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The Australian has published a follow-up to its weekend Newspoll survey, showing issues rated most important and the party considered best equipped to handle them. Labor holds handsome leads on six of the eight listed issues, the exceptions being the economy and national security. Interestingly, the Coalition’s score on industrial relations has increased to 34 per cent from 31 per cent at the previous survey in June, after hovering around 30 per cent since the beginning of 2006. Industrial relations is also the one issue where there was no appreciable shift to Labor when Kevin Rudd became leader. The other issue to run against the overall trend is national security – it surged to Labor as strongly as any other when Rudd took over, but the Coalition has since recovered to levels near those of the Beazley era.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Thanks Chris Curtis, (I always enjoy your indepth analysis)
    You clarified the chances of the DLP, acknowledging that the have a chance of picking up a seat if the circumstances of the preferences are right.
    I wonder what effect the publicity about the Exclusive Bretheren will have on the Family First vote, if any?

  2. Note Howard is watching Rudd’s ad via Windows Media Player – it looks like it was recorded in his office- If it’s Parliament House then J-Ho may be in deep doo doo 🙂

  3. Voters have supported Labor in every State and territory. What makes the Libs think that these latest union bashing ads will make any difference? It shows a lack of creativity and imagination. From it’s foundation in 1945, the Liberal Party’s default position has been union bashing. Everything old is new again.

  4. Frank Calabrese writes “oh and there is no authorisation at the end – another Electoral Act breach as well”

    Ouch. I can feel an AEC complaint coming on.

  5. Been There at 8.39… a nice summary of Mr Palmer’s compelling graphs. I think the regulars here have been warming their hands at Bryan’s hearth for quite a while, hence the lack of replies. But it’s worth noting all that again in these early days of nervous nelliedom – the graphs are going to have such a ridiculous spike in them if Howard pulls it off on 24/11 that we will be able to declare opinion polling dead and buried. All that will matter in future is a head-kicking campaign and tax cuts. But I don’t think that will happen. Nor do you, clearly.

    I think the 1990 election was won by the ALP onslightly less than 50%TPP, but I’ll try to check that.

    Re your comments at 9.10 on the Subject That Must Not Be Named, here’s a start for your reading…

    The spectroscopic work started in the 1940s. It’s all about infrared absorbtion. The arguments are about planetary scale feedback systems… but the evidence is mounting. Suggest you subscribe to a pop journal like New Scientist – they summarise the findings from time to time. References to Goebbels in this context are very insulting to scientists. (Sorry William)

  6. whoever posted that link to costellos membership of the ALP when younger could you please repost it

    i want to send it to a few journos -maybe one of the ponces could ask costello
    “pot kettle black”
    just a thought

  7. Our media are so 2nd rate.

    I travel for work quite a bit, and am always stunned to read investigative journalism, and to note the amazing media diversity in most other democracies.

    Thankfully we have Ozblogistan, or Id go bonkers.

    With some notable exceptions, most of our 4th estate are just 2nd rate hacks, and press-release editors, completely dependent on being in the loop – and utterly compromised.

    ‘Insiders’ says it all.

  8. Scotty 778

    Good fun!

    Keep up the surveys; talk back opinion etc is on your and the side of your colleagues.

    Marktwain 788
    No disrepect to your middle aged man, perhaps he needs some financial help in the hearing or vision areas. Assure him assistance will not come from you know who.

    If all else fails, conduct a broader poll.

    Politics is very difficult, isn’t it?

  9. Oh dear very poor performance by J “MG Tm” G on Lateline.

    Julia is a conservative and in fact Medicare Gold was a conservative policy. Lol

    Looks like Labcest is going to cost Labor big time. I can see the outrage now – its not 70% of the shadow cabinet, in fact its only 67%. Not going to play well is it?

    TonyJones was very good too – nailed it on the “struggle” going on over tax cuts vs spending. Our J MG Tm G is a conservative who doesnt like spending, what a giggle.

  10. Actually Left E compromised says it all.. and Insiders a show with a right wing looney on it every week with two middle of road journos’ and where is the left wing person.. balance on bias ABC no..
    But you are right the media here are pathetic. The inconsistencies, half truths and made up stories and focus on celebrities and the royal family- an unmitigated brainless bunch of dills these newsmakers..
    Credible journos.. to me only Kerry O’Brien, Monica Attard, John Faine and to a degree Laurie Oakes… Also like Alan Ramsay… and George Fungus- Negus…
    Tony Jones has lowered himself in the last year..
    The rest are in it for the money…
    Please ABC get rid of Lindy Burns… Hopeless to much of the obvious for me and inane questions…
    Oh and i don’t mind Tiggy Fullarton and Geoff Masters…

  11. Edward,

    Yes I’m sure tonight’s Lateline will win Howard millions of votes as it was such riveting TV that the whole nation was probably watching.

  12. Oh, this is weird, recursive… on and on… man… fractal weird – gimme some of that stuff Ben is on!! Like, the libs have an ad – featuring an ad labor has and labor has an ad, featuring the lib ad, and the libs have an ad, featuring the labor ad, featuring the lib ad… and labor have an ad, featuring the lib ad, featuring the labor ad… featuring the… Ah! my brain explodes!

  13. Edward, we know you disagree with her politics.
    What led you to believe she performed poorly?

    She rates as best performed of the campaign so far in this house.
    It’s no surprise that the LP gets their knickers in a twist over her – she has no direct opponent at this stage.

  14. Onimod , coz

    1) Labor has no answer on the Labcest problem – its true and she knows it. They dare not dispute the 70% figure but its likely to stick. Its absolute poison for Labor like the faceless men under Whitlam. You might think it doesnt matter now but it will sink in after 6 weeks.

    2) Tax – they clearly dont know what they are about. T Jones picked it the debate is going on now as to what they do.

    3) Me too is catching up with them. Julia aint a conservative but she is stuck with the straitjacket theyve fitted themselves up with hence her efforts to squirm around Medicare Gold. Clearly they would like to spend the money on programs but there too gutless to do that because they fear being labelled “spendthrifts”

    Occasionally in politics you have to be prepared to say this is what we believe and we’ll stand and fall on it. Its ok to say we are left wing and we are not conservatives, especially when you have a 12% lead – they need to show some courage of conviction. There’s no soul left in this group – why dont they just get the charade over with and match the tax cuts or near enough.

  15. I think we also need a video of Bob Brown turning off a video of Howard who is turning off a video of Rudd who is turning off a video about the unions.

    Maybe one with all the political players turning each other off? The poor old Exclusive Bretheren will miss out though…

  16. Paul K, can I assume from your comments at # 708 & # 719 that in the Senate you voted for someone else besides Labor (assuming that you voted Labor in the H of R) previously

    If so you and those like you have contributed to the situation we currently have in the Senate i.e. a Coalition majority in the senate.

  17. [Now what did we learn from Lateline tonight?
    Do any research for that interview Tony Jones…
    How about concentrating on the policies…]

    I have no idea why he needed to ask the question about the debate 4 times.

    Of course Rudd will be at the debate, it’s not even worth asking the question.

  18. Labcest has to be the lamest neologism I’ve ever come across. You’re not a rightard, Edward, you should abandon such inelegant and clumsy language.

  19. I thought tonight’s Lateline was boring and trivial. Some pretty silly questions about things which it was pretty obvious Julia was never going to give straight answers to. Labor is not going to telegraph their punches by telling Lateline what sort of tactics they are going to use, so why carry on with questions about things she was never going to answer. I got bored after a few minutes.


    You better check with the Senator’s office. You haven’t used the word ‘unions’ in either of the last two posts and isn’t that against party rules.

  20. Tony Jones has become a pathetic parody of a decent interviewer. Someone should remind him that constantly interrupting the interviewee is not hard hitting or incisive, but just plain rude.
    It’s also clear that he is much more lenient when it comes to Downer, orther government ministers.

    I can remember when Lateline was worth watching. Now it is little more obessesed with trivia, especially when it comes to Australian politics.

    BTW, does anyone know of the convention regarding the naming of “ministers” during the caretaker period? Are they still officially “Minister for ……….” I would have thought not, but who knows.

  21. Most people on the radio talkbacks are stating that taxcuts are a waste and would much rather spending instead of tax cuts on health, education and climate change and this is what Labor should do.
    Edward it is obvious that you must be one of those wealthy benefactors of the massive tax cuts at the higher level and don’t care about the crumbs people at the bottom get…
    And Edward who created Medicare and the Pharmesetical Benefits Scheme.. On health the Coalition has never done a thing but you wouldn’t know with your private health insurance card…

  22. Paul K,

    I think your confused.

    Mr Rocket

    It is inelegant but it is such an ugly condition crippling the Labor party that Labcest is an appropriate word for summary purposes.

    Marky Mark

    Search your feelings you know this to be true thine true enemy (as a Green) is the Labor Party.

  23. Ed
    I’m not trying to get an argument going; I’ll just illustrate an alternative view – there’s no need to reply. I’ve considered your view – here’s mine:
    1. I hold no abhorrence for the union association. I’ve got links to the construction industry, so I’ve seen the worst. The worst the unions have got are like bad bosses in any workplace – they’re useful for a while, but they never last – divisiveness never leads to ultimate power. I’m more than happy to be represented as an Australian by the likes of Combet and Shorten.
    2. I wouldn’t know what to do at the moment either – why not nut it out until you’re sure. I believe I heard that Access Economics is advising? Tactically – it’s the wrong time now anyway – much better delivered in the week 3 speet spot me thinks.
    3. Sure – she’s got a skeleton, but anyone other than the avid watcher doesn’t remember the slightest detail from Medicare Gold. It might be ammo in the parliament, but it has little relevance to the public. What was relevant was that she didn’t divert from the message.
    I actually think she’s a better performer than Kevin, and we all know what the electorate thinks he’ll be doing in December.
    As I said – I’m not trying to stimulate a debate on this – I’m interested in the clearly different message disseminated to each of us. Clearly she’s not swaying either of us. We just need to find some true blue swingers to give us their response now.

  24. Scorpio 823, don’t want to be anything but I use Firefox. If you do, on this or any forum, click on Edit, Find in this page, and type a search word in the Find area at screen bottom. Click highlight all and scroll. Most useful for finding stuff.

  25. Money problems for the Republicans:
    Big Donors Staying Away From GOP Candidates
    Even Bush ‘Rangers’ Are Staying Away

    By Chris Cillizza and Matthew Mosk
    Washington Post Staff Writers
    Wednesday, October 17, 2007; A01

    More than a third of the top fundraisers who helped elect George W. Bush president remain on the sidelines in 2008, contributing to a gaping financial disparity between the GOP candidates and their Democratic counterparts.

    Scores of Bush Pioneers and Rangers are not working for any Republican candidate, citing discontent with the war in Iraq, anger at the performance of Republicans in Congress and a general lack of enthusiasm. More than two dozen have actually made contributions to Democrats.

  26. Ohh look what we have here… Libs back to the smear and fear campaign, no surprises there.

    Edward StJohn… i’ll let you in on a little secret…. don’t tell anyone okay… the Labor party was started by the unions and has been a representation for the unions ever since.

    SHHH!! Don’t tell anyone mate… don’t want you Lib voters getting too educated on the subject, you might have a brain aneurysm from excessive usage.

  27. Edward (825)

    You seem to be losing your patience over Labor’s awaited tax cuts. Chill out my friend. Kevin Rudd will provide the Australian people with all they need to know according to his own timetable, not your’s or anyone else’s.

    Howard obviously thought he could force Labor’s hand with his first day announcement, but he was sadly mistaken. He was the one who decided he wanted a long campaign and now HE can sit down and decide how he is going to fill in the rest of it. Rudd has his own game plan – as he has had all year – and I have no doubt he will stick to it.

  28. When you’re feeling nervous, oh nellies – and I’m thinking of you Lose the Election Please (though I can’t work out to whom that is directed towards – not everyone can lose… surely!) – just ask yourself, would your prefer to be Team Howtello (see, we can all do it Edward!) or Team Rudd? I quite like the position Labor is in at the moment, wouldn’t trade it with the Coalition for a second!

  29. LaborVoter Says:
    October 17th, 2007 at 11:45 pm
    Ohh look what we have here… Libs back to the smear and fear campaign, no surprises there.

    Edward StJohn… i’ll let you in on a little secret…. don’t tell anyone okay… the Labor party was started by the unions and has been a representation for the unions ever since.

    SHHH!! Don’t tell anyone mate… don’t want you Lib voters getting too educated on the subject, you might have a brain aneurysm from excessive usage.

    If that’s all true Laborvoter why wont your own leader defend unions?

  30. Fred Hollows was an ex-communist. There you go Peter you have a real red there. Mr Costello should start condemning the late Fred.

    Howard is taking us into a world of a type that bought about a need for unions. Does he think he can create a vast working poor and that history won’t repeat itself? Australia has for a hundred years been developing a culture of fairness and a fair go only to have Howard transform it into a fair go for big-business only. Tinged with racism, intolerance, xenophobia and fearfullness. This is the way of hard right-wing parties and is how they manipulate, control and maintain power.

    His plan is to destroy the power and resource base of the Labor party, make it uncompetitive and search for a perpetual LNP government. I believe Karl Rove had similar such visions until Iraq went sour.

  31. Darn,

    If Labor’s polling starts heading south I am sure the tax policy will be out quick smart.

    Anyway it works well for JWH if he doesnt come out with it – means the discussion is all about tax and not WorkChoices.

  32. Yeah, Howard’s got Rudd right where he wants him: annoying the punters daily with the same irritating routine, demanding a policy the punters are in no hurry to see, for tax cuts they’re not convinced they want; to match other future cuts they’ve already forgotten about, like the last lot which prodced zero electoral bounce.

    And now he’s got very little dough to blow.

    Brilliant! A tour de force-slash-masterclass from Team Rodent.

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