Morgan: 61-39

Labor has enjoyed an unlikely sounding spike in the latest Morgan poll, to 61-39 from 57-43 a fortnight ago, for which the most likely explanation is that the previous one was a rogue. Its primary vote is up 4.5 per cent to 53 per cent while the Coalition is down 5.5 per cent to 33.5 per cent. The Greens are up two points to 8 per cent. Furthermore:

• The Victorian Nationals have endorsed Bridget McKenzie, a university lecturer and former school teacher from Leongatha, for the safe number two position on the Coalition Senate ticket at the next election. McKenzie fills the position held at the 2004 election by Julian McGauran, who subsequently defected to the Liberals and will now be the number three candidate on the Coalition ticket, with Michael Ronaldson at number one.

Andrew Landeryou at VexNews reports that industrial relations lawyer John Pesutto has emerged as another challenger to Josh Frydenberg’s bid to succeed Petro Georgiou as Liberal member for Kooyong.

Imre Salusinszky of The Australian notes that beef stroganoff enthusiast John Murphy would almost certainly lose his seat of Lowe in the event that an early election required a “mini-redistribution” to reduce New South Wales to its required number of seats.

• The Australian Parliamentary Library has published a paper mapping poverty rates by federal electorate.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. [The source is adamant that going alone has been considered: “The Government could build out the project over five years and then have an asset it would sell into the market space. Labor people would love it. ‘We’re going back into telcos,’ they’d say. Voters wouldn’t mind, either. Telstra’s not exactly the flavour of the month out there.”]

    And won’t that piss off the Libs and may split the Nats as well 🙂

  2. Frank,

    That biog of Jennings does him no justice. I can remember him as the straight man on World Championship Wrestling on Channel Nine back in the late Sixties. He teamed up with the legendary Jack Little as the prebubescent punching bag for such Sporting icons as “Killer” Kowalski and “Spud” Murphy.

    Sundays would be a Football Show with Tony Charlton, followed by the wrestling, followed by the sainted Bob Santamaria and his Point of View and then a dubbed Movie about Hercules. Ah, what a life.

    I always thought that he’d been eaten one week when I didn’t watch.

    I’m pleased he managed to carve out another career.

  3. Gus,

    Could have thrown in Larry O’Day, Spiros Arion and Mario Millano. They were all icons.

    Mark Lewin and the “Sleeper Hold”.

  4. Good old wallaby bob was the ref and suffered many a wrestler diobeying him

    the height of my prepubescence was going to the PCYC in Canberra to watch Mario Milano vs the iron sheik?

    I personally thought wallaby bob was about 200 yrs old

  5. Kevin bloody shooting star!

    [KEVIN Rudd’s popularity continues to soar in the latest Newspoll.

    The latest poll taken as the G20 summit wound up in London shows Mr Rudd is now preferred as prime minister by 67 per cent of voters compared with just 18 per cent for Malcolm Turnbull.

    The Prime Minister’s rating is up by two points compared with the previous Newspoll last month while Mr Turnbull’s rating as preferred PM slipped by two points from 20 to 18.]

  6. I suspect the Eritrea Daily might not be produced or published in Eritrea as such as it is. But it’s views are quite clear.

    [Eritrea Daily:
    24 March 2009 (Eritrea Daily)– Eritrea tyrant Isias Afawarki made no secret about it that ICC’s move to indict Sudan tyrant, Marshal Omar Hassan Al-Beshir, was a bad omen for him. Afawarki was vocal about his opposition to ICC’s action already upon hearing the news for good reasons that no one else but Afawarki himself articulated clearly the day before ICC damning verdict against Al Beshir (4 March 2009):

    As the national and international media reported, yesterday Asmara became the first city to host the first ever Festival of International Tyrants Solidarity Day! ]

  7. [“Wallaby” Bob McMaster got his ring name because he played Rugby Union for Australia in the Wallabies..
    ~~~He was a referee for most of the World Championship Wrestling (Australia promotion) era..
    Bob McMaster owned a popular hotel at Mudgereba on Queensland’s Gold Coast for about twenty years..
    August 1, 2003: Wallaby Bob McMaster passed away at the age of 82.. ]

    So he was both

    I only remember him as the ref.

  8. TP,

    In politics you know you are in for a bad day when the International Cricket Council takes a set against you.

  9. Nice work Fins.

    [The latest Newspoll also shows Labor increasing its lead over the Coalition in two-party-preferred terms with the Government now leading by a massive 16 points, close to its post-2007 election record high.

    Newspoll shows support for Labor in two-party-preferred terms has jumped two points from 56 to 58 per cent while support for the Coalition has dropped from 44 to 42 per cent.]

  10. So anything we gained from dumping Nelson last September has gone worse than before.

    I guess we should have stayed with Nelson.

  11. “Mr 18 per cent. Why does this man bother?”
    If Malcolm visited a few strip clubs, had some dealings with Brian Burke, occasionally talked about political shitfights and upheld the service levels on airlines, he too might be Mr Popular one day, a man of the people.

  12. [I guess we should have stayed with Nelson.]

    OF COURSE you should have. Why waste Turnbull with the dead years of 08-09? He should have come in in 2010, and then even if he lost he could claim not enough time to work with the voters blah blah. Now if he loses in 2010 he’ll have nothing to fall back on as an excuse.

    But then it was his own fault for being in a rush.

  13. The Matrix, for bugs.

    [Bug eats electricity, farts biogas ]

    [An intriguing new idea involves “feeding” surplus power to the microorganisms instead, which combine it with carbon dioxide to create methane. That could then be stored and burned when needed. The method is sustainable too, as the carbon is taken from the atmosphere, not released from long-term storage in oil or coal.]

  14. The Key number not released (yet) is the difference between those who think he is doing a good job and not.

    If it’s in negative territory, it’s obituary time.

  15. Anyhoo night all – enjoy picking over the scabs of newspoll. See you all tomorrow on the new thread.

    My final thought – will Turnbull’s net satisfaction be negative?

    I’m going with yes – minus 1%.

  16. I don’t think the answer is for them to change leader. No point in doing that if you don’t know what your platform is, what you stand for and what policies you want.

    We all have an idea what they should do, why don’t they?

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