Australian Capital Territory Election 2020


Brindabella covers the Tuggeranong region at the southern end of Canberra, together with the territory's undeveloped south, and has gained western Kambah in the latest redistribution. It was the only district to return three Liberal members in 2016, partly reflecting the party's relative strength at this end of Canberra, although the government's focus on a light rail project serving the other end of the city may also have been a factor. Brindabella was one of two districts that existed in name before the electoral reorganisation in 2016, together with Ginninderra in the city’s north-west. The old Brindabella also encompassed the southernmost suburbs of the Woden Valley region, which now form part of Murrumbidgee. The Liberals also won three seats in the earlier incarnation of Brindabella at the 2012 election, at which they gained a seat from the Greens.

Labor candidates






The two Labor members elected in 2016, Mick Gentleman (bottom left) of the Left faction and Joy Burch (top right) of the Right, are both seeking re-election. Gentleman was first elected as one of three Labor members in Brindabella in 2004, but was squeezed out when Labor was reduced to two seats in 2008. It was at this point that Burch entered parliament, after outpolling Gentleman 7.8% to 7.3%. The other Labor member at the time, John Hargreaves, retired at the 2012 election, at which Gentleman made a comeback with 8.0% while Burch polled 14.2%. Gentleman gained the upper hand in 2016, outpolling Burch 8.5% to 8.2%.

Gentleman was promoted to the ministry in July 2014, and has held the environment, planning and police and emergency services portfolios since the 2016 election. Burch has been Speaker throughout the past term, having earlier served in cabinet from October 2009 to December 2014, when she resigned as Police Minister amid controversy over a briefing her chief-of-staff gave to the local CFMEU secretary concerning a meeting between Burch and the chief of police. It was reported that Burch only narrowly overcame opposition from within her own faction to retain its endorsement for preselection at the coming election.

Labor's other candidates are Taimus Werner-Gibbings (bottom right), a factionally unaligned staffer to federal Labor MP Andrew Leigh, who also ran at the 2016 election and polled 6.7%. Also on the ticket are Cathy Day (centre left), an epidemiology researcher at the Australian National University, and Brendan Forde (centre right), an organiser with the Right faction Australian Workers Union.

Liberal candidates






The three elected Liberals from 2016 are all seeking re-election. Despite her 8.9% share of the vote in 2016 being the lowest of the three, Nicole Lawder (centre right) assumed the greater seniority when she won the deputy leadership without contest on a post-election ticket with Alistair Coe. Lawder is a former chief executive of Homelessness Australia who first ran for election in 2008, making it to parliament in June the following year when she filled the vacancy created by outgoing leader Zed Seselja's move to the Senate. Lawder holds the portfolios of urban services, seniors and heritage in the shadow ministry.

Andrew Wall (bottom right) is a former family patio business manger who narrowly succeeded in winning the Liberals' third seat in 2012 with 3.9% of the vote, then topped the poll with 12.0% of the vote in 2016. He immediately won a place in the shadow ministry, and currently holds the business, higher education, tourism and industrial relations portfolios.

Mark Parton (bottom left) is a former 2CC talk radio host who first ran with the Community Alliance in Ginninderra in 2008, polling 6.3% but failing to win a seat. He was elected in 2016 with 10.6% of the vote, the second highest after Wall. He has held the housing and gaming and racing portfolios in the shadow ministry since the election, further gaining planning in February 2018.

The new Liberal candidates are James Daniels (top right), owner of an accountancy business, and Jane Hiatt (centre left), owner of a family dental ceramics business.

Other candidates

The lead Greens candidate is Johnathan Davis, a real estate agent and auctioneer, who is joined on the party's ticket by Sue Ellerman and Laura Nuttall.

Other parties fielding candidates are Animal Justice, Liberal Democrats, Sustainable Australia, Shooters Fishers and Farmers and the Federation Party.