Essential Research: 54-46

In lieu of anything from Newspoll or Nielsen, this week’s very interesting Essential Research survey gets its own thread. It finds Labor at what might be an all-time low for this agency, which opened for business after the 2007 election and has traditionally provided Labor with friendly results. Labor nonetheless retains a commanding 54-46 lead, down from 55-45 last week. Kevin Rudd also has his weakest personal ratings to date, his approval down three to 52 per cent and disapproval up four to 37 per cent. Tony Abbott by contrast is up a hearty eight points to 45 per cent on approval, but down only one on disapproval to 36 per cent. The likely headline-grabber of the survey is a question on the performance of Peter Garrett who gets a resounding thumbs-down with 28 per cent approval and 56 per cent disapproval. Better news for Labor on an insightful question as to whether respondents expect a Tony Abbott government would reintroduce parts of WorkChoices: 57 per cent say likely and 23 per cent say unlikely, with large majorities across supporters of all parties.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Socrates @ # 2923

    I think the banking industry, and those in it who asess credit risk, are a classic proof of the truth of the Dunning Kruger effect:

    Possibly applies to some other people we can think of too.

    But where are you suggesting that they fit? Are they unskilled or highly skilled and how does one assess it? 😀 😀

    I was tempted to ask if you final sentence was aimed at me but then I may not like the answer. 🙁

  2. [Does this mean the Rabble can no longer ask Nude Nut questions in parliament over batts – given it is no longer in his portfolio?]
    Hence the move.

  3. GB #2935 “Did you complain when they were doing it?”

    I didn’t complain, if it helped him win I tolerated it…But I certainly cringed. Everytime I heard Howard say ” shoulder to shoulder with the US” I cringed.

    A few thousand troops never warranted the “shoulder to shoulder” claim, and the longer he relied on it, the worse it got for Howard.

  4. Ratsars

    If you are aware of the possibility you aren’t likely to be in the target group. We can both think of other candidates where this proposition might be painfully true 🙂

  5. Ratsars #2920

    BH @ # 2893

    The thing I disagree with is the enticement by Harvey to ‘buy now … no interest for yonks’ to people who don’t really understand what the implications are eventually. Plus the hypocritical stance of Gerry Harvey – I’ve NEVER bought anything on hire purchase. I paid cash for everything.

    I think that the “buy now … no interest for yonks” is great I avail myself of those offers if there is an advantage to me and usually there is.

    Harvey Norman is a very expensive place to shop, esp for a cash buyer.

    We retained “retired member” Union status, meaning we can still use Union Shopper. Only very occasionally does it not beat the lowest “Best offer for cash” we’ve been able to find. Even with transport, it’s usually 10% to 20% below the rock-bottom cash price we’ve found on the same brand of the same product – although, as goods usually come from manufacturers (esp bedding & furniture) & warehouses, we often get a new model than stores have. If you hold membership of an ACTU affiliate & can pay cash, always try them first.

    It only takes a couple of seconds on a cheap calculator to work it out.

  6. [I agree. We need more. All those jobs Labor is creating has produced a manpower shortage. We need these law abiding Asylum Seekers. All they wan’t to do is work hard and create a better life for them and their families.]

    Is that why most of them are on welfare?

  7. [I didn’t complain, if it helped him win I tolerated it…But I certainly cringed. Everytime I heard Howard say ” shoulder to shoulder with the US” I cringed.]
    An honest answer. You have my respect.

  8. Here is some Greg Combet trivia

    Greg is a keen student of Australian labour history, a long time fancier of Gouldian finches and has a natural interest in the méthode Champenoise as it is applied to the production of sparkling Shiraz.

  9. [Hey Labor voted for the Pacific Solution, so why did they cry about it so much?]

    So what’s your point? That Labor was hypocritical? If that’s the case what does that make today’s Liberal party? At least Labor has moved on whereas the Liberals are still sliding around in the gutter.

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