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As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald (link broken at the time of writing), GetUp! has commissioned its third national poll of Senate voting intention from Galaxy. This is a highly dubious exercise which is producing very strange results. Make whatever you like from the news that Labor’s vote has slumped in the last month from 39 per cent to 33 per cent. The sample size was 1003; Family First and the Democrats were both on 2 per cent.

October 20/21 33 38 11
September 8/9 39 35 10
June 23/24 38 34 13
2004 Election 35.0 45.0 7.7

UPDATE: GetUp! press release here. Maddeningly, “other/don’t know” has been rolled into one.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. John Howard imagery portrays a man who isn’t been comfortable with the way society has changed since the 1950s. As someone who was a kid in the 1950s they were crap. Crap food, crap education if your parents were Catholic, worse crap if you were Chinese or Italian or Jewish or any migrant. Also, if you were working class you had crap health services and the Victorian Housing Commission built there houses out of crap (ours was on an ex-swamp) That said, my father had worse in the 1920s when he started work. The Tory government of the time, headed by Stanley Bruce, allowed advertisements such as “Electrician Wanted/Catholics and Irish Need Not Apply”.

    Howard and Costello are clearly unable understand that we can’t compete with low wage countries in manufacturing anything that is not value adding. If they did, they would not have ripped the heart out of higher education funding. (When I returned to University in retirement to do some mathematical courses (some 34 years after completing my original degree) I was shocked by the capital rundown in the buildings and the lack of resources available. However, was heartened by the young people undertaking these courses but disgusted by the fact that the Howard Government did not grasp the simple fact that more money had to be pumped into mathematics to maintain any competitive edge we could muster. They failed to grasp that most of Australia could only prosper in an information economy. So, I’d give Howard and Costello a 2 out of 100 mark for managing the economy. Plonkers.

    Labor to win a minimum of 110 seats – the current Newspoll numbers will be the Coalition’s best hope.

  2. i was shocked and mighty annoyed when howard dumped the next leg of super in 96, it was such a stupid move, instantly making the future harder for the majority of australians

  3. 701 Stuart

    “for what its worth Lindsay Tanner is ace”

    LT has been married four times. In the Byzantine Empire anything more than 3 marriages was regarded as prostitution.

    Of course Lindsay being “ace” had the class to take wife no4 on a parliamentary study tour as the “honeymoon” – all class!

  4. Patricia Petersen is serious about taking as many votes away from Tony Abbott as possible. However, a major problem for her is the Manly Daily. I’ve heard that the Editor used to be Howard’s media advisor – so very little about her gets published. Your thoughts as to how she can get around this?

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