Wheel of fortune

I’m part way through my review of the Senate preference tickets, starting with the easy states first. Antony Green will post Senate calculators at the ABC tomorrow, which will make life easier. The lists below show where your above-the-line vote will really go, by stripping away the obfuscations by observing only the candidates that matter (i.e. third on the ticket for the majors, first for everybody else).

South Australia: Nick Xenophon makes this a very hard situation to read. Xenophon himself looks all but certain to win a seat, either off his own bat or after overtaking the Greens and absorbing their preferences. At the state election last February he polled 20.5 per cent, which won his ticket a second seat and could almost do so again if he repeats it this time. However, the Greens are likely to present too big a hurdle after absorbing preferences from Labor, the Climate Change Coalition and the Socialist Alliance. It will then remain to be seen whether Xenophon’s surplus is enough to put the Greens ahead of a major party, and on to a quota with their preferences. That would produce a result of two seats each to Labor and Liberal, plus one to Xenophon and one to the Greens. The other possibility is that right-wing preferences deliver the final seat to the Greens or, more likely, that Greens preferences give it to Labor. There doesn’t seem to be any prospect of a micro party upset, as too much of the micro-party vote will go to the Greens.

ONE NATION: Shooters; Family First; LDP; Lifestyle; Nationals; DLP; CEC; Liberal; CDP; Xenophon; Labor; Greens; Democrats; SA; WWW; CCC
CHRISTIAN DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Nationals; One Nation; Lifestyle; Family First; Shooters; DLP; Xenophon; Liberal; Labor; CCC; CEC; WWW; LDP; SA; Democrats; Greens
FISHING AND LIFESTYLE: Family First; Shooters; LDP; One Nation; Nationals; Liberal; Labor; CCC; CDP; DLP; WWW; CEC; SA; Xenophon; Democrats; Greens
SHOOTERS: Lifestyle; One Nation; CDP; Family First; Nationals; DLP; Liberal; CCC; CEC; WWW; Labor; LDP; Xenophon; Democrats; Greens
GREENS: CCC; WWW; Democrats; Xenophon; SA; Labor; LDP; Lifestyle; DLP; Nationals; CEC; Shooters; CDP; One Nation; Family First; Liberal
NATIONALS: Family First; Liberal; Xenophon; CDP; DLP; Shooters; Lifestyle; CCC; Greens; WWW; Democrats; Labor; LDP; CEC; SA; One Nation
DLP: Labor; Liberal; CDP; Family First; Nationals; Xenophon; Shooters; Lifestyle; LDP; One Nation; Democrats; CCC; WWW; Greens; CEC; SA
LIBERAL: Family First; Nationals; CDP; Lifestyle; Shooters; Xenophon; Democrats; LDP; DLP; WWW; CCC; Greens; SA; Labor; CEC; One Nation
WHAT WOMEN WANT: Greens; Democrats; SA; Labor; CCC; DLP; CDP; Lifestyle; Shooters; Liberal; Family First; LDP; Xenophon; One Nation; Nationals; CEC
LABOR: Greens; Democrats; Xenophon; Family First; DLP; Shooters; CCC; WWW; Lifestyle; LDP; SA; Nationals; Liberal; CDP; CEC; One Nation
CLIMATE CHANGE COALITION: Greens; Democrats; WWW; SA; Xenophon 1; Labor; DLP; Lifestyle; Liberal; Nationals; One Nation; LDP; Family First; Shooters; Xenophon 2; CDP; CEC
CITIZENS ELECTORAL COUNCIL: Liberal; Nationals; Democrats; CDP; One Nation; Lifestyle; Shooters; Xenophon; Family First; WWW; DLP; SA; Labor; CCC; LDP; Greens
SOCIALIST ALLIANCE: Greens; WWW; Labor; Democrats; CCC; Xenophon; Liberal; Nationals; LDP; DLP; Lifestyle; Shooters; Family First; CDP; CEC; One Nation
DEMOCRATS: CCC; WWW; Greens; half (Xenophon; Liberal; Nationals; Labor), half (Labor; Xenophon Nationals; Liberal); Family First; SA; One Nation; LDP; DLP; Lifestyle; CDP; Shooters; CEC
FAMILY FIRST: Nationals; One Nation; Lifestyle; Shooters; DLP; CDP; CEC; CCC; Xenophon; Liberal; Labor; LDP; WWW; SA; Democrats; Greens
LIBERTY AND DEMOCRACY PARTY: One Nation; Lifestyle; Shooters; WWW; CEC; CCC; DLP; Liberal; Nationals; Greens; Democrats; CDP; Family First; Xenophon; Labor; SA
NICK XENOPHON: half (Greens; Democrats; Family First), half (Family First; Greens; Democrats); WWW; CCC; Nationals; DLP; CDP; Lifestyle; half (Labor; Liberal), half (Labor; Liberal); SA; Shooters; LDP; CEC; One Nation.

Tasmania: By far the most likely result in Tasmania is Labor 3, Liberal 2 and Greens 1. One alternative scenario involves the Liberal vote not falling as much as expected (from 46.1 per cent in 2004), so they are able to scrape together three quotas (42.9 per cent) after preferences from the DLP, Citizens Electoral Council and Family First. That would leave Bob Brown and the third Labor candidate squaring off for the final seat, with Brown the overwhelming favourite. The Greens as ever are hopeful of winning a second seat, their number two candidate being the high-profile Andrew Wilkie. The Greens vote in 2004 was 13.3 per cent – this should be a few per cent higher this time due to Bob Brown’s personal vote and the Gunns pulp mill falllout, and will be supplemented by preferences from What Women Want, the Liberty and Democracy Party and three independents. If that pushes them near 20 per cent, they might have enough in excess of a 14.3 per cent quota to get ahead of one of the major parties’ third candidates. However, this requires optimistic assumptions at both ends of the equation, and even if it comes off the remaining major party might win get the final seat off preferences from Family First and the DLP. Family First very nearly managed a boilover at the Greens’ expense in 2004, but this time they don’t have Labor preferences.

WHAT WOMEN WANT: Greens; Labor; DLP; Family First; Liberal; LDP; CEC
GREENS: WWW; LDP; Labor; DLP; CEC; half Family First, half Liberal
LABOR: Greens; LDP; WWW; DLP; Family First; Liberal; CEC
DLP: Family First; Liberal; Labor; LDP; WWW; CEC; Greens
LIBERAL: Family First; DLP; LDP; CEC; WWW; Greens; Labor
LIBERTY AND DEMOCRACY PARTY: WWW; DLP; CEC; Family First; Greens; Labor; Liberal
CITIZENS ELECTORAL COUNCIL: Liberal; WWW; DLP; LDP; Family First; Labor; Greens
FAMILY FIRST: DLP; LDP; Liberal; Labor; CEC; WWW; Greens

New South Wales: A few preliminary thoughts here. As discussed by Ben Raue in comments, there are three micro parties that could theoretically harvest enough preferences to overtake the third Coalition candidate and win the seat on their preferences: the Climate Change Coalition, the Carers Alliance and the Fishing Party, probably in that order of likelihood. However, it’s more likely that the assumptions in my earlier overview still hold, and that the issue will be whether the Greens can win a seat by overtaking the third Coalition candidate, Marise Payne.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  5. From the Family First website:

    “Ann Bown Seeley married Harold in 2004 and together they have seven children, 18 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.”

    Wow! That was quick work! Shows what you can do with Jesus on your team.

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    Anyway, that’s enough of me talking to myself.

    I’ve been studying the preference sheets for NSW more and more. I really think Climate Change Coalition is in the position where they can lock up a huge amount of preferences. If they get ahead of either the Dems, Family First or ON/Pauline combined, then they’ll get those preferences, which should push them ahead of the others and into a strong position, and will leave the Greens with very few preferences. If this happened and the ALP was left with a small surplus the Greens are stuffed. Although if the ALP gets a vote in the mid-to-high 40s, thus giving 3-6% surplus to the Greens, Kerry will be in a strong position.

  11. Why are the Nationals in the Senate preferencing Family First in front of the Liberals? I would have thought a Coalition agreement would preclude this, if the Libs narrowly miss out a 3rd Senate spot I’m sure they’ll have a lot to say to their rural brethren (NAT preferences to FF, Family First preferences going to Xenephon before the Libs). With this Nick Xenophen seems even more of a shoe-in, SA (3 Lab, 2 Lib, Xen)

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