Senate tickets revealed

Group voting tickets for the Senate have now been unveiled by the Australian Electoral Commission. I’ll get stuck into these after I’ve finished a few errands.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Gary Humphries must be feeling unliked in the ACT – only the LDP have him ahead of Tucker, with no CDP or FFP candidate to provide those christian right votes.

  2. hmm

    LDP being different, doing swapsies ie a lib, a lab, a lib etc

    In WA climate change coalition pref libs above labor

    checked NSW it was the opposite

  3. Follow-up to post on previous thread: My prediction re DLP preferences was only partly accurate. It has put the CDP ahead of FF, which won’t matter outside of NSW (and perhaps not even there) and even put the LNP ahead of FF in some states. It has preferenced some ALP pro-life candidates like Jacinta Collins ahead of the Liberals but has put other pro-life ALP candidates behind the Liberals. I have no explanation.

  4. Oooh – One Nation in SA has the Greens ahead of the Dems (although after ALP/Lib). More of interest in SA – Nats have Greens ahead of ALP & Dems. LDP comes to Greens before Dems, FFP & ALP. Xenophone goes to FFP 3rd after ungrouped Drummond and then to Greens!

  5. FF have the libs infront of labor, on real surprise, but worth noting.

    Nick X in SA has also preferenced Labor over the Libs, making a 4-3 split to labor most likely if he can’t get the 7th seat?

  6. CCC going to Campbell ticket (with ex-PHON Fischer in tow) ahead of the Greens! Thats not very climate friendly! In fact, just about everybody except ALP/Lib…hmmm, I await Steven fieldings comments on being “climate friendly”. The LDP seem to have a national strategy of preferencing the Greens ahead of the ALP but in WA the Greens are ahead of the Libs.

  7. One Nation seems to have had a split, with two lots nominating in Vic. I assume the Qld ones are using the ONWA label because they don’t have “ONQ” registered, but with these idiots, who knows?

    The Dems must be just about extinct in WA if they can’t find 15 Reps candidates to support their Senate candidate – maybe they can’t afford 15 deposits.

    I might write an article about the fragmentation on the right of Australian politics. We now have two Protestant right-wing parties (FF and CDP) and one Catholic one (DLP), we have two separate One Nations plus Hanson’s new party, we have two or three parties for people who like killing things, and we have the LaRouchies. At least Australian Against Further Immigration and Australia First seem to have disappeared.

  8. Ok Climate Change Coalition have won me over now πŸ˜‰ … they did in fact preference Labor above the Libs (while each is far down their ticket). And they wrote their numbers on the Libs ticket bottom up so Helen Coonan is the last Lib #63 out of 79 candidates in NSW πŸ˜‰ ….

  9. # LaborVoteron 04 Nov 2007 at 4:29 pm
    Lets all pray the Coalition loses their senate seat in the ACT

    Lets all encourage our PB ACT members to get out there and vote Greens/Labor/Democrats for the Senate :):):) …..

    GO guys and gals and do it for the country :):):)

  10. Greens have put the Libs dead last in NSW and Labor are somewhere in the middle so while it might take awhile to filter down, they will get the Greens preferences. And like Climate Change Coaltion, have numbered the Libs bottom up so Coonan goes dead last on the ticket πŸ˜‰ Voting Greens top of my ticket in Senate but still going below the line because I don’t like the order of parties that they have preferenced above Labor, even though those votes will flow eventually to Labor anyways …..

  11. Both Greens split tickets in Tasmainia are still putting Labor above the Liberals. I thought they weren’t going to do that this time in protest over the pulp mill, or did that change with the recent deal. They’ll look like running dogs if they never actually go threw with their threats not to preference Labor.

  12. I notice the Democrats have stuck to their old habit of preferencing half Labor/half Liberal.

    So despite all their loud carry-on about the Coalition control of the Senate, the Democrats failed to do the one practical thing in their power that could have helped bring it to an end.

  13. I want to choke Howard ……………. what gall …….. he is a few kangaroos short and this comment just proves it …. he thinks this will win him votes, christ how dumb does he think we are? We aren’t sheep people …….

  14. Family First preferencing the CEC before others, in Victoria. Hows this for a policy, From the CEC election announcement, 17th Oct 2007, I Quote,
    “oppose fascist “anti-terrorism” laws and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, fraudulently based on 9/11, which was actually an “inside job”.”
    Looking forward to Fielding fielding Qs’ about that one.

  15. What a relief!!! I was thinking I’d have to fill in the entire ballot paper to ensure my vote didn’t go to a right-wing nut. Now I can just vote 1 Labor, and know that their surplus votes will go straight to the Greens.

  16. [quote]Adam, what about the piccie of that dude Green from the Christian Democrats? He looks like a villain from a Bond movie.[/quote]

    No, Mr Bond, I expect you to die!

  17. Why does Howard make such a public display of demonstrating his fitness with his morning walks? If he were only interested in fitness he would walk around the grounds of Kirribilli or at the Lodge. Why should taxpayers have to pay for his security personnel on all these walks, not to mentioned his and his legion of staff on endless flights for 11 and half years between Canberra and Kirribilli? The Lodge was built for Australia’s PMs and instead Howard has spent 20 million of taxpayers’ money indulging himself at Kirribilli. The man is a hypocrite, because he used to criticize Keating for spending much less time at Kirribilli.

  18. I agreed with Howard living at Kirribilli while his kids were at school. Lets be fair it was probably good idea.

    But and its a big but, they have grown up and left the nest. Howard just got comfy.

    At least Rudd will live in The Lodge.

  19. ruawake – why would live at the Lodge – which is, after all, in CANBERRA! – when you can live at public expense in what is close to the most expensive and desirable real estate in Australia? Come on!

  20. CL

    Just saying its not a good idea to make kids change schools in their final years.

    Wots wrong wif Canberra? I used to hang out at the Monaro Mall as a kid. Did me relatively little harm. πŸ˜‰

  21. I dont care about howard living at Kirribilli. But it does put the whole thng in context. Here is one of the greatest dole bludgers in australia, in parliament for 30+ years, publicly provided water-front home, million dollar pay out etc.

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