Newspoll: 56-44

This fortnight’s Newspoll shows Labor’s two-party lead unchanged on 56-44. Kevin Rudd’s approval rating is down three points to 62 per cent, while Brendan Nelson’s is up two to 16 per cent.

The weekly Essential Research survey has Labor retaining its 59-41 lead. Peter Costello is rated best person to lead the Liberals by 26 per cent against 13 per cent for Malcolm Turnbull, 8 per cent for Julie Bishop and 7 per cent for Brendan Nelson. However, Kevin Rudd is preferred to Peter Costello head-to-head 53 per cent to 27 per cent.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Nelson’s timing, as usual, is hopeless. His pension private bill next week will sink without a trace. Being swept away by Cossie book tsunami.

  2. Costello- it was all a media beat up, he never wanted the leadership and said so in November. This never changed. And for the Sydney Morning Herald to beat up just so we can buy the paper shows what the media is about.
    Turnbull will be the next leader this time next year, and the conservatives will love him.

  3. Why is Tony “people skill” Abbott popping up everywhere. Is he positioning himself for Leadership as Bully is universally disliked in the Libs.

  4. don’t worry Abbott has not got th numbers , he’s just a front man Thanks ESJ that abolishing 100% however is easier said than done not just politicaly but administratively for any party

  5. Centre

    The universe can self-create based on some theories, but not others. Dunno which one is right. LHC might tell us, esp the Higgs boson.


    It’s pretty complicated. According to the Copenhagen theory, everything only exists as probability waves until it is measured.


    We’re coming back from that little blip in the polls. Obama was ahead nationally again today. That “put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig” is gold. The MSM and McCain keep ranting about it but it leaves a powerful image. Bush and Cheney are pigs, McCain and Palin are pigs with lipstick.

  6. [That “put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig” is gold. The MSM and McCain keep ranting about it but it leaves a powerful image.]

    I agree. Their bleating has been quite funny to see.

  7. [No ShowsOn you seem to be one of these people who like argument for the sake of it.]

    Um, no. You were the one who implied that human dignity should be measured in dollars. I thought used sarcasm to illustrate why this proposition is ludicrous.

    Of course, I realised long ago that it’s too much for me to expect you to back up your arguments with logical reasoning or evidence. You’re the make a wild statement and run style of debater.

  8. Dario- the media gave Howard ten years of an easy time. The media these days are pathetic, only O’Brien and Oakes ask hard questions and seem to research their information the rest i would not waste my time with their celebrity lame research and weak questions.
    They focus on the trivia and not the hard stuff, much like many people on this site do at times.

  9. If Mcain wins the election, the world will have a prolonged depression and not just a recession. Americans vote for the republicans again they get what they deserve. I think eventually though she will stumble, off the cuff instead of written speeches i think we will see a someone who really is very ignorant of the world and society and general.

  10. Diogenes “That “put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig” is gold.”

    thats because you ar a male , wait till th sexism charges come and see if oiliness has courage to keep saying it …like everything oiliness does when faced with pressure oiliness will back off

  11. Dario 872
    Oilbama is losing it, trying to talk Miss Sarah’s talk and failing badly lol
    Well imitation is the highest form of flattery I guess.
    better watch out or he’ll be out mooooose huntin’ next!

  12. [you cann’t handle facts Dario]

    lol, I haven’t actually seen you present any

    [your guy is a phoney]

    He’s not my guy… I just don’t want flip-flopping grandpa & the mad gun toter to win

  13. [No Dr ShowsON your wrestling with your own straw man.]

    My wrestling, with my straw man? I own wrestling?

    More ring and run rubbish.

    Come on, reply to this post by explaining to me why human dignity should be measured in dollars.

  14. Well thats extraordinary , you’ve religously defended him at every call

    “I haven’t actually seen you present any” You just hav not bothered to read th Rezko link , when you’re finished with that I can go into Abortion , th bomb man , illegal wiretaps , threatened to nuke pakistan AND Iraq pre emptively etc hav got plenty but all eyes ar closed to any info I’ve said neither ar any good & I hav info on both

  15. Hello Vera & Gus

    I’ve just replayed LL , and it does not show that SMH flash news bit of Costello to resign , did they say he WOULD resign & if so approx when , or that it was there speculation

  16. [Well thats extraordinary , you’ve religously defended him at every call ]

    You’ll be shocked to find that I was backing Hillary in the primaries (not that I was tuned in all that much), but now that Obama’s the pick I’d rather him than grandpa

    [You just hav not bothered to read th Rezko link]

    I’ve read a few things on the Rezko stuff but nothing that seems all that convincing against Obama. The only bit that was close to dodgy might have been the land he bought off him, but it was at the going price so I’m not sure how you can pin it on him other than his mate has been indicted, not him.

  17. I’ll supply th link tomorrow ..WITHOUT any comment from me , and you form your own value judgement

    Look if th opponent was a “Bush” , I’d suport ANY Democrat against him Problem is McCain is th least Republican Republican in US history & over 20 years has negotiated with Democrats in th house to put through legisaltion Maverick’s got weakness , so has oiliness in actual NON “left” policys apart from associations, so i see them as a devils choice & so abstain , others choose reluctantly to go with th remaining Democrat

    Had candidate been any of my first 3 choices (in order) all of whom reely DO hav “left” policys :Gore then Hillary then Edwards , i’d hav been delighted as reel left policys were on way

    But both Partys in USA ar different to ‘oz’ , where we hav two very clear choices , left (Labor) and right (Liberal) In US th 2 Partys ar both “right” with Democrats th moderate right Party (and within that Democrat right Party ar 2 left wings , one bullshit polital correctness & no practicle policys and one holding alot of but not all traditional Labor views with Gore & Hillary part of that …Obama is not , he’s a Liberal version of Ian Mcphee ie wet Liberal not consevative Liberal but with some sugar coating

  18. Oh come on Ron, grandpa’s no maverick. He’s a flip-flopper who changes his spots depending on which way the wind blows. God only knows what he’d be like in the Whitehouse.

  19. Tomorrow I’ll list 15 MAJOR policy areas , none of them would be supported by th Labor Party , so lets keep to actual facts Yes McCain is a flip flopper , so is oiliness can give exampes of him too Do not ask our farmers or exporters who they’d refer as you’ll be disapointed

  20. [Do not ask our farmers or exporters who they’d refer as you’ll be disapointed]

    I doubt anyone could predict what grandpa would do, so it’s a moot point really

  21. wow, that didn’t last long.

    New NSW Police Minister Matt Brown sacked

    [NSW Police Minister Matt Brown was sacked three days into the job last night after admitting a wild party in parliament house where he danced semi-naked and simulated a sex act on a female MP.

    Premier Nathan Rees gave Mr Brown no option but to offer his resignation, just hours after the Labor leader learnt of the allegations and of the Kiama MP’s admission to at least part of them.],22049,24327251-5001021,00.html

  22. You avoided th point We KNOW for a fact Obama’s protectionism WILL hurt our farmers & exporters and you condone that…unlike you our farmers & exporters won’t

    And would ‘oz’ elect a person with oilness’s community centre experience as our PM , no , then get reel , no one has any idea what he’ll in White House if faced with a crisis

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