Liberal leadership: round two

Brendan Nelson has thrown the Liberal leadership open to a party room vote tomorrow morning. A source quoted by the ABC calls the move a “suicide mission” and “predicts Malcolm Turnbull has the numbers to take the leadership”. Nelson defeated Turnbull in the first round five days after the November 24 election by 45 votes to 42.

Author: William Bowe

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  1. Ruawake, Julia is speaking tomorrow (prescheduled), topic of “Forward with Fairness”. ACT leaders debate with all 4 present (leaders and deputies) on Thursday. This week will be a good one at the NPC. As I understand it, Sky is carrying the NPC show today by Cossie live; imagine that they will carry Wednesday and Thursday speakers live too 😉

  2. 495 What happened to the new Good Manners Pollbludger?

    There’s some very twitchy and nervous tories around here today. I think they thought this was going to be a decisive vote and almost half of the Liberal Party have rejected Turnbull already.

  3. [How predictable and cowardly by Rudd.
    Rudd needs to focus on his ETS rather than a Republic!]
    Glen, just those comments by you show how much of a masterstroke it was.

  4. I’m sure the Liberals will love fighting for the Republic once the new Leader explains it in terms they can understand. We don’t want this crippling disunity and disloyalty to the leader to drag on longer than necessary now do we?

  5. In all fairness Adam most of us here are dispalying very good manners IMHO. There are just one or two slow learners but they have improved over time.

  6. What happened to the new Good Manners Pollbludger?

    After a retrospective review, I’ve deleted one comment by Bushfire Bill and two by Generic Person. The next comment of GP’s that gets deleted will be his last at this site.

  7. Wonder if Labor will start a reform school for monarchists would are finding it difficult to accept the concept of the Republic of Australia that the Liberals effectively voted for this morning.

  8. I might be wrong on this but if my memory serves me well, the OO was very pro-Republic during the referendum, as were the media in general. That’s going to make it harder for Turnbull to squirm out from the wedge. Any chance he’ll support it?

  9. Turnbull needs to explain his position on the Republic in terms of where it should sit on the country’s list of priorities right at the moment, and ask Rudd why he’s focusing on something which will effectively do nothing to better the position of anyone except the President and the Vice President when the entire world’s going into economic meltdown. Labor already has a monopoly on the symbolism, the Libs need to pull back ground on pragmatic policy.
    512: It’d be a re-education revolution.

  10. “It’d be a re-education revolution.”

    Justin, it will have to be if people claiming to be Liberals and monarchists have got the hide to use the symbol of one of the great republican party logos while arguing against a republic.

  11. Shanahan asks a question at Cozzie’s press conference…

    “Why didn’t you issue a challenge to Howard? Hawke challenged Hayden, Keating-Hawke, Howard-Downer, Beazley Crean, Rudd Beazley, Turnbull-Nelson… Do you regret not challenging Howard and thereby giving up forever having the chance to be PM?”

    “Cozzie (after quibbling about who challanged who)… Howard losing his seat was a disappointment.”

    That’s it… evaded the question.

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