Newspoll: 55-45

The latest Newspoll survey has Labor’s two-party lead down from 56-44 to 55-45, with Malcolm Turnbull enjoying a dead cat bounce on his personal ratings after the disaster of a fortnight ago. Turnbull’s approval rating is up six points to 31 per cent, while his disapproval is down three to 55 per cent. However, Turnbull continues to rate behind Peter Costello (36 per cent) and Joe Hockey (20 per cent) on the question of best person to lead the Liberal Party, with 16 per cent. What’s more, Essential Research finds 46 per cent believe the Liberals should find a new leader against only 29 per cent who want Turnbull remain. Essential Research otherwise shows a modest improvement for the Coalition, with Labor’s two-party lead down from 59-41 to 57-43. Also featured are questions on the “most important action” of the Rudd government so far (action on the global financial crisis leads a crowded field), opinions on the government’s income tax cuts (positive) and a somewhat obscure question on education policy.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. OzPol Tragic

    I think most of the discussions we have reach road blocks due to cognitive dissonance rather than the difficulties of paradigm shift, although there is some overlap.

  2. Diogenes @ 746

    I heard on Triple J today that you have had EIGHT politicians jailed in the last 20 years, and tomorrow Nuttall will also get a sorely needed trip to the Big House for a few years. That doesn’t include Joh, Russ Hinze or Terry Lewis.

    What the hell is going on up there ❓

    Cleaning the Augean stables, and determined to keep ’em clean (the CMC’s job).

    4 National, 4 ALP, for various causes + Pauline Hanson (quashed on appeal). Terry Lewis was jailed. (10 1/2 years)

    Can’t see the list becoming much longer, unless some future government cans it (& it would probably be the last thing it did for decades). At least we pull our crooks into line (& in jail)

    Only Fed pollies get away with anything in QLD, or the list would have included a few AWB & Nursing Homes scalps. About time it spread to the Fed government.

  3. 479

    That ACC=SALC idea is up there in silliness with So`s idea that the Lord Mayor should have a seat in the PoV (Parliament of Victoria). An Adelaide Metropolitan Council (covering the whole of Adelaide) would not be such a bad idea though.

  4. 740

    I was (in my last post on the subject) saying that it may not be assured that there is going to be a referendum because the SALC may reject the bill. Could the SA posters please give more information of the likelihood of the non-ALP MLCs voting for or against such a bill?

  5. In 20 years, Qld has probably had about 200 politicians (I’m happy to be corrected on that). That makes 5% of Qld pollies being JAILED in 20 years, not just convicted.

    If 5% of bus drivers, nurses or school teachers were jailed at that rate, there would be some serious questions asked about the kind of people who went into that profession.

  6. [ That ACC=SALC idea is up there in silliness


    Cos it would make it harder for his beloved Greens to get a seat 🙂

  7. 755

    Voters Mount Gambier and remote farms and Aboriginal communities voting for the ACC when the voters of Adelaide don`t vote for the local governments of those voters.

  8. [Cos it would make it harder for his beloved Greens to get a seat]
    If the Government’s proposed reforms went through it would make it easier. But, they would face election every 4 years instead of every 8.

    I think you could save a fortune if the SA Legislative Council was also the Adelaide City Council.

  9. [Voters Mount Gambier and remote farms and Aboriginal communities voting for the ACC when the voters of Adelaide don`t vote for the local governments of those voters.]
    But Adelaide is different, it is a capital city that many people who don’t live in the city attend ~250 days a year when they go to work.

    All South Australians should have a say in how Adelaide is governed, an easy way to do that would be to make the Legislative Council also the Adelaide City Council.

    That means at every state election every voter would know that their legislative council vote would also directly impact on the composition of the Adelaide City Council, it would make that vote even more valuable.

  10. Oh, the other issue is that many people who own lots of property in Adelaide are allowed to vote in council elections, even if they don’t live in Adelaide or even Australia.

    It doesn’t make sense to me that someone living in a different country is allowed to vote in an Adelaide City Council election, but not someone who lives in an outer suburb of the Adelaide metro area.

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