NineMSN Passion Pulse poll

I am behind the eight-ball in linking to NineMSN’s awfully named Passion Pulse poll, as I originally did not read past the bit that said “self-selecting participants”. However, the data has been carefully weighted by people who know their onions, after the fashion of YouGov (speaking of which, what became of them?) (UPDATE: Turns out I’m wrong about YouGov being self-selected – apparently it “involves quota sampling from an existing panel”). It can thus boast remarkably plausible electorate results with “a sample of between 340 and 390 voters in almost every seat”. Taken together it shows Labor on 81 seats and the Coalition on 58, with both independents re-elected and nine seats too close to call (though I count 10).

In other poll news, there has apparently been chat on ABC Radio in Melbourne about a poll tomorrow (presumably either ACNielsen or Galaxy) showing Labor’s lead increasing from a fortnight ago (from 54-46 or 53-47).

Author: William Bowe

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