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The Australian has published a follow-up to its weekend Newspoll survey, showing issues rated most important and the party considered best equipped to handle them. Labor holds handsome leads on six of the eight listed issues, the exceptions being the economy and national security. Interestingly, the Coalition’s score on industrial relations has increased to 34 per cent from 31 per cent at the previous survey in June, after hovering around 30 per cent since the beginning of 2006. Industrial relations is also the one issue where there was no appreciable shift to Labor when Kevin Rudd became leader. The other issue to run against the overall trend is national security – it surged to Labor as strongly as any other when Rudd took over, but the Coalition has since recovered to levels near those of the Beazley era.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. None of the discussion has been about tax, ESJ. As far as I can see it’s sunk off the radar in 36 hours. Except for the bleating from the right ‘where’s his tax policy?’ All of which is reminiscent of ‘when will Howard call the election for Chrissake?’ And equally as pointless.

  2. That’s a big IF Edward. (848). My guess is that Labor’s support will hold up very well throughout the campaign and it will be the Libs who will be panicking (or should I say panicking even more). Time will tell.

  3. Just spotted a Government add Sydney CH10, for free vacine for cervical cancer, never seen them before.
    Someone was asking if Gov adds were still on.

  4. 836
    Crikey Whitey Says:

    Yeah, thanks for that. I had a look and though it was just the same old, same old to provide the figures for Shannahan to get off on.

    No.1 Do you think the country is heading in the right direction. WTF.

    I’ll probably do it though just to see what they are angling for.

  5. Yes, actually.The later day saint should visit the earlier blogs on this forum, rather than wasting anyone’s time or energy on re examining this now ancient tax story.

  6. With Howard and Co in this much trouble, I think you will find that all agreements and conventions/rules etc will go out the window.

    It’s survival time at all costs. Look out from here on for the mother of all gutter tactic elections. Labor are going to have be on their toes and right up to the mark to hold their line.

  7. Crikey Whitey Says:

    If you are referring to me, you can go and get yourself royally F33ked Ar##hole!!!!!!!!! I would lke to meet up with you very soon!!

  8. 846
    Edward StJohn Says:
    If that’s all true Laborvoter why wont your own leader defend unions?

    He did yesterday on the news.Cited Mr Combet and the Union Movements
    fight for compensation and justice for the victims of James Hardie.You should expect to see the ads reinforcing those values very soon.

  9. The next Morgan would be from last weekend and will tell not much.

    The next Newspoll will however be instructive.

    Howard having shot his biggest and best cannon MUST be praying for at least 53.5/46.5 in the next Newspoll. You would think they should get some sort of move.

    If it is 55/45 again then watch the bodies fall past your office window. If it is 56/57 then watch them throw Peter and John off the roof as a sacrifice.

    Rudd has the luxury now of waiting a while with his tax policy. If things look a little slippery he can bring it a little earlier – if things look bright then then he can delay to a few weeks before the election to get maximum effect.

  10. 859
    Crikey Whitey Says:
    October 18th, 2007 at 12:16 am
    Yes, actually.The later day saint should visit the earlier blogs on this forum, rather than wasting anyone’s time or energy on re examining this now ancient tax story.}

    I think I owe you an apology CW. I missed the last few words and thought you were having a go at me for wasting other peoples time because I got on late and wondered if others had done the online poll.

    I had a rather unpleasant experience a while back with Julie trying to equate the Latter Day Saints with the EB as I consider a persons Religion should not be slandered in the manner that she did.

    They are not a cult, they vote and they don’t interfere in politics.

  11. William, I have no idea. Most upsetting. Crossed posts, perhaps? Golly. Misunderstood. Not to get too frayed this early in the campaign. Think I at least will have a sleep. Will look out before to see if Scorpio is okay. Otherwise, night night.

  12. Sorry William, I’ve had a big day and have difficulty keeping up with all the posts and links as well as trying to follow the fast moving political commentary.

    See my post at 867. I think I should hit the cot too.

  13. Let it End and Julie – A vote for The Greens in the HoR is important too. Local Greens Groups where all members get to participate and create and decide policy derive most of their campaign funds out of lower house votes through election funding. Compare and contrast this with the ALP who accept funding not only from Unions but also from donors like the Hotel Industry and Richard Pratt.

  14. “Sorry William, I’ve had a big day and have difficulty keeping up with all the posts and links as well as trying to follow the fast moving political commentary.”

    Hmmmm. Perhaps the new government should hold an inquiry into Bludger fatigue.

  15. How to overcome the anti-union ads 101:

    Picture an ad with all of the following:

    Brant Webb, Tod Russell and Bernie Banton all extolling how, when they were at the lowest ebb (in the case of Beaconsfield, a literal low), the unions were there to lend a helping hand, how they worked with managmeent at the mine, and how without the unions Hardies would have gotten off scot-free leaving asbestos victims with no cabbage into the future.

    Game over.

  16. Crispy 809,

    Thanks for the reference, which I already have in my archives, but thanks anyway.
    I’m sorry if I offended a scientist or two with the Goebels quote, definitely not my intention. I don’t believe a true scientist would ever stoop to propaganda!

    While accepting that carbon dioxide and other gases have a heat absorption effect, and that burning fossil fuels certainly increases the atmospheric carbon dioxide level, I think Arrhenius and Callendar got the magnitude wrong. If not, the 30% increase in CO2 since 1940 should have increased temperatures by more than 1.2 – 1.5 degrees C (the absorption effect is after all logarithmic so the effect should get less proportionately as the amount of CO2 increase).
    Personally I think the models are still far too crude, finding it essentially impossible to accurately account for the effect of higher cloud formation as temperature increases and more water is evaporated from the oceans. The extent to which the cooling effect or more cloud cover offsets the blanketing effect of the “greenhouse gases” is a big unknown and demands a large research effort. I think this should be done before potentially wasting enormous amounts of capital on something which may prove much less of a problem than many people believe.

    I’ve posted this on last night’s thread so as not to contaminate the current thread with off the subject matter.

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