Newspoll: 55-45

Sky News reports:

On a two party preferred basis, Labor’s support is up two per cent to 55 and the Coalition’s is down from 47 to 45 per cent. The survey, published in The Australian, shows the Coalition has lost two points in the primary vote down to 40 per cent, while Labor remains steady at 48.

UPDATE: The Australian’s graphic here. John Howard is down 3 per cent on both performance satisfaction and better prime minister.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. While the launch was being shown on Sky today, UK TV (Foxtel) was showing Pie in the Sky! My wife wanted to wach that as it was more believable than Howard’s promises.

  2. I remember a week ago when Newspoll produced a 53-47 poll and people started, as i described it, looking through binoculars to try and find ‘the narrowing’. Then I suggested this poll would bounce back to 55-45 and from there (as Adam saliently assessed at ^ 6 on this thread), there would be no coming back for JWH.

    He has run out of marbles and lost a few more today with that ‘launch’ today which smelt like a ‘rat in a trap’..pretty banal and second rate for a man who is supposed to be a political genius. Am I revelling in his downfall, you bet your sweet tooshie I am. Waiter, bring me the keg mate, its time to shout the bar.

  3. PM on the ABC has been trumpeting this launch as brilliant brilliant work, a strong performance by the PM, brilliant work. Chris Ulhmann was a dreadful pathetic cheerleader, he couldn’t have been more partisan in a liberal tie and more a cheerleader in a short skirt with pom poms it was pathetic.

  4. Minchin yesterday said Uncle John wouldn’t toss the bank at the electorate – sure he didnt, only 10 frikkin BILLION dollars worth of ‘hopes and dreams’. The road to Damascus has been cut out of Syria and exported to Brisbane, at least for today:

    I think he bought the friggin thing wholusbolus to Oz: education, Child Care, Indigenous [sorry got excited], house affordability (especially for first home buyers) and, wait for it..yes sir, you get 2 Prime Ministers for the vote of 1.

    Gross moron voter grab bags being thrown out the door at fire sale prices: desperation and miraculous change. Campaign left you stupid ba….d.; campaign left ffs screamed C and T. At last JWH listened and may save a few seats, but the Coalition are stuffed as a political force in this country for at least 2 elections.

  5. Phew!

    It’s getting all so hard.

    Keeping up with the posts.

    Keeping up with the Last Launch of the about to be Marie Celeste 11.

    Keeping up with the Liberal Sub Prime Minister/s.

    Watching Four Corners.

    Might have to employ botox myself, the concentration lines are becoming deeper.

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