Westpoll: 56-44 to Labor in WA

I have belatedly noticed that Saturday’s West Australian featured a Westpoll survey of state voting intention. The often volatile series (sample sizes are a little over 400) has Labor retaining most of its surprise 58-42 lead from the January poll, conducted in the immediate aftermath of Troy Buswell’s Liberal leadership coup. Looking back to mid-2006, the series suggests Labor has generally maintained solid leads outside of a slump in late 2006 and an aberrant result in December 2007.

UPDATE: I should make note of a lengthy comment left on this site recently by Christian Porter, the newly elected member for Murdoch and Shadow Attorney-General, currently gathering dust at the end of an old thread.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

27 comments on “Westpoll: 56-44 to Labor in WA”

  1. Well with Sue Walker and Paul Omodei threatening to walk from the party and stand as independents (Walker has carried out her threat, and Omodei is set to follow), plus Buswell’s Boorish behaviour and his bungling over the Fong/Burke Emails etc, no wonder Labor’s in front 🙂

  2. Why is it that the Lib oppositions cannot seem to get their acts together? Is it the lack of high quality leadership?? They really cant cope with not being in power

  3. Hi Frank,

    You ususally seem well informed about WA local politics. This Sue Walker seems as “mad as cut snake”. Does she have any grass roots support? What is she trying to achieve?

  4. If the NSW Labor government can be 50/50 then Alan Carpenter deserves to be at least 60/40 given the dismal performance of the Liberals in WA. I’m surprised the West Australian published the poll given they are constantly in denial about any positives for the ALP.

    Troy Buswell’s front bench is a joke and his backbench is a boy’s club. The only significant output from the Nationals in recent months has been the rejection of an amalgamation with the Libs. Who could blame them! The Liberals would be eyeing the Nats seats at pre-selection now that they are having to come to terms with one-vote-one-value.

  5. I have to say this somewhat surprises me, but not completely. Having my family living in WA they are not happy at all with their state government (and have questioned recent moves by the Federal Government).

    They think (whether it is true or not) that the hospitals and education sector are in a mess and the government has no real idea, or even no great desire to improve the sectors.

    However, the idea of voting Liberal to them is not an option. They are a joke and offer no real difference. I’d be surprised if more than a tiny percentage of voters even know how Buswell is which means a lot and Carpenter doesn’t seem a bad or incompetent man.

  6. However, the idea of voting Liberal to them is not an option.

    The stark lack of systemic corruption would be one point of difference. It astonishes me that people would continue to re-elect such obsequious politicians.

  7. A very large percentage of voters know how a drunken obnoxious Buswell undone the bra of a Labor staffer and that the Liberal party,knowing this,voted him their leader.The media persist in calling this” bra snapping”. There is a world of difference between these two acts. Why the West supports these self destructive clowns is a mystery.

  8. GP,

    Maybe the perception is that there is not any difference between the parties on systemic corruption. My recollection is that plenty of Lib icons turn up as “colourful personalities” whenever corruption is discovered/reported in WA.

    Maybe it is a case of better the devil you know etc.

  9. I prefer rolling dice than relying on westpoll. They thought Federal ALP would win Stirling and get smashed in Hasluck. The polling method must be as useful as the editor of The West himself.

    The WA Premier is holding the ship together. In my view he is regarded by many voters as a quazi independant, above the ALP, but working with it.

    ‘Prefered leader’ opinion is the key indicator in WA. If the Libs had one they would win government- no debate.

  10. [Maybe the perception is that there is not any difference between the parties on systemic corruption. My recollection is that plenty of Lib icons turn up as “colourful personalities” whenever corruption is discovered/reported in WA.]

    Noel Crichton-Browne and Ray O’Connor are two examples.

  11. Nice post by Christian Porter.

    Reminds me of John Knight who gave quite a detailed and reasoned explanation of why he chose to become a liberal candidate instead of labor after considering the policies and philosophies of both parties. I was very impressed by his openess and reasons for his choice.

    Likewise Christians post was very impressive and I hope he goes well, he has the background and common touch and sense to go far and make an impression too.

  12. I wouldn’t think the WA Govt is much loved by the electorate. They are accident-prone, have very few talented ministers, a very weak line-up in the Legislative Council, and have failed to live up to their promises in lots of ways. But the Opposition are truly dismal. If they could attract some good candidates and get serious about the issues, they would be competitive. But they don’t seem to be able to muster the necessaries…

  13. I live in Sawyers Valley which is in Swan Hills and i think Jaye is great. (i’m not in the ALP up here sorry Frank)

    Jaye is definately active in this electorate. I can tell you from my own experience she was highly regarded at both my Rugby Union Club and my daughters primary school P&C in a real way.

    I find it noteworthy that as a “right faction” ALP back bencher, that Jaye was the one who forcefully raised the issue of equal opportunity laws for parliament house, which is not normally an issue of choice for the right faction to progress.

    I hope Jaye was overwhelmed by all the “Left faction” women, especially those in leadership roles, who came to her support on the issue, although we have not seen or heard any evidence of this yet.

    Good Luck Jaye.

  14. I see that the Hanssen construction company got fined $174000 for 21 breaches of AWA’s in Perth today. The charges related to rorting workers on 457 visas.

    This is the bloke who was pushing AWA’s and 457 visas and confronting and criticising the unions like fury before the election. Easy to see why…

  15. And wasn’t the West Australian pushing his barrow incessantly at the time!

    Of course they will now publish an apology and acknowledgement that they were wrong – NOT!

  16. And the Big Bogeyman of deregulated trading hours has come up again – watch John Cummins again go into overdrive threatening the end of civilisation if it goes ahead 🙂

    He’s only against it cos his IGA stores will lose their nice little monoply on extended hours.

  17. So FC…..Whats the inside word on Jaye Radisich’s departure?

    Did the Premiers comments give away some clue as to why she decided to go?

  18. Mr Orange,

    I know as much as what has been announced – but there is some truth that she did want to seek pre-selection in West Swan. But Carps wanted his candidate instead.

    But I only found out on the Tuesday night via the same media release.

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