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By popular demand, here’s a thread for discussion of the New South Wales council elections. Can’t tell you much about them myself, except that they’re on tomorrow. Antony Green has an index of candidates and the ABC will be publishing results, no doubt in more digestible form than the New South Wales Electoral Commission.

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  1. 2 Greens got elected to Hornsby Council, including one in my ward!
    At least 1 Labor candidate also won a seat!
    Liberals posing as Independents still have a majority, but not a bad performace from the left/progressive forces in Hornsby.

  2. 2 GRN elected in Orange which is a tribute to the continuing councillor Jeremy Buckingham whose sterling efforts to make a difference in a highly conservative rural area have been rewarded.

  3. Albertross: I live in Ward C!
    Yes, having the same name as the late, great former lead singer of INXS would have been a help to Mr Hutchence.
    I’m pleased we got Andrew Martin from the Greens elected in my ward!

  4. GRNs now have a total of 71 elected representatives on 41 LGAs in NSW.

    GRN councillors are on the following councils for the first time: Armidale Dumaresq, Ballina, Burwood, Canterbury, Hurstville, Lake Macquarie (2), Lane Cove (2), North Sydney, Tweed, Wagga, Warringah (2) and Willoughby.

    Other notable results include Leichhardt where the Greens control the Council in their own right and Byron where Jan Barham was elected as mayor with 50% of the vote with 3 GRNs on council to support her.

    GRNs increased their representation in Blue Mountains, Cessnock, Coffs Harbour, Gosford, Hornsby, Orange, Sydney and Woolahra.

    The black spots for GRNs were Newcastle City (where GRNs went from 4 to 1 seats), Maitland and Ryde were their councillors stood for relection but lost.

    GRNs did not contest Palerang and Pittwater where they previously had representation.


  5. albertross,

    thanks documenting this historical occasion.

    For years The Greens have been banging on the door of the 2PP Club,

    Now they are in the Bar having a nice drink.


  6. Fagin: two Greens and one Labor candidate got elected to Hornsby Council – good result for the progressives in a blue ribbon Liberal area!

  7. Good work Hornsby.

    As you know, I’m deep in rum drinkin’, ‘roo shootin’, ute rootin’, Army-RAAF recruit country.

    An openly gay Green on Wagga Council is pretty special.

    The ALP sure got a kick in the nuts across NSW.

    The ALP lost me (and my wife) for good long before Gillard started doing Margaret Thatcher impersonations.

  8. @364

    They may have but Blacktown is Labor heartland. I could put my dog up as a Labor candidate and it would get 50-60% of the primary vote. Also, in some booths (well Ward 5 anyway) there were only Labor people there. At Dharruk, where I helped the Greens for a few hours there were no Libs or anyone from any other party besides Labor. A few other booths had no Libs and the Greens ran out of HTVs in a few booths.

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