Australian Capital Territory Election 2020


Murrumbidgee covers the Woden and Weston Creek regions of south-western Canberra, together with Yarralumla and Deakin immediately west of the parliamentary district, which have been gained in the redistribution from Kurrajong. This has been balanced by the loss of western Kambah at the southern end to Brindabella. Together with Kurrajong to the east, it was one of two districts where the Greens won seats in 2016, the other four seats going two each to Labor and Liberal. Most of the district was in Molonglo on the pre-2016 arrangement, except for an area in the south around Kambah that was in Brindabella.

Labor candidates






The two Labor candidates elected in 2016 are both seeking re-election. Both were newcomers at the 2016 election, at which Molonglo incumbents Andrew Barr and Meegan Fitzharris respectively ran in Kurrajong and Yerrabi, while the third Molonglo member, Simon Corbell, retired.

The first Labor candidate elected in 2016 was Chris Steel (bottom right), who formerly worked for Early Childhood Australia, with 9.1% of the vote. A member of the Right, Steel was promoted to the ministry in 2019 and holds the tertiary education and transport portfolios.

The second, Bec Cody (top right), was elected with 8.7% of the vote, after earlier polling 5.6% in an unsuccessful run for Brindabella in 2012. Cody is a Left faction member and former owner of a hairdressing salon.

The other Labor candidates include Brendan Long (centre right), who ran in 2016 and polled 5.4%, placing him fourth out of five Labor candidates. Long is a Charles Sturt University economist who has worked as an adviser to a series of Right faction federal front-benchers. The other candidates are Marisa Peterson (bottom left), director of the Centre for Gambling Research at the Australian National University, and Tim Dobson (centre left), a pre-service teacher.

Liberal candidates






The two Liberals elected in 2016 had both prevoiusly held seats in the old district of Molonglo, and are both seeking re-election. Jeremy Hanson (bottom right) led the party from February 2013 until the October 2016 election defeat, and easily topped the poll in Murrumbidgee with 22.4% of the vote. He was first elected in 2008 at the expense of Liberal incumbent Jacqui Burke, polling 3.7% in the face of a Liberal field dominated by then party leader Zed Seselja, which grew to 11.2% when Seselja switched to Brindabella in 2012. Hanson was a lieutenant-colonel in the army before entering parliament, and was decorated for his service during the Iraq war. He has held the Attorney-General portfolio in the shadow ministry since 2016, as he had done through his period as leader.

The second Liberal incumbent, Giulia Jones (centre right), was first elected in 2012 as the second most strongly performing Liberal in Molonglo with 6.3% of the vote, after scoring 2.6% in an unsuccessful first run in 2008. She polled 7.2% in Murrumbidgee in 2016, only slightly shading Liberal rival Peter Hosking on 7.1%. She has held the police and emergency services and corrections portfolios in the shadow ministry since the 2016 election, and before entering parliament worked as a policy adviser to Tony Abbott, then the Opposition Leader, and as a media adviser to Sophie Mirabella.

The new candidates on the Liberal ticket are Ed Cocks (top right), a public servant; Amardeep Singh (bottom left), a consultant for Konica Minolta; and Sarah Suine (bottom right), owner of a hairdressing business.

Other candidates

The Greens seat in Murrumbidgee will be vacated with the retirement of Caroline Le Couteur, who was the second Green elected in Molonglo at the 2008 election, lost her seat in 2012, and returned in 2016 when she polled 6.5% as the party's lead candidate in Murrumbidgee.

The party's new lead candidate is Emma Davidson, deputy chief executive at the Women's Centre for Health Matters. Also on the party's ticket are Terry Baker and Tjanara Goreng Goreng.

The other parties running in Murrumbidgee are the Progressives, Animal Justice, Sustainable Australia, Climate Justice and Shooters Fishers and Farmers, together with three independents.