Newspoll: 53-47 to Coalition

The Abbott government’s first Newspoll broke ranks with other pollsters in recording a honeymoon bounce for the Coalition, but the second is back in the territory of the election result. Personal ratings also provide some mild encouragement for Bill Shorten.

GhostWhoVotes tweets that the Abbott government’s second Newspoll result has the Coalition leading Labor 53-47, down from 56-44 a fortnight ago. The Coalition is down two points on the primary vote to 45%, with Labor up one to 32% and the Greens up two to 12%. Newspoll thereby returns to the pack after its previous result, which was unique out of the 15 polls published since the election in showing a significant rise in support for the Coalition. Tony Abbott’s personal ratings are still much better than any he enjoyed as Opposition Leader, although he is down two on approval to 45% and up four on disapproval to 38%. Bill Shorten has made a handy five-point gain on approval to 37%, with disapproval steady at 24%. Preferred prime minister changes only slightly, Abbott’s lead of 47-28 a fortnight ago narrowing to 46-30.

Stay tuned for the weekly Essential Research, which should be out later today.

UPDATE: Essential Research remains at 53-47, with both Coalition and Labor down a point on the primary vote, to 44% and 35% respectively, and the Greens up one to 9%. Monthly personal ratings find Tony Abbott’s disapproval on the upswing after a post-election improvement, up five points to 40%, while his approval is down one to 45% off his personal best result of a month ago. Bill Shorten’s debut ratings are 31% approval and 27% disapproval, and he trails Abbott as preferred prime minister 42-27. The poll also throws in personal ratings for Joe Hockey as Treasurer, in what looks like it might become a regular series, and it shows him viewed very favourably with 45% approval and 28% disapproval.

Further questions find 48% approving Labor’s position of dumping the carbon tax if it is replaced with an emissions trading scheme versus 26% disapproving; strongly favourable response to dumping fringe benefit tax on cars, weakly favourable response to dumping the mining tax, super tax increase and cap on education expenses, and strongly negative responses to dumping subsidies for low super contributions; and 25% opposition to live sheep and cattle exports, 16% unqualified support, and 52% support for the qualification that the receiving country should guarantee humane treatment.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. [Gillard’s installation was monumental stupidity from beginning to end.]

    Well TP, you are an natural authority on monumental stupidity after all. 🙂

    [It is telling that her supporters are unable to make anything of her without have slag Rudd.]

    From what i have seen you are factually wrong on that. Gillard as leader had many virtues and skills that were well applied. Perfect? No. But pretty damn good as Labor leaders go.

    Anyway TP. Rudd and Gillard both are now history. How about you find a new obsession and stop inflicting this one on people?

  2. Here lies Thomas Paine
    Never did his obsession wane
    Sadly it was his love for Kevin
    That kept poor Tom from reaching heaven
    So he remains here in tortured limbo
    And all because of a treacherous bimbo
    A woman of knives with stabbing blades
    A woman of evil and ambuscades
    Someone who, while hated by many
    Got things done like hardly any
    It’s all over now, the games been played
    She’s not here, some wish she stayed
    Now Rudd is gone, the King is dead
    And Thomas, still, is f#cked in the head.

    I apologise to any poets out there….

  3. Though I may not agree with the sentiments ,it says much for PB that it is possible to have political poems…rare indeed in Australia I think

    I sometimes look at “Menzies House” and what a barren piece of ground that is…with a humourless batch of far right wingers …despite my occasional attempts to enliven their debates with somewhat provocative offerings they remain bleak ….. but a poem.on there’s the rub

  4. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.
    Vale Ruddstoration. His speech was dignified. Tony Wright sums it up.
    And the international negotiating prowess of Abbott, Mesma and Morriscum continue to garner benefit.
    Some nice types direct from Liberal incubators.
    This is a big worry. Can you trust our new team of negotiators to stand up for this country?
    Barney Zwartz sums up the Victorian church sex abuse inquiry report. Pell does not come out it well.
    More details on this from Jane Lee.
    Nova Peris says she will expose unscrupulous people who bludge off the human misery of Aboriginals.
    Paul Sheehan gushes. Although he does give Mirabella a good serve.
    Is anybody surprised?

  5. And from the Land of the Free –
    Cartoons on the Repugs and health care.
    And Idiot Pat Robertson continues to show he is a nut case.
    Jon Stewart talks to Joe Scarborough about the Tea Party.
    And here Jon Stewart tears in to FoxNews and others.

  6. I didn’t know Hughes had accused Mahon of supporting a foreign state – but which state? This was a dubious argument.
    The Free State had not been established but when it was it was a dominion and therefore not a foreign entity. In any case Mahon, who had spent some months in Killmainham in 1881 for Irish Nationalist agitation was a supporter of the Provisional Republic rather than the Free State. He was effectively a supporter of treason through rebellion rather than through supporting a foreign state

  7. Only two words are needed to express the thoughts & feelings I experienced upon hearing of Kevin Rudd’s retirement…

    They are the final words on this issue I’ll be uttering in this place…

    ………..GOOD RIDDANCE!!………

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