The Australian versus everything

The Australian today offers another editorial on the subject of opinion poll commentary which, despite its querulous tone, is somewhat less absurd than its notorious dummy spit of July 12. The paper nonetheless contrives to exempt itself from its critique of the polling analysis glut, placing the blame on “the rise of the Galaxy Poll and Fairfax newspapers’ attempt to become competitive against Newspoll with its AC Neilson (sic) survey” (to say nothing of the efforts of “a number of internet blogs”). So when its reporter Tony Barrass observes a surprisingly weak Newspoll result for the Western Australian state government and finds federal implications galore, you can rest assured that this is not merely “the reporting of politics as if it were a sporting match”, such as you might get from Michelle Grattan. We should instead consider ourselves privileged spectators to the exercise of The Australian’s mystical power to unlock the hidden secrets behind the only opinion poll that matters.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Possum, it’s not that I don’t completely misunderstand you when you seem to say “it’s not a completely un-entertaining spectacle”. It might be that you’re not completely un Hibernian as to ancestory.
    Oh, the number of times I’ve been berated for using double, triple, and even quadruple negatives during impassioned debate. You can see if anyone’s actually listening by the pause as they try to work out what you said, or not, as the case may be.
    However, to be sure, to be sure, it adds to the poetry.
    As does the thought of old Piers sitting by an extinct fire, mumbling to himself as he hands out unequal laws unto a savage race that knows him not!

  2. 🙂

    Gipps, I find that when it doubt, just make up a word.It might test the brains of the readers… but hey, just think of it as a public contribution to the fight against dementia.

    Doin’ our bit for preventative health care !

    As an aside- if anyone wants a really good read, I think the Financial Review today comes with the Fin Review Magazine – Power Edition.

    Well worth the purchase.Especially the top ten covert political power section.

  3. Oooh, I made up a word recently – it was inspired by Alexander Downer.
    “Ignarrogance” – I’ll leave it to you guys to figure out the definition.

  4. Why did we go to war?, I really dont understand that ,before the so called war against terror (god i hate those words) what does that mean anyway? We where a country that would give refuge to the innocents.

    You cannot force evolution on a society by bombing and killing the innocent, That just causes new generations of that society to hate
    more. You have to slowly educate the people and show them there is a better way and when there ready show them refuge .Hate does nothing but cause more hate.

    But then theres the argument “but we have to secure our country from the terrorist threat” , Heres a simple example ,if you disagree with youre
    friend smack him or her in the face and see if he or she agrees with you.

    Heres another example if you went into the jungle and found a tribe
    for e.g the mayans ,and they had human sacrifices which they did
    and you killed those people because you felt there point of view was wrong ,which is what happened and you distroyed their writings ,which is also what happed you would loose what knowledge they did have that was of use. This is true ,lucky a priest hid some of the books.

    What was found in those books was a calandar that was more advanced ,more accurate than the calandar we now use ,and they
    where the first to realize the concept of zero,which is how we have
    computers the internet and so forth , and thats what was in the books that survived ,image what we lost because of that.

    All races can learn from each other ,but all races have not evolved in the same way at the same rate ,Where not all equal thats whats so great ,you couldnt learn anything new if we where all equal.

    The war on terrorism is a fear based way to get what the us goverment
    wants , There is no resolution ,we are loosing our freedom of speech
    and our human rites . The rite to share ,the rite to open discussion.

    Voting for John Howard is voting for an American way of life ,Is the American way of life really that good .I think the death count is something like 16,000 ,How many people have to die before they realize the “the war on terror” is not working ,compare how many people have been killed by terrorists , American and Australian soldiers are innocent citizens how is sending them to there deaths winning. Its really ironic
    because going to iraq to fight give the terrorists an advantage because fighting on there homeground just like in sport ,they know their land better than we do. The best offence is a good defence.

    Its funny a few tax cuts and people change there opinions of who to vote for.

    I really hope John Howard and George Bush get voted out before they take away what our Ancestors have really fought for our freedoms.

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