Westpoll: 56-44 to Liberal in WA

The West Australian today brings us its monthly Westpoll survey of state voting intention from a sample of 400 voters. It finds the Liberals’ two-party lead narrowing slightly to 56-44 from 57-43 last month. Primary votes are Liberal 49.25 per cent, Labor 34.75 per cent, Greens 10 per cent and Nationals 4 per cent. Opposition Leader Eric Ripper is up two points to 19 per cent as preferred premier, while Colin Barnett is steady on 57 per cent.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. I would love to see a breakdown of Regional/Metro polling to see whether Royalties For Regions has effected the Lib’s result ?

  2. William, off topic here: the forum bunyips won’t let me into the ‘Essential Research’ thread… it keeps throwing me across to Trevor Cook’s blog instead. 😉

  3. [It’s a Trevor Cook conspiracy.]

    I get rredirected to either Andrew Murray’s blog, or the Crikey Blogs front page when I refresh a page.

  4. Seems to be lasting an afternoon a time for me (happens every other day at my end). Essential Research still -> Trevor Cook, and weirdly, the Victorian thread I posted in before is now -> First Dog. Interweb gremlins, please stop depriving me of quality procrastination, I’ve got lots of work to avoid. 😛

  5. Frank @ #1, which stadium? Since I’m not there yet (late January), I’m not aware of the on the ground facts the way you would be. Thanks 🙂

  6. Well the ALP proposed a new 60,000 capacity stadium but they Barnett Govt have decided to just upgrade Subiaco Oval instead which is much more cost effective.

    I think the Libs could be in power in WA for a long time to come.

  7. Glen, if that is the stadium issue Frank was alluding to, thanks :). I don’t frankly care what they do with the stadium as long as the Eagles continue to lose. I’m going to be an honorary Dockers fan while we live out there 😉 …..

  8. [Glen, if that is the stadium issue Frank was alluding to, thanks :). I don’t frankly care what they do with the stadium as long as the Eagles continue to lose. I’m going to be an honorary Dockers fan while we live out there 😉 …..]

    The Stadium would be home to both the Eagles & The Dockers, plus the Rugby. The WA Football Committee are not happy with Barnett’s move, along with the AFL, who have already told Barnett as much. This is not a good move politically, especially as the money would be diverted to Royalties for Regions, and thus cause a rift betwen City & Country.

  9. [I think the Libs could be in power in WA for a long time to come.]

    Not if Brendon Grylls stuffs it up with his demands for the bush, and remember Shelley Archer still has the Balance of Power in the Upper House till May next year. 🙂

  10. Here’s some WA news which hasn’t hit the papers yet, but hopefully will soon…

    The Amplifier Bar on Murray St, which some of you may know of as a pretty good place to see bands and hang around drinking and dancing until the small hours, has just installed a pile of new technology to track people entering the club. Now you have to get fingerprinted, have your drivers licence scanned and your photo taken, before you get in the door – done by the door staff, but apparently overseen by police last Saturday night. Sorta like what they’ve had going at Metros nightclub in Freo for a couple of years, but quite a bit more hardcore. And for what used to be such a good place, too… it’s gone downhill lately. I’m quite annoyed, I don’t believe in having to provide that amount of information (equivalent to what you have to give the police when you get arrested) just to watch some bands and have a few beers.

    More discussion here, if you’re interested.

  11. As for the stadium… I don’t care that much. I cheer for the Dockers, but also for the Sharks, Swans and Bulldogs, and I prefer WAFL games. Subi oval with 40,000 screaming fans isn’t my idea of an afternoon out, even if they are wearing my colours. And this will be one of the biggest irritants to the Nats, along with daylight saving – it’ll be interesting to see what happens with that. An extra few km of suburban train line (for example – I’m thinking Butler extension) will probably be a bit easier to sell in the country than a football stadium.

  12. Re The Amplifier Bar, I wonder if it’s to better control banned patrons, and/or Bikie gang behaviour , and to prevent underage people using fake id to try and get in, considering the last reason could result in the club losing it’s licence.

  13. Glen @ 9

    I wouldn’t get too excited about the Liberals future prospects in WA just yet. Parliament only went back this week so the new Liberals Nationals government hasn’t been tested at all as yet. They will have to start actually doing things soon and many of the things they are going to have to do if they maintain their current anti-deficit stance as well as deliver on royalties for regions will not be popular. They have a very long and very hard road ahead.

  14. I wouldn’t get too excied about any reported movement in this poll, the 1% would be well within margin of error and it is too early in the electoral cycle to be talking about what caused the ‘change’.

    With tough times coming up over the next few years due to world financial developments, I would bet that the new WA gov’t would be the least likely government in Australia to be worried about being turfed out.

    The rest probably have cause to worry, regardless of how hopless the opposition may be.

    I suspect that most people in NSW have already made up their minds, even this far out, and that the recent byelections are a fair indication of the change to come.

    I think it possible that here in QLD, despite the QLD LNP mob being as useless as ever, they may win next time, because the voters, generally, will be more concerned about who they want to throw out, rather than who they want to elect.

    One development reported this week is the the independent Maryborough MLA has decided to run again next time as an independent, having (reportedly) rejected offers to join the LNP.

  15. Bugger the Stadium fix up MES that was a promise by Labour,as for the AFL, Eagles, Dockers,if there all so keen get a bank loan.
    PS it will never be a muli purpose Stadium because the WAFC the AFL will never let it happen,if your happy to hand 2 billion bucks to the AFL well I,m not

  16. Interesting stuff from ABC News Perth:

    (1) The WA govt may be buying back Alinta Gas, due to the misadventures of Babcock and Brown, who own it these days. Kinda funny, considering Colin Barnett was the minister who sold it in the first place back in the 90’s.

    (2) Just when y’thought you’d heard enough about Brian Burke… Norman Moore (minister for mines) is in trouble due to tabling something in parliament for Noel Crichton Brown, something to do with Liljanna Ravlich (modulo spelling corrections). Eric Ripper predictably rather cross. Well, well.

    Also, an article:


    Among other adventures, John Bowler voted with Labor for the election of the deputy speaker, so the vote on that went 29-29 and Grant Woodhams (Nats, new speaker) had to do the honours with the casting vote (who was it, anyone? article doesn’t say). Libs are gonna be sweating if he does that too much.

  17. Ahh, good old Mike Nahan wants to abolish the Upper House – no doubt upsetting his Liberal Masters 🙂

    [A Liberal backbencher has suggested that Western Australia’s Upper House either be abolished or radically changed.

    In his maiden speech to Parliament, the Member for Riverton, Mike Nahan, has questioned the need for the Legislative Council.

    He also spoken in favour of doing away with compulsory voting, saying it encourages political parties to take voters for granted.

    Mr Nahan says debate should be encouraged on the future of the Legislative Council.

    “Should the Legislative Council be retained?” he said.

    “And if so, should it be converted into a House of Review with part time members appointed for their expertise, rather than their affiliation such as the House of Lords?”]


  18. No 20

    1. Giving the Government unfettered legislative power is undesirable, unless mandated by the people in a popular vote (i.e. Government majority in both houses).

    2. Governments should have true popular mandates and that means all people should vote.

  19. BoP @19
    Deputy Speaker is Michael Sutherland, the Part-time Member for Mt Lawley who is so untroubled by his new burden of electoral commitments he has opted to remain an active Deputy Mayor for Perth.

    Glen @9
    The worrying thing with stadium is not so much what should be built, but the ease with which Barnett throws an expensive, independent, 2-yr review out the window because he thinks he knows something they don’t. Seems to be becoming a habit.

  20. [Deputy Speaker is Michael Sutherland, the Part-time Member for Mt Lawley who is so untroubled by his new burden of electoral commitments he has opted to remain an active Deputy Mayor for Perth.]

    Another Part Time pollie is the Member for Swan Hills who will combine his duties as a City of Swan Councillor, along with his Parliment duties until the next lot of local council elections until next year, I think the member for Wanneroo, Albert “Boyband” Jacobs and Sutherland are also citing the same reason – to prevent a council By-Election.

  21. Frank
    I realise Sutherland is not the only one juggling two jobs (or should I say, pocketing two salaries) – but he may be the only one who has already had to be ‘reminded’ of a few of his election promises by
    the local paper.

  22. Frank has a certain Mr Beaumont mentioned a certain well known lobbyist who seems to have the ear of an upper house Liberal called Moore,or is it only Brian Burke who upset the liberal lover on 6PR these days.

  23. [Well, well. Looks like we mine uranium now. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the Greens vote due to this… when’s the next poll-type thing in WA?]

    And 2 Ministers (well 1 Minister and a spouse of the other) will benefit quite well financially by the descision.

  24. [The mines minister and the environment minister’s husband. Oh dear…]

    And add Barnett’s Daughter in Law working for Woodside, and is the Boss of Mr Faragher, what a tangled web. Can you imagine the outcry if it was a labor politician involved ?

    [Premier Colin Barnett was facing fresh conflict of interest claims in his State Development portfolio last night after it was revealed that his daughter-in-law Sasha Pendal works as a senior executive with gas giant Woodside.

    Mr Barnett has insisted that Environment Minister Donna Faragher refer issues concerning Woodside to Planning Minister John Day because her husband Scott Faragher works for Woodside in government relations.

    Ms Pendal, who is married to Mr Barnett’s son Russell, is Mr Faragher’s boss in her position as Director of Government Relations and Sustainability on Woodside’s Sunrise LNG project in the Timor Sea.

    Although Mr Faragher transferred to the Sunrise project when his wife became Environment Minister in order to avoid any conflict of interest concerns, Mr Barnett told The West Australian this week that, on the advice of the Crown Solicitor, he had put in place a procedure for the Planning Minister to deal with any issues related to Woodside and the environment in Mrs Faragher’s place.

    A Woodside spokesman said yesterday that Ms Pendal, the daughter of late Liberal and Independent South Perth MP Phil Pendal, dealt with the Australian, East Timorese and Northern Territory governments in her position but not the WA Government, although she is based at the company’s Perth headquarters.]


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