Newspoll: 50-50

A steady set of numbers on voting intention from Newspoll, with Scott Morrison taking a knock on personal approval.

As reported in The Australian, the latest Newspoll has the Coalition and Labor tied on two-party preferred after four polls with Labor in front, most recently by 51-49. However, this is not reflected by appreciable movement on the primary vote, on which the Coalition and Labor are steady at 41% and 36% with the Greens down one to 11% and One Nation up one to 3%.

On the personal ratings, Scott Morrison has lost the ground he recovered over the past two polls, being down four on approval to 54% and up five on disapproval to 43%, leaving him with his weakest net approval rating since the onset of COVID-19. Anthony Albanese has softened slightly from what were already his weakest ratings since he became leader, being down one on approval to 38% and up one on disapproval to 47%. Morrison’s lead as preferred prime minister has narrowed from 55-30 to 53-32.

The poll was conducted Wednesday to Saturday from a sample of 1516.

UPDATE: The Australian also has a piece from Campbell White of YouGov about the Australian Polling Council’s new code of conduct, which “will require polling companies to provide more information about how they obtain their samples, how they analyse their data and how they structure their questionnaires”. I had a piece of my own on the subject in Crikey last Thursday — both of the above are paywalled.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Poroti

    Bibi has already played the ‘election was rigged’ card.

    I just hope the Knesset security next Sunday is tighter that the Capitol on 6 January, cause the Bibi ‘deplorables’ will be there to overthrow the democratic vote. However, through all the turmoil, Benny Gantz has retained the Defence Ministry, and he is aligned with the anti Bibi team.

  2. I’d never heard of Adam Goodes before the Booing controversy some years back. Murdoch columnists, Right-wing politicians and talkback hosts apparently regarded him as a class enemy. It’s not racism, Goodes is a wanker, they said (not necessarily using those exact words).

    That lead me to believe that this Goodes guy is probably OK.

    So is he a wanker? I wouldn’t know, but if wankery on the part of elite sportspeople was a boo-able offence for spectators then the boos of the crowds at the NRL, the Soccer, the Tour de France, the big tennis opens other big sporting festivals would be deafening.

  3. So now Goodes had to be destroyed because he was a wanker? (More than half of Bludger posters are doomed on that basis, including, Clem Attlee.)

    Racists always out themselves. They just can’t help it because they just don’t get it.

    We are supposed to believe that the ONLY player in the entire history of the game, out of tens of thousands of players over a century, just had to be bullied out of the game and driven to near-suicide because he was the ONLY dirty player to deserve it and, even worse, a wanker.

    All this had to be done by a self-appointed lynch mob. There is a bit of history with lynch mobs, is there not?

    Racist arseholes nearly killed a good man and they still don’t get it. Some of them are even proud of their work.

  4. It is really something when you see right wing commentators, shock jocks… the very definition of a wanker, complain about someone being a wanker who just so happens to be brown skinned.

  5. Canberra’s forecast for tomorrow includes “snow falling above 600 metres.”
    How much above is the key question; the city is around 580 metres altitude…

    BoM’s MetEye seems really keen for it to snow for 24 hours from tomorrow morning.

  6. ‘Nicko says:
    Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 8:01 pm

    It is really something when you see right wing commentators, shock jocks… the very definition of a wanker, complain about someone being a wanker who just so happens to be brown skinned.’
    In that neck of the woods scum always rises to the top.

  7. ‘Jaeger says:
    Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 8:02 pm

    Canberra’s forecast for tomorrow includes “snow falling above 600 metres.”
    How much above is the key question; the city is around 580 metres altitude…’
    Many of the hilltops in Canberra are above 600 metres.

  8. meher will be beside himself as it looks like the Biloela family will be settled in another country.
    I reckon Morrison reads this site. If I were them and provided they’re given a choice, I’d chose NZ as when Labor’s returned, they can slip back home to Biloela, where they will be welcomed. A very good day.

  9. Steelydan says:
    Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 7:10 pm

    Adam Goodes had to decline the honour, being a victim is now his shtick this is what he intends on dining out on for the rest of his life, he will spend his working life in various aboriginal industry high paying consultation jobs with the odd honorary doctorate. I do not doubt Goodes was booed by a percentage because of race but the rest booed because he acted like a wanker, not Mundine level wanker but still a wanker.

    This post is racist booing a la bludger. What a completely moronic disgrace you are. I for one will stand full proud with Goodes. He’s ten times – nay, 50 times – the man you’ll ever be.

  10. “sprocket_says:
    Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 7:37 pm
    There is always an excuse down Collingwood way…

    ‘Collingwood president Eddie McGuire says he was affected by prescription drugs when he made offensive comments about Sydney AFL great Adam Goodes.

    I never really liked him after his ‘bone her’ comment regarding Channel 9 Newsreader wife and I did not care about his blah blah before that. But the above comment is a cope out.

  11. Taylormade:

    Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 8:03 pm

    I trust you’ve paid your subs. But you’re right. I can’t access the SMH – 503 error.

  12. JUST IN: A mass web outage, believed to be caused by a data centre provider named Fastly, is impacting several popular websites.Some websites affected include; Reddit, SMH, Age, NY Times, Twitch, Pinterest, The Guardian, AFR, BBC, Pinterest, and Financial Times. #9News— 9News Australia (@9NewsAUS) June 8, 2021

  13. Taylor made has finally posted something useful, it looks like some CDN service has gone belly up..

    On investigation (which is a Content Distribution Network provider) could be the culprit – hope they have plenty of bitcoins in the wallet

    Promo might be basking in the AFP and partners capturing one class of crook, but the global e-commerce is creaking

  14. poroti:

    Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 8:20 pm

    In Sandgropia SMH access = no probs.’]

    That is strange. Could you please post the full articles on Roberts-Smith’s trial as I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms.

  15. William: now would be a good moment to rattle the tin while you’ve got everyone’s attention on one of the few sites still up :-).

    Poll Bludger: the last forum standing.

  16. Mavis
    I clicked on 7 or 8 articles and no probs access . Ones like this below.

    ‘He’s essentially set up his own colleagues’: Pressure on Australia’s most wanted man after raids
    By Fergus Hunter and Laura Chung
    June 8, 2021 — 6.36pm
    Australian police want suspected drug kingpin Hakan Ayik to turn himself in and be extradited home from his Turkish base to face charges…………..

    But for

    Roberts-Smith seeking millions in damages for ‘smashed’ reputation

    This page isn’t took too long to respond.
    HTTP ERROR 504

  17. No snow forecast in Southern Highlands – boo.

    I suppose that is what you get when your highlands are lower than your tablelands.

  18. What further makes it a good day is that alleged criminal and RW nut job Netanyahu is out. I heard today that Israel is the only democracy that hasn’t had a one-party rule since 1950. You can thank proportional representation for this.
    New Zealand too, I think, would come close.

  19. A little know part of the internet is CDNs. One view is that they provide an alternate internet, as they will serve out static content from a cache distributed around the world. They work with video streaming as well. An interactive transaction, on the other hand, requires to and fro to ‘the origin’ web server.

    When the CDN goes down, the view request should go to the origin – eg The fact that it isn’t means something is Fishy with Fastly…

    In the list below of the major players, the dominant player is Akamai…

    1. Cloudflare
    2. Fastly
    3. KeyCDN
    4. StackPath
    5. Akamai
    6. Amazon CloudFront
    7. Microsoft Azure CDN
    8. CDN77
    9. Leaseweb
    Read on for our detailed analysis of each CDN
    A content delivery network (CDN) works to accelerate almost any website by caching its files in servers around the world. Whether your visitors come from Europe, North America, Asia or anywhere else, content is automatically served from the nearest location for the fastest possible speeds.

  20. Hello from Hamilton! I certainly picked the right night to get my entertainment live instead of from the internet

    Masks on, phones off please.

  21. There might be snow on the Southern Highlands (SW of Sydney, inland from the Illawarra, about 500-800 metres above sea level), although conditions more favour West of the Great Divide.

  22. Australia hasn’t had single party Government since 2013.

    (The Government that was in office from August 2010 to September 2013 was a single party Government).

  23. From SMH site. Try the link.
    International news sites crash
    Updated June 8, 2021 — 8.40pmfirst published at 8.23pm

    A major incident is taking place acrosss the internet with global news websites and social media forums crashing.

    Visitors to The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian Financial Review, the Guardian and the BBC were receiving error messages when trying to access the site on Tuesday evening.

    Reddit, Twitch and Pinterest are also down, as well as CNN and the New York Times.

    Tech teams for Nine publications, including this masthead, confirmed that the issue was linked to CDN vendor Fastly.

    CDNs are distribution networks, which allow the very quick flow of digital information between severs.

    The servers are located in data centres across the globe, connected across geographies via subsea cables.

    Fastly is one of four hosting service providers that looks after CDNs, Akamai, Cloudflare and Amazon Web Services, are the other three.

    Fastly is a global edge cloud platform and describes itself as providing “more powerful websites and applications” including Shopify.

    On its service status page, Fastly states its network “has built-in redundancies and automatic failover routing to ensure optimal performance and uptime.“

    “But when a network issue does arise, we think our customers deserve clear, transparent communication so they can maintain trust in our service and our team,” it said.

    Fastly is reporting “degraded performance” across the globe.

    Retail sites like Australian fashion brand Zimmermann were also down on Tuesday night AEST.

    More to come.

    Rachael Dexter, Sarah McPhee, Supratim Adhikari

  24. This tweet from this morning hasn’t aged well…

    Fastly @fastly

    App security is too important to be an afterthought — you need to find a new way to ensure protection without impeding innovation.

    To move forward, security and DevOps will need to work together to solve the challenges they face.

    gropipi officiel @gropipi

    Replying to @fastly
    you’re currently breaking the internet guys

  25. clem attleesays:
    Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 6:34 pm

    No Barney you should not be surprised, because I have always stood my ground, even when facing the politically correct. That is something that a gutless wonder such as yourself would never do. Always with the mob, armed with pitch forks you are. Goodes was booed way before the incident with the 12 year old girl. He manufactured the racist angle by conflating the racism of that girl and what went on before hand with his underhanded tactics. Anyone who went to the footy at the time will tell you that. Much later he got booed because of the conflation

    “Stood your ground” inside the mob.

    How courageous of you.

  26. CDNs are distribution networks, which allow the very quick flow of digital information between severs.

    It’s definitely severed. 😀

  27. Fastly is one of four hosting service providers that looks after CDNs, Akamai, Cloudflare and Amazon Web Services, are the other three.

    I’m guessing it’s the cheapest.

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