Advertiser poll: 52-48 to Liberal in Boothby

The Advertiser has published a survey of 617 respondents from Boothby which shows Liberal incumbent Andrew Southcott leading Labor’s Nicole Cornes 52-48 on two-party preferred. Southcott’s lead on the primary vote is 41 per cent to 32 per cent, which suggests the “don’t know” component has not been excluded. The poll was conducted on Monday night. A similar poll published on September 26 had the primary vote gap at 44 per cent to 29 per cent.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Andrew Southcott spent three months on a taxpayer funded trip to New York in 04 and it cost $60,000 US! How on earth this has not been raised I dont know…

    Yes Al, he is lazy and useless, Cornes will be much better local MP. She will be the talk of the town election night and Sarurday morning I have a great feeling there will be a few red faces amongst her doubters. Shes a tough formiddable woman not the way the media portray her at all. Rare honesty too for a pollie.

  2. Barry @ 153 – I hope you’re telling everyone you know – and a few you don’t.

    Go Nicole !

    (William – trust you’ll indulge such blatant support as we get within spitting distance of Saturday)

  3. As a Boothby voter, I really hope she gets up too, but many people see her as a trophy wife, not as an independent woman and have already made up their minds about her. Southcott has sent out three letters in three days. He’s getting a bit desperate. Nicole’s junk mail was very well produced, positive, and highlighted her individuality. I’m going to the 891 mornings in the marginals on friday. Anyone else?

  4. Re Boothby, Phil Robins says: “the last redistribution slightly improved Labor’s position.”

    I know you Phil and I know you’re a Labor legend and rarely wrong. You are on this one, however.

    The last redistribution in SA (2003) gave Boothby 1600 voters from Hindmarsh and 3600 from Adelaide (the small part of the seat that is north of Cross Rd). The AEC calculated that these changes improved the Liberal two-party-preferred vote, though only by 0.02%.

    The 1999 redistribution also gave Southcott a small boost of 0.16% thanks to 6700 voters coming from Mayo (in the Happy Valley area).

    In 2004, the Lib 2PP in Boothby was 55.37% while the Lib 2PP in all of SA was 54.36%. When Southcott was first elected in 1996, the Lib 2PP in Boothby was 61.60% while the Lib 2PP in all of SA was 57.26%.

    While he’s been an MP, Southcott’s gap over the state-wide Liberal 2PP vote has dropped from 4.34% to 1.01%. And, as shown, redistributions have had nothing to do with it.

    People may be entitled to ask whether Nicole Cornes should be the Member for Boothby. But they should also ask what they’ve got there now. A half-effective MP (with more than a decade to build his recognition) would not see his numbers dwindle like this. Had Southcott been half-effective, Labor would never have targetted Boothby.

  5. Hi PM aka ALPCG quite right southcott is hopeless, he once famously turned his nose up at Trish Draper as a digrace to the party- what a goose

  6. No chance of attending, Therapy.

    Could be fun, though. Especially given that Mattndave have given Nicole such a hard time.

    Said, others What has Southcott ever done?

    Al in Boothby. Did you deliver?

  7. Is Nicole going to Burnside Town Hall on Friday morning?

    Therapy – I can’t make it either – and I hope lots of like-minded folk can, it would be great if there is plenty of support for Nicole in the crowd.

    Any strength in the suggestion in this week’s Messenger that Cornes and Handshin were simply to distract Liberal resources from the marginals – and that winning either seat is a bonus ? (ref the Southern Times Messenger – Christian Kerr’s column quoting an un-named Labour MP).

    Personal disclosure: Kerr is the reason I don’t subscribe to Crikey.

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