Essential Research leadership and COVID polling

The shine continues to come off Scott Morrison’s COVID-boosted personal ratings, plus new evidence of a softening in support for the Coalition among women.

The fortnightly Essential Research poll includes the pollster’s monthly leadership ratings, which gives Scott Morrison his weakest results since the onset of COVID-19 – down six on approval to 51% and up four on disapproval to 40%, with his lead as preferred prime minister narrowing slightly from 48-28 to 46-28. Anthony Albanese is up two on approval to 41% and down one on disapproval to 35%. These numbers have been fed into the BludgerTrack poll aggregate, sharpening Morrison’s established downward trend.

Approval of the federal government’s response to COVID-19 has also deteriorated, with a nine point drop in the good rating since last month to 44% and a six point increase in poor to 30%. Among respondents in New South Wales, the good rating for the federal government has slumped from 62% to 44%, and that for the state government is down from 69% to 57%. A range of other questions are featured on matters relating to COVID-19, including findings that 36% would be willing to get the Pfizer vaccine but not AstraZeneca (5% said vice-versa); that 40% believe the vaccine rollout is being down efficiently, down from 43% a month ago (and 68% earlier in the year); and that 64% believe it is being done safely, down from 67%.

The poll was conducted Wednesday to Sunday from a sample of 1099; full results can be viewed here.

Elsewhere, the Age/Herald yesterday published results aggregated from the three monthly Resolve Strategic polls which compared current voting intention with how respondents recalled having voted in 2019, and found women were more likely to have shifted away from the Coalition (down four points to 37%) than men (down one to 41%). On the subject of Resolve Strategic, Macquarie University academic Murray Goot casts a critical eye over its (and to a lesser extent Essential Research’s) attitudinal polling in Inside Story and takes aim at its refusal to join the Australian Polling Council and adhere to its transparency standards.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Been There @ #1239 Saturday, July 10th, 2021 – 10:56 pm

    “Just noting the enjoyment here about the covid outbreak in Sydney.

    Lots of wonderful opportunities to blame/ attack Gladys and the Pm.”

    Stating facts is not enjoyment.

    I get that you are hurting because Gladys has put the country at risk with her procrastination.

    Just own it.

    You were keen to show your glee when Victoria was under the pump.

    Cop the schadenfreude.

    Thank you for saying this.

    It won’t stop LVT though. Like a snail crawling across the blog he will continue on, leaving his slime behind him. He doesn’t say what he says to be right, he does what he does to try and denigrate anyone who disagrees in any way with the team he is pumping the tyres of.

    Iggy Pop wrote a great song called ‘Pumping For Jill’. Well, LVT is ‘Pumping For Gladys’.

  2. Been There,
    Liberals loathe the success that Labor and the people who are employed by Labor when they are in government, have. So they try every which way to assassinate their character. It stinks like the sewers they crawl out of.

  3. Cud Chewersays:
    Saturday, July 10, 2021 at 7:25 pm
    “It also outlines China’s extensive social media attacks on countries that don’t agree with them, via aggressive Tweets and facebook posts”

    And scripts handed to posters on blogs
    i’ve been at “the conversation” when young liberals have swarmed the site: rude, nasty, ageist pigs, obviously working from scripts to “own the progressives” & disrupt. -a.v.

  4. Mr Roberts-Smith has told the Federal Court he iced the resultant bump on her head and stayed up all night in their Canberra hotel room to monitor her condition.

    Part of suing for defamation is you get to arbitrarily defame people if you think it makes your case look better?

  5. I don’t have any problem rubbing it in to Gladys and her pals over the unnecessary farce that has been the NSW Delta outbreak response.

    I don’t mind admitting I’m enjoying it, either.

    It’s about time the scores were evened… with governments, the gutter journalists and the medical hacks who fell headfirst into a bucket of their own hubris and drowned in it. I hadn’t seen those Leigh Sales tweets before. What a scrag she is.

    The reason I feel good about this is first that we might see some sense at last in the way the virus is dealt with. Once the egos are out of the way we can roll up our sleeves and be sensible, instead of political.

    Secondly, I’m sick of the way that the Right feels free to slag off the Left, but when serve is returned, they squeal “Bullying!”

    Thirdly, it’s about time Sydney pulled its head in, or had it pulled in for it. A bit of suffering might teach its citizens that there’s nothing special about them, and that there are other places in this great state that for decades have been putting up with the kind of shit they are only now experiencing for the first time in the Big Smoke.

  6. Cud Chewer @11.26
    “Its got to be said that LVT has dropped all pretense.”
    It could be said that Morrison has dropped all pretense!

  7. Been There @ #2757 Saturday, July 10th, 2021 – 11:41 pm

    Their default position is to accuse people here of reveling in the current NSW position.

    Wouldn’t call it reveling. However I’m happy that denying science and choosing to live in an imaginary world where facts and experts don’t matter finally has some (tangible/immediate) consequences. Too much ground has been lost simply because climate change is slow(ish).

  8. NSW obviously has a flawed decision-making infrastructure..

    The NSW government cannot claim to have been taken by surprise by the Delta strain. There gave been plenty of dress rehearsals for this outbreak, here and overseas. NSW simply didn’t learn from them, preferring to stick to the old, tried and tested, but now obsolete ways they used to combat the easier versions of the virus.

    There is also the interfering Commonwealth government, desperate for credit – if vicarious credit – for a win over the virus. Berejiklian’s political mistake was to trust in Morrison, hoping he would repay her delivering the goods for him with backup in the form of a bit of substance to the vaccine rollout promises. Trusting that snake in the grass is a real mug’s game. Snakes only sell snake oil Gladys. Why would they change their entire product line for you?

    As to “medical advice”, it’s a myth that governments always stick to following it. Such advice is of course polluted by the prevailing atmosphere and the express or implied hints that ministers leave for their boffins. Eventually both sides of the argument will be pointing the finger at each other.

    We have a bad result in hand, obviously worse than it should have been, and it can only be a good thing to find out why, and to have a dig along the way, if only to deflate some of the swollen egos involved in getting into the message are in.

  9. Gawd! I feel like I’ve been on three rides on the Dreamland roll-coaster. When Barty missed that easy volley at 30 all, I thought she might be toast. Great game by both players & played with grace. For a while, Barty couldn’t buy a first serve but to her credit, she hung in. I’m glad I went to London, and Goolagong-Cawley must be over the moon. Maccas should name a restaurant after her given that it’s their 50th anniversary in Oz too. She’ll also hold her No.1 ranking when they’re released on Monday – and by a county mile.

  10. Well done Ash!

    Lot of the glow of the win taken off by those big eared, nosed fucking royal clowns parading around.

    I mean apart from Kate who were the rest of the ugly fuckers?!

    Yes, I can’t stand them, that’s obvious.

    Any of you pommy royal lovers want to have a crack well fuck off, do it, I don’t care and won’t reply.

    Yes Buce, don’t bother!

  11. Wait, that woman wants to be Queen of Australia (or whatever stupid title she gets) and she doesn’t even know what time it is here?

  12. Thanks Spray

    Finding it hard to control myself at the moment.

    Tears in my eyes with a lot of conflicting emotions.

    Ash’s win for her country and her people make me so proud.

    Then those wandering, bumbling fucking clowns mumbling royal platitudes to the lines persons and ball persons just made want to spew.

    If I was one of those officials I’d tell them to fuck right off!

    Sorry all.

  13. Barty gets paid £1.7m for her win, to add to the $18,798,303 USD she’s won thus far in her career, and that’s not including
    endorsements. And well done to Aussie Alcott for winning the quad wheelchair singles final, defeating Schroder 6-2, 6-2.

  14. Yes Mavis

    Those other champions don’t get mentioned.

    Thank you for pointing that out.

    I missed it and am ashamed.

    I’ll try to find footage and watch.


  15. Starting now on Channel 9 Been There. Alcott and his opponent Schroder were amazing. A good night for Australian tennis.

  16. Be-Jabbed

    A fucking lot of in bred weirdos to say the least.

    Can’t wait until the day we are rid of them and they become the UK’s problem.

    Like most sensible countries have done, USA, Canada for starters, couldn’t be bothered finding the rest, however those two are significant.

    Most sensible countries have dumped them.

  17. I did notice that Barty didnt curtsey, or geneflect, or whatever the hell people do to royals…small mercies

    Hoping Barty has an Olympic Gold medal in three weeks !

  18. BB

    “The reason I feel good about this is first that we might see some sense at last in the way the virus is dealt with”

    You’d hope so, but to be honest, even I thought that NSW Health had learned its lesson with Avalon and after that they’d be proactively hunting down potential quarantine vulnerabilities. That they’d actually have staff dedicated to doing nothing but looking for vulnerabilities.

    Not so.

    I really, seriously, can’t believe that.. its rank stupidity. How could Gladys not have personally seen to this to avoid the obvious political fallout of another outbreak? How could Hazard and Perotet not insisted that no stone be left unturned to ensure obvious things like limo drivers couldn’t ruin their precious economy.

    One can only hope that Gladys made this mistake because she honestly believed that contact tracing would always sort things out. (Where was Kerry in educating her?). If you can believe that theory, then maybe, just maybe, Gladys has finally learnt the lesson that their contact tracing is no magic shield and personally pick up that phone and start working on all the other quarantine vulnerabilities.

    I note that domestic flight crew are still allowed to self quarantine in homes shared with other people. The official advice is to try to avoid contact, but seriously.. after all we know about aerosol spread? This is another blind spot.

    And another thing. If you think things are going to change, what’s the odds that the media might learn from this and do its job and proactive push the government to do its job – by asking pertinent and awkward questions like “where are the other vulnerabilities”.

  19. BB

    “Berejiklian’s political mistake was to trust in Morrison, hoping he would repay her”

    Yes, Morrison and the questionable talents that congregate around him like Brendan and Collignon and others. This bad advice and all that goes with it (like not accepting aerosol spread) has fucked a lot of things up.

    However, I’m not sure that clinging to Morrison can be held up as much of an explanation for the sheer stupidity that was inherent in Gladys not personally chasing up holes in quarantine. And not realising how critical that task was to her own political fortune.

    Again, was it really a totally misplaced belief in her “gold standard” contact tracing? Was that belief being reinforced by bureaucrats in NSW Health that should have known better. Or was it about living in the bubble with Morrison and his pet rocks?


    Growing concern that Covid-19 vaccines being deployed across much of the developing world aren’t capable of thwarting the delta variant is prompting some countries to look at offering third doses to bolster immunity against more-infectious virus strains.

    Though definitive evidence is yet to emerge backing the need for so-called “booster” shots, health officials from Thailand to Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have already decided to offer the extra doses to some people already inoculated with vaccines from Chinese makers Sinovac Biotech Ltd., Sinopharm and from AstraZeneca Plc.

    Meanwhile, the Australian media…


    More than 30 executives in one NSW government department are being paid above the top of the pay scale for their roles, new documents reveal.

    Following recent revelations that Australia’s senior public servants earn top dollar compared to their international counterparts, The Sun-Herald’s analysis of Transport for NSW (TfNSW) papers has found 34 executives being paid above the maximum “internal remuneration range” this year.

    The salary ranges and remuneration of more than 180 senior TfNSW executives were revealed by Labor MLC Adam Searle after a call for papers relating to the highly paid staff at NSW government departments.

  22. Well done to Ash but no surprise because she is the best player on the tour.

    That is Barty’s third or fourth title since taking the jab.

    Who knew J&J covid vaccine was performance enhancing.

  23. Insiders will be interesting today. Faced with the clusterf**k that is the current Federal government with incompetence and scandal wherever you look, how will spears behave towards Albanese.

  24. I wonder if we will see OC again defending the NSW effort, claiming aerosols aren’t a thing and blaming Victoria’s trouble on a reform that did or did not happen 20 years ago.

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