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Conservative pundit Andrew Bolt has shut up shop on his prolific Herald Sun blogging activities with a cryptic “announcement from the seat of Higgins”:

Stephen Mayne has been onto this story for a while, and for once he’s close to the truth (from the linked article, written in 2006: “Maybe Bolt’s main chance will be in Higgins if Costello ultimately decided to spit the dummy and walk”). Given that I’m told he’s planning to write about this again, probably as soon as this morning, I want to say something here first before he does. This is it for the blog, at least for now. I can’t pre-empt the announcement that my local member and friend, Peter Costello, is about to make, but it would clearly be a conflict of interest for me to continue to write about politics here if I’ve privately agreed to become a player.

An April Fools’ Day joke would, of course, be highly out of character.

UPDATE: On the stroke of noon, Bolt reveals himself to be more fond of a jape than I had realised. He is however Still Not Sorry, at least with respect to me (see the third update on his post).

Other news: The chances of a rematch in McEwen have surely been greatly boosted by the disclosure that eight people in the electorate voted twice, although the case does not return to the Federal Court until May. And for those whose interest runs in that direction, Antony Green offers a post on contentious changes to electoral legislation in the ACT, which will make like difficult for independents wishing to run group tickets.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Nelson was trying to sympathise with the bank staffers in particular that have to do the selling up. Yes it is stressful and hard to face someone whose life you are about to ruin but, there is no comparison. The banker has a tough day, the one who has lost their home a tough life in front of them.

    Nelson as usual has made inappropriate choices and you can bet you will hear this one in parliament in addition to Turnbull’s fantasy inflation.

  2. [Nelson was trying to sympathise with the bank staffers in particular that have to do the selling up.]

    Sounds suspiciously like his response to the Apology – another case of Foot in Mouth.

  3. I have no intention of affording Shanahan a click. I will talk though on Michelle
    Grattan’s response to Fran, on Breakfast, this morning.

    As best I recall. Not verbatim.

    Fran. Introduces from the point of view of no less a commentator than Dennis Shanahan. Topic being journalists attending on the PM’s travels.

    The point Fran seemed to want to make was that the journalists were suffering. Not in the same place at the same time. That a laid on RAAF plane, courtesy the PM, put them at a greater inconvenience than booking, hopping, whatever, on commercial flights.

    Fran chose to describe the RAAF plane on which our journalists are travelling, courtesy the PM, as ‘Reptile One’. Now where did she get that description? And the gall to repeat it, without qualification and without critique?

    For whom does the ABC imagine it works? I do happen to think it is for me.

    The Breakfast producers should note this, before the program is entirely deserted by its listeners.

    Most other ABC programs are at pains to explain to the listener. May I quote, for example, Ramona Koval explaining, delicately, the meaning of ‘WTF.’

    Fran’s discussion, if it could be called that, was quite correctly brought into line, courtesy Michelle Grattan, who is increasingly pivotal in restoring balance. And managed to take the discussion on a path which made some sense.

    Leaving Fran off the hook, for which Fran was no doubt pleased. Beats thinking.

    Michelle went on to say, (I do hope I do not misrepresent) her perception of the difference between this mode of transport and that of the last Howard years, which for journalists became evermore difficult, if not impossible, to obtain any sense of where they would or should be journeying, let alone any briefing.

    Though Michelle could have mentioned that, earlier than now.

    Astonishing, really, that it is left to Michelle Grattan and other commentators to push, pull, prod, the ABC into line.

    I congratulate Michelle Grattan and her fellows.

  4. Done, onimod.

    ‘Mr McGauran says these are dark days for the Coalition, and he is making way for fresh blood’.


  5. Last post on this thread I gather.

    See the contrast between the Vic government and the NSW government on greenhouse gas reduction issues. Total opposite message.

    The NSW govt’s report seems to be out kilter with other reports on this. It just makes me suspicious that the NSW is doing this to help out the energy industry. They have earned my distrust and thus anything they say I listen carefully.

    VICTORIA could slash its greenhouse gas emissions by using technology that is already available, according to a report to be launched at today’s State Government climate change summit.

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