Blain by-election live

Will the Northern Territory’s Country Liberal government still have its majority by the end of the evening? Find out here.

7.35pm. Now, all in one hit, we’ve got both primary and pre-poll results from all three ordinary polling booths, together with results from the Darwin pre-poll booth. The raw two-party result shows the CLP leading by 3.2%, and my projection is hardly different at 3.7%, a swing to Labor of 9.5%. I have the CLP primary vote down 15.8% on a booth-matched basis, or 45.5% in raw terms, but Labor is up only 3.2% to 37.5% thanks to the 8.3% vote for independent Matthew Cranitch. The Greens and Citizens Electoral Council, who did not field candidates in 2012, are respectively on 7.3% and 1.4%. So to summarise: the CLP has suffered a large swing, but not sufficient to cost them the seat given the extent to which it was absorbed by candidates other than Labor.

7.22pm. “I think we’ve won,” says CLP president Ross Connolly, as related by Nine reporter Kathleen Bruyn on Twitter. However, I still have nothing more to go on than the aforementioned Palmerston pre-poll booth primary votes.

7.20pm. The media feed being deployed by Antony Green is evidently running ahead of the result being published on the NTEC website, as it has a two-party result from those pre-polls. These suggest that my preference guesstimates were spot on, or at least that the errors cancelled out. There’s also talk on Twitter that the Rosebery booth is likewise recording a big-but-not-big-enough swing to Labor.

6.55pm. 521 pre-poll primary votes have been added, and based on my very crude preference distribution, in which Labor gets 80% of Greens preferences and 40% of independents and CEC, the result is a 9.1% swing off a margin of 13.2%.

6pm. Booths – all three of them – have closed. I guess we might see a first result in 45 minutes or so.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

16 comments on “Blain by-election live”

  1. I agree the swing’s probably not enough in the EVC booth. From what Mark Di Stefano’s been tweeting it looks like not enough in Rosebery either.

  2. Aristotle,

    [With only 5900 voters, it might be cheaper to get Nielsen to poll them.]

    That’s gotta be a no-Blainer.

  3. Despite the outcome, the CLP has gotta be shaken by how close to losing their majority they have come.

    They’re on the edge – one by-election or defection away from an election.

  4. Arrnea:

    Well, not really, they could have survived as a minority government even if they had lost Blain, with Indie support.

  5. Just Me,

    [If you are not careful, AC, you will turn into the Blain of our lives.]


    I can’t help myself…I blain my social worker.

  6. @ Everything 11

    After getting 16/25 (64%) of the seats at the last election, to come crashing down to 13 (52%) not even halfway through the term is, quite frankly, disastrous for the CLP.

    Further, how many times have the Coalition chided Labor for “needing Independent support to survive as a Government”? Pot, kettle.

  7. [Arrnea Stormbringer
    ….They’re on the edge – one by-election or defection away from an election.]

    …just pointing out that what you said (above) was wRONg, thats all! :devil:

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