ACNielsen: 55-45

The Fairfax broadsheets today bring the latest ACNielsen poll of federal voting intention, showing Labor’s lead up to 55-45 compared with 54-46 last month. Labor’s primary vote is steady on 43 per cent with the Coalition down one point to 39 per cent. The poll also finds Peter Costello to be favoured as Liberal leader by 56 per cent of the 1400 respondents compared with 27 per cent for Malcolm Turnbull and 17 per cent for Brendan Nelson. In head-to-head terms, Costello leads Turnbull 49-35 and Turnbull leads Nelson 47-31. Worst of all for Nelson, his approval rating is down from 36 per cent to 31 per cent and his disapproval is up from 46 per cent to 53 per cent. Hat tip to poll watcher extraordinaire James J.

UPDATE: The latest weekly Essential Research survey shows Labor maintaining its lead of 58-42. Also featured are questions on pensions, industrial relations and Australia’s performance at the Olympics.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Boerwar

    Your extensive post on Vic Govt politcal & economic MDB status replying to my one , has ben replied to on other thread

  2. Amigos

    There has been a monster betting plunge on Hillary for running mate. She has shortened from 10/1 to 3/1 over the last few weeks. I think we find out in the next 24 hours.

    On Mr X, everyone in SA knows he is a shameless self-promoter and populist. His achievements are very minor compared to the noise he makes. But he does make a lot of noise and is giving voice to the frustrations of many South Aussies which makes him a potent force. You are all going to have to get used to him as he’s not going anywhere.

    You may remember my criticism of Rudd using Maywald’s pathetic line “The Government cannot make it rain”. Well, she’s at it again. She got pulverised on ABC radio and can up with this gem.

    Asked by Matthew Abraham and David Bevan if she had considered putting her job on the line over the issue, Ms Maywald said: “This is the dumbest question you have ever asked. Would it be relevant to put my job on the line?

    “It is not going to make it rain if I quit my job.”

    She didn’t have an answer to why Queensland took a record amount of water out of the MDB during “the worst drought in Australian history” (Mike Ranns words).

    Water security Minister Karlene Maywald lashes out on ABC radio,22606,24222885-5006301,00.html

  3. For the first time in my life I agree with Bill Heffernan. Queensland is doling out water licences to farmers and then the Federal Government will buy them back. WTF is going on?

    “Australian taxpayers ought to be alert to the fact that licences are about to be issued, which will then have to be bought back at their expense,” Senator Heffernan said.

    ‘Disgraceful’ water licence may earn $100m,25197,24221540-5013169,00.html

  4. If Mr X has managed to stir up this much feeling amongst the eastern staters, then he’s got my vote again in six years time, that’s for sure. It’s important that he keeps the MDB as a front page issue, because it’s been swept under the rug for too long.

  5. Diogenes @ 304 – I’ve long thought that the Rann government was the worst Labor one in history, but I’m starting to wonder if it might not be eclipsed by Rudd.

    That Wong apparently didn’t have a problem with these water licenses speaks volumes. As does Gillard’s ruling out the return of student fees even though she knows their abolition is costing both students and universities.

    We are heading for turbulent times and the last thing we need is a federal government that lacks backbone. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly clear that on many fronts that this one does. Sure, the Lib/Nats would be doing even less, but isn’t that why they were voted out?

  6. Mr X is UNKNOWN in East , Mr X causes zro feelings in East , South Australians ar being suckered by his self promotion He is as important as Pauline Hanson

  7. Might be time to start pricing backyard nuke shelters

    The Risk of the Zinger

    “Let’s put aside the fact that McCain’s top foreign policy adviser, Randy Scheunemann, has in fact been a lobbyist for Georgia. In his own feisty comments in recent months, McCain encouraged Georgians to believe America would back them up in a crisis. That expectation was naive, and it was wrong to encourage it. It was especially wrong to give a volatile leader such as Saakashvili what he evidently imagined was an American blank check.

    ….Now, after the Georgia war, McCain should learn that lesson: American leaders shouldn’t make threats the country can’t deliver or promises it isn’t prepared to keep. The rhetoric of confrontation may make us feel good, but other people end up getting killed.”

  8. Diogenes @ 304 and MayoFeral @ 306

    Time for a Royal Commission into water management in Australia.

    Cubby has some sort of Queensland state ticket to divert water. I am assuming that the water trading licence would sit on top of that, and the that actual volume won’t be any different. (Head of the Cubby Group is ex Queensland treasurer deLacey).

    The thing that will be different will be that the trading licence will make Cubby water more accessible to the buyback, and incidentally, also more accessible to folk from South Oz. If so, the issues management side of it has been atrocious.

    Just guessing, mind you.

  9. No going to let you get away with that nonsense Diogenes Worry about ethics of th democraticaly elected Georgian President whose country got invaded by a thuggish Russian army , rather than blame ‘no ticker’ Obama , whose weak response among others encouraged Putin that USA ar all bluster , and not a defender for a democracy (unless there’s oil underground)

  10. Not going to let you get away with that nonsense Diogenes Worry about ethics of th democraticaly elected Georgian President whose country got invaded by a thuggish Russian army , rather than blame ‘no ticker’ Obama , whose weak response among others encouraged Putin that USA ar all bluster , and not a defender for a democracy (unless there’s oil underground)

  11. Crikey, we very, very bad.

    Umm, not sure which thread it should go on but Christian Kerr in todays AntiGG has a spray at bloggers, including one that had a thread ‘Kick the Media’.

    According to this Christian, it turns out that bloggers live in echo chambers and are narrow minded, intolerant, incorrect, ignorant, anti-American, lacking in argumentation and utterly ignorant. But wait, there’s more. Bloggers don’t weigh evidence, are smug, and don’t analyse data. Bloggers are not into nuance and they repeat assertions endlessly in the tone of undergraduates. They are righteously indignant, sneeringly superior, lacking in humility, prone to conspiracy theories and sometimes, paranoid about catholics, zionists and US government conspiracies. And,gasp, they also don’t like the MSM!

    Fortunately, according to Kerr, the MSM offers balance and fact.

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