Morgan face-to-face: 57.5-42.5 to Labor

News Radio reports the latest Morgan face-to-face poll, conducted last weekend, has Labor’s two-party lead leaping to 57.5-42.5. This series is traditionally favourable to Labor, but the lead recorded here is their highest since February. The Greens primary vote was 15.5 per cent, up 4.5 per cent, the highest ever recorded by Morgan (no other details available yet on the primary vote). Contrary to expectation, Morgan does not seem to have conducted a mid-week phone poll as it has been doing throughout the campaign so far.

UPDATE: Labor actually down a point on the primary vote from last week to 43 per cent, but the Coalition are down four to 37 per cent, making room for that Greens surge.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. The currently-unobtainable Liberal “contract” reminds me of Newt Gingrich’s 1994 “Contract with America” which was labeled by some as a “Contract on America”.

  2. Ron –

    Meacher hasn’t won before. I think that he needs to take instructions from the boss. Bob knows best.

    If he wants to stand as an independent, Meacher is welcome. Don’t ride on our curtails if you can’t toe the line.

    If a coalition member stands out to the greens as being more worthy of our preferences compared to the alternative ALP candidate, they will be preferenced.

    We didn’t invent the preference system, but as the underdogs, we reserve the right to legitimately influence the vote in favour of our policies.

    One cornerstone of green policy is NBN. Why preference against this? It had better be an extremely good reason. There are too many more crap liberal policies to mention. I believe the opposition dropped the filter after all the preference deals, so this is not a factor within this argument.

    If Meacher and others want to convince the greens of anything, they picked the wrong time.

    We welcome people with business acumen to our organisation. We will welcome them even more if they help us win.


    Addicted to employment –

    Don’t be so dismissive. There are heaps of jobs and businesses that are becoming redundant in the 21st century:

    – Junk mail
    – Utilities company marketing ie: doorknockers,brands?
    – Newspapers
    – Fox news
    – Family First, maybe some others?
    – Belly’s hurtin?
    – ALP and lib bloggers? Hehehe

    Thanks for your reply yesterday Gorgeousdunny! I am glad someone is willing to give some credit! πŸ™‚

    This idea would be a good thing for engineers to spend time on. Patent away Ladies and Gents. $80 for a provisional application. The basic idea for the dual use is free (unpatentable because of me publicising it here).

    My ignorers – proof will be in the pudding that we can cook in space with free energy!

    If you missed it, it was post 1327 yesterday.

    More feedback would be nice!

    Search qanda questions for “bob” – most were good comments for Bob. I had one question there. It’ll get answered eventually, it was a gimme for Bob I confess.

    Anyone scared?

  3. On the night of the 1987 “Joh for Canberra” election, Bill Hayden proposed making Joh a Life Member of the Labor Party for everything he had done to win the elction for Labor (split the Nationals, and Split the Coalition).

    Any nominations for a Coalition figure for a similar award if Labor win this election?

    I reckon Joel Scalzi deserves something – this smug Liberal who though he was doing such a good “job” on Gillard and Labor has single-handedly discredited the whole event.

    PS – retrospective award for 2007 to Greg Chijoff, Gary Clark and Jeff Egan for their “hilarious” (Jackie Kelly’s take on it) Lindsay Islamic pamphlet performance.

  4. I bet labor cannot believe its luck (and nor can I) that the Coalition would consider dropping the NBN. I even gained a bit of respect for Conroy and that takes some doing.

    Libs are stuffed, IMHO.

  5. [Any nominations for a Coalition figure for a similar award if Labor win this election?]

    Whoever gave that one vote in the spill that knifed Turnbull and installed Abbott as their leader.

  6. Libs are sinkin libs at the minute. Stealthy as the ALP. And as self defeating.

    Sorry to say it.

    Partys can be infiltrated, so party discussion must be more public.

    Turds who want to play games would be more quickly identified.

  7. [the fibs ardennes offensive begins]
    Yeah, any leftover turds will fly fanwards next week. Must call and see if any leaflets need dropping in Sturt!

  8. Jeff Egan was found not guilty. I actually think the 2007 award should go to Jackie Kelly for her response, which when I heard live on radio incensed me more than the incident!

    “When I first read it I had to laugh . . . pretty much everyone who has read (it) chuckles, in terms of the parody it does make of various things that have happened during the campaign. My view is that it’s a bit of Chaser-style prank. ” – The Hon. Jackie Kelly, MHR for Lindsay 1996-2007

  9. [Whoever gave that one vote in the spill that knifed Turnbull and installed Abbott as their leader.]

    Well 42 of them voted for Abbott – how about the one who wrote “no vote” who may have prevented a McMahon-Gorton style “tie” or the genius who told Fran Bailey she was too sick to go to Canberra to vote?

  10. Rocket Rocket at #1182

    Jackie Kelly’s defence for the Lindsay pamphlets fiasco, that it a ‘chaser style prank” was apparently arrived at after a round the table brainstorm of Lib heavies and was, apparently, the brainchild of ….Tony Abbott!.

  11. I just glanced at the Australian’s online front page and saw the headline to Shanahan’s latest contribution. Some reference to Labor’s NSW railway proposal being a con.

    The old Murdoch whore thinks that’s a con, but obviously Robb’s refusal to put his party’s costings up for scrutiny, and Abbott’s dopey broadband proposals are not. Neither, apparently are any other of the Liberal’s phoney policies; but a proposal to connect two of NSW’S biggest enterprise hubs by direct rail link is.

    Last election many of us here were infuriated by his rants, and devoted pages of this blog in denouncing and criticising him.

    But this time he is barely noticed. The old tart has long passed the stage where even masochists are distracted by his antics. No amount of lifting his skirts, flashing his buttocks or groping his own privates elicits any attention any more.

    Like the old crone that he is, he can’t even give it away.

    Sad old bitch.

  12. Was listening to 2gb for a few hrs this morning and the Morgan poll didn’t rate a mention except in the news bulletin. Jim ball and Andrew Moore both sounded pretty flat and just wanted to whinge about Mark Latham and CC.

    So not a good friday the 13th for MR Rabbot and the ALP hasn’t launched it’s campaign yet. πŸ˜‰


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