this issue to a swift end will just mean Fordham et al will just be chasing the next scandal even harder.
    If anything, polling suggest that this could be a way to differentiate Rudd (and immediate team) from the riff-raff, not linking them as the opposition seem to be persisting with.
    The longer it goes on the more likely Nelson, Turnbull, Hockey, Bishop and Abbot are to stuff a size 12 in their own mouth a-la-fuelwatch.

  6. #906
    These Lindsay pamphlets ought to be turned over to Horatio at “CSI Miami”, or Vegas or New York or wherever, maybe ‘CSI Canberra’.
    Within an hour [not counting commercials], as the programmes show, they could tell who, when, where and how these pamphlets were printed.
    Not a problem.

  7. The quote GB referred to in #902:

    Here we have a member of the government, a key member of the Rudd government, who it seems has heavied, bullied and intimidated members of her staff to provide statutory declarations that are now the subject of a police inquiry,” Dr Nelson said.

    Nelson finally jumps the shark into Fantasyland.

    There is no way known that a first term, backbench MP, no matter how well connected to the State Labor party through marriage is a “key member of the Rudd government”. The only thing “key” about Belina Neal is her “key” role in saving Brendan’s arse in the forthcoming Liberal leadership challenge… he hopes… he prays.

    How a common or garden dust-up at a regional restaurant where a few angry words were exchanged after three or four glasses of wine with a bunch of attitude-laden young staff who were trying to turf a party off their table has got so far, is beyond me.

    Federal police? Letters from the Commonwealth Attorney-General to the Commissioner? (by the way, the case was declined by Keelty). Cover ups going right to the top (according to Bishop, although Rudd has denied the allegations in Parliament several times). Even prize twirp, Barnarby Joyce says, “Hold on! We’ve got a bloody country to run!”

    Milne laid out the ground rules a few months ago when he wrote, “It’s the cover-up, not the original incident that matters”. So now we see the issue in its full glory, a lever to try and get Rudd. No matter how many times Rudd denies involvement (after all, he was in Japan at the time), Bishop will rely on some mug somewhere who haven’t been paying enough attention to realize it’s all a fairy story on her part, a dead issue which, however, she is astraddle with riding crop in hand, suspender belt firmly fixed in place, that wally eye of hers taken off off its own accord, and a cry of “Hurrah!” issuing from her painted lips, going for as many multiples as she can muster. As far as any good it’s doing, she can leave her hat on.

    Meanwhile others in the Liberal Party think the nation’s glazed eyes should be focused on…. 5c a litre reduction in petrol prices, or more, maybe 20c, but only if it’s responsible economically. How the hell would they know what’s responsible?

    They keep forgetting that the old line about Labor’s congenital unfitness for office was comprehensively flattened last November. It’s their unfitness for office they should be worried about, and every day with their obsessions about minutae and decorum and “proper” behavior, they show they haven’t got a clue.

  8. JUdy,

    Interesting quote in that article from Jackie Kelly,

    “There’s been all sorts of allegations, (that the pamphlets came) from my office, from Tony Abbott’s office; none of them are true or can be substantiated.”

    Are none of them true, or are none of them true because they cannot be substantiated?

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