Newspoll: 50-50

A steady set of numbers on voting intention from Newspoll, with Scott Morrison taking a knock on personal approval.

As reported in The Australian, the latest Newspoll has the Coalition and Labor tied on two-party preferred after four polls with Labor in front, most recently by 51-49. However, this is not reflected by appreciable movement on the primary vote, on which the Coalition and Labor are steady at 41% and 36% with the Greens down one to 11% and One Nation up one to 3%.

On the personal ratings, Scott Morrison has lost the ground he recovered over the past two polls, being down four on approval to 54% and up five on disapproval to 43%, leaving him with his weakest net approval rating since the onset of COVID-19. Anthony Albanese has softened slightly from what were already his weakest ratings since he became leader, being down one on approval to 38% and up one on disapproval to 47%. Morrison’s lead as preferred prime minister has narrowed from 55-30 to 53-32.

The poll was conducted Wednesday to Saturday from a sample of 1516.

UPDATE: The Australian also has a piece from Campbell White of YouGov about the Australian Polling Council’s new code of conduct, which “will require polling companies to provide more information about how they obtain their samples, how they analyse their data and how they structure their questionnaires”. I had a piece of my own on the subject in Crikey last Thursday — both of the above are paywalled.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Kate says:
    Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 6:38 pm

    His staging for free kicks (push in the back in marking contests) and his whinging to umpires was not in the spirit of the game of AFL. If you want to do that go and play soccer.

    I hope he accepts the accolade sometime in the future. He was a wonderful football player and he has done a lot for the game and to fight racism.

  2. mb

    Footy fans always love their own touch nuts but are quick to scream at opposition players.

    footy = politics?

  3. Anybody wearing vertical black and white stripes, or diagonal red or yellow stripes on a black field. The rest I was wasn’t particularity bothered by. Goodes got dirty towards the end of his career. I wasn’t bothered by him before he started that caper.

  4. clem attlee @ #973 Tuesday, June 8th, 2021 – 5:31 pm

    I Used to boo Goodes and have no problem admitting it. I booed him when he rode into the backs of players on the ground with his knees and I booed him when he tried to con umpires by jack knifing forward in marking contests. He was one of the dirtiest, cheating players in the league. It had nothing to do with the colour of his skin. That was something he manufactured himself. Nobody should ever be singled out for their race and that certainly never happened at any of his games that I attended.

    Oh what utter BS. I have been a life long watcher and player of sport and can tell you Goodes is not in contention for even being nominated for a dirtiest player award. FFS, he isnt close. Not in the ball park champ. Not by a very very long way.

    I have seen the worst of the worst con artists or rough players in world sport and NONE OF THEM GOT BOOOOED LIKE GOODES. Not the smallest fraction of it.

    After all that has been said, after all the evidence and documentaries and apologies and the vast array of people backing him it is devastating that people like you still spout this crap that he somehow brought it on himself. Take a long hard look at yourself, go see the documentary, try some deep self reflection, think about what it might be like to grow up black, mixed race, to a stolen generation mother, and face the multitude of pressures someone like Goodes faced. Yeah, sure, maybe you werent racist when you boooed him – pat yourself on the back. Good on you for standing your ground.

  5. It’s interesting- I’ve been to the footie a lot but have never witnessed the degree of booing to which Goodes was subjected. It was incessant week in and week out and only started after the ‘incident’

    It sure makes a convenient cop-out that he was deserving of it for foul play by some retro fitters.

  6. Katich re read the post where i said he was dirty towards the end of his career. He didn’t bother me up until the staging for free kicks and the riding his knees into the backs of opponents. What he went through as part of the stolen generation has nor relevance at all to any of that. In the original post I also stated that nobody should be singled out due to the colour of their skin. Did you miss that bit, you sanctimonious wind bag? Take a look at yourself mate!

  7. People who think Goodes was a “dirty player” should look at some football vision from the last century.
    They’ll find a few hall of famers, maybe even a legend or two, doing some awful things.
    Unlikely any of them were booed every time they went near the ball.

  8. After his release Rex Jackson ran a hot dog and ice cream van parked on Bald Hill, a spectacular coastal lookout about 60 km South of Sydney.

  9. Did Goodes do something like what Les Boyd did to deserve sustained booing?
    Or maybe something like Richard Loe smashing Paul Carozzas nose into the other side of his head after a try had been scored?
    Or when Andy Haden took a dive without being touched in a lineout to win the game for the Allblacks?
    No. But hey, the b@stard called out a racist (thats where his history comes in) so he deserves to be boooed by large sections of the crowd, every time he gets the ball, in every game – he brought it on himself?
    No, I didnt miss the bit where you stated that nobody should be singled out due to the colour of their skin – but I think you have.

  10. The Victorian Liberals and their Murdoch running dogs are lower than sharkshit- taking a leaf out of the Qanon playbook….

  11. They’ll find a few hall of famers, maybe even a legend or two, doing some awful things.

    Same goes for Rugby League. If the Referee didn’t see it, it never happened.

  12. clem – you come across as sanctimonious

    Long may you have the right to boo, do you do the same to Selwood, Papley, Hawkins, Tex Walker and others. Nope

    The amount of outrage on social media is pathetic re Goodes making a choice. If you believe it has nothing to with the underbelly of racism in this country and the need to have a go at him for no reason you are wrong.

    Every time the name Goode’s is mentioned all who feel the need to be listened to come out; the new political correctness- don’t you dare not let me abuse someone for no reason.

  13. Adam Goodes had to decline the honour, being a victim is now his shtick this is what he intends on dining out on for the rest of his life, he will spend his working life in various aboriginal industry high paying consultation jobs with the odd honorary doctorate. I do not doubt Goodes was booed by a percentage because of race but the rest booed because he acted like a wanker, not Mundine level wanker but still a wanker.

  14. boerwar:

    Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 3:51 pm

    [‘I am definitely ignorant on matters of law but thought I had seen a sentence to the effect that those defending the defo cannot subpoena witnesses. If so, I would have thought that the evidence in the defo and any criminal cases could possibly be substantially different.’]

    I can’t say that evidentiary issues in a civil trial are my forte. That said, I don’t know of any fetter placed on a defendant in a defamation suit from applying to a court for a subpoena(s) provided the evidence is relevant to their defence.

    l have read that the AFP are keenly interested in this trial for any leads that may flow from the evidence adduced. And I don’t share your view that the evidence will be ‘substantially different’
    as the defendants are maintaining that the alleged defamatory articles they published are the truth, and they go directly to allegations that Roberts-Smith (et al) committed war crimes.

  15. Shame on you Clem for your comments about a truly great indigenous sportsman. It’s not enough that we stole their land, their children and stuffed our jails full of them – those who remain and excel at our national sport get drongos booing them out of the game.

  16. I hope they find a welcoming place to settle:

    Biloela family may be resettled in US or NZ

    A Tamil asylum seeker family’s hopes of returning to the Queensland town of Biloela appear to have been dashed by the Morrison government, with resettlement in the US or New Zealand now appearing more likely.
    1 hour ago (Age)

  17. Katich he was not booed in every game every time he touched the ball, stop making stuff up. Hyperbole much? Crowds started booing him more when he publicly stated that he was being booed because of racism. It wasn’t because of the that and the public let him know it. Personally I have never witnessed anybody at the footy getting away with overtly racist behaviour. Whenever it has happened, quite rightly it has been dealt with either by a complaint to the authorities or more often by members of the crowd telling the racist to pull their head in in no uncertain terms. Did Goodes ever face racism in his career? Yes of course, but the booing was not in itself a manifestation of this.

  18. I do not doubt Goodes was booed by a percentage because of race but the rest booed because he acted like a wanker

    As someone said so succinctly today, a hammer sees everything as a nail or wtte.

  19. Fuck Collingwood and the camels they play on the half backline.

    Their racist culture has been exposed by Goodes and Heretier Lumumba.

    Eddie went because he just didn’t get or understand the ingrained culture of the club and their supporters.

  20. Being a Swans fan, I would have watched most of not all the games Adam Goodes played in – especially towards the end of his storied career.

    He was always an ornament to the game, playing hard and with a unique skill based on his physical gifts and endurance from a dedicated training regime. For most of the time, he was the prime mover, the game changer, the best on ground.

    This talk of staging and dirty play is utter bullshit, and those promoting it need to have a hard look at themselves.

  21. If Goodes was booed by racists, why are racists not booing other indigenous players. I’m not sure of the time-line of it all but there was the incident with the mock spear throwing at the crowd. Perhaps it was that which sparked it.

  22. I was at the West Coast game where Goodes was booed. It was pretty ordinary, I stood up and told people what I thought when it started up and in the block I was in didn’t rear it’s head again until late in the game. Despite all WC fans being labelled racists the booing was only loud in a few pockets of the ground, if I had to put a crowd % on it I’d say somewhere between 10-20% were booing, so around 4-8000 people disgraced themselves. I’m sure like Clem most didn’t consider themselves racist but it was definitely mass bullying and I think they found it easier to bully a black man, so racism it was.
    I was no great fan of Goodes but as SK noted he was far from the dirtiest player to play the game yet no other player has ever been subjected to that level of hate.
    Having said all that I think Goodes should be the bigger man, accept the apologies and his due honors, maybe it would help to repair the hurt.

  23. What a horrible comment directed at me. Perhaps I prefer to think better of the thousands of people who booed Goodes. I do wonder why these racists have not directed their racism at another target?

  24. Interesting info in here..

    Plane cleaners and restockers to be tested to find missing Delta link
    By Rachael Dexter
    Health authorities are tracking down the people who cleaned the plane on which an infected returned traveller from Sri Lanka arrived in Melbourne in their quest to find out how the new Delta strain of COVID-19 made it into the community.

    Today we heard how the Delta strain West Melbourne outbreak, which includes a family that travelled to Jervis Bay and students at North Melbourne Primary school, has been genomically linked to the man in his 40s from Sri Lanka who tested positive in hotel quarantine in early May.

    Authorities are working through a list of possible theories about how the virus escaped into the community, but the commissioner of Victoria’s quarantine hotels Emma Cassar said some of the only people not accounted for in the sequences of the man’s movements were those who cleaned and restocked the plane cabin.

    “The aircrew didn’t get off the plane, they just did a quick refuel and turned around with 12 other passengers,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne a short time ago. “The only thing we haven’t run to ground in its entirety is the cleaners and the restocking: have they been tested and is there any exposure there?”

    Those who clean the planes are not government staff overseen by Ms Cassar’s department.

    “We look after what people get off the plane, which has been our focus, but public health are working with Melbourne Airport to get to the bottom of that one,” she said.

    According to Ms Cassar, among those who have been tested and returned negative results are Border Force staff (including the officer who handled the man’s passport), the Skybus driver and the majority of staff at the Ibis Hotel where the man spent just over 24 hours before being moved to the Holiday Inn health hotel.

    “Of the 268 staff 265 are cleared. I’m hoping by tonight that those last few will be cleared: that means they’ve had frequent, and negative test,” she said.

    The transport staff who took the man to the medical hotel have also returned negative results, she said.

  25. Recon

    “I do wonder why these racists have not directed their racism at another target?”

    Maybe its because their chosen target chose to stand up to racism and the mob didn’t like that?

  26. Bibi may be in his last week in the job…

    ‘Lawmakers to vote on Bennett-Lapid government on Sunday

    Knesset Speaker Yariv Levin said that the Bennett-Lapid government will be sworn in on June 13, next Sunday, following a confidence vote by parliament.

    Levin added that the plenum will also vote on a new Knesset speaker on Sunday.’

  27. Bit of a worry that the people who are directly exposed (plane cleaners and restockers) aren’t being treated in the same way as quarantine workers. Ie frequent testing, vaccinations and all that.

  28. Hang on, earlier people were saying that Goodes was being booed because he stood up to racism, now they stop their racist booing because Goodes stood up to racism. I can’t follow the logic to be honest. Either way one thing I agree with those pushing the racist booing is that Goodes was a wonderful player.

  29. Cud Chewer @ #1039 Tuesday, June 8th, 2021 – 7:27 pm


    “I do wonder why these racists have not directed their racism at another target?”

    Maybe its because their chosen target chose to stand up to racism and the mob didn’t like that?

    The white supremacists doubled down when he won their Strayan of the year.

  30. Personally I have never witnessed anybody at the footy getting away with overtly racist behaviour

    So it doesnt happen?
    “On the extensive evidence on the public record and in our conversations with staff,
    players, ex-players and supporters, it is clear that players and fans have experienced incidents of
    racism and that Collingwood’s response to these incidents has been at best ineffective, or at worst
    exacerbated the impact of the racist incidents. The continual failures in this regard speak to a
    systemic racism within the Collingwood Football Club”

    I do not doubt Goodes was booed by a percentage because of race but the rest booed because he acted like a wanker, not Mundine level wanker but still a wanker.

    There is a lot of leeway given to some sportspeople who behave like wankers. Not others. Mundine is a classic example; he mouthed off a lot of dumb stuff – like quite a few footy players and boxers have. For some reason tho you picked him as an example wrt Goodes.

    Maybe Mundine should coax an unsuspecting drunk 18yo girl into a team gangbang and you would think better of him. Or maybe there is something else about him that makes him an extra special wanker.

  31. ‘a r says:
    Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 6:21 pm

    boerwar @ #963 Tuesday, June 8th, 2021 – 5:05 pm

    Is Harris demonstrating what happens when progressives think right but act wrong?


    Unaccompanied minors, YTD, crossing the US border is 62,000.

    Australia: zero.

    Apples and oranges. You can’t possibly think an unaccompanied minor can cross an ocean like it’s made of land?’
    You have missed the point, I assume by accident.

    Harris now has 62,000 unaccompanied minors on her hands. At the current rate she will have around 400,000 unaccompanied minors on her hands by the end of Biden’s first term. The point is why that is so.

    The Greens are honest about this. The would simply open all borders and let all asylum seekers in the world into Australia.

    That number is now around 80 million people and growing by the day.

  32. No maybe about it CC, that’s exactly why he was targeted.
    Recon reminds me of the English cricketer Overten who recently said he wouldn’t have told an opponent of Pakistani heritage to go back to his own country because he used to talk to a Pakistani bloke who played in his own team (facepalm) Just because you don’t abuse every non white person you come across doesn’t mean you aren’t racist.

  33. There is always an excuse down Collingwood way…

    ‘Collingwood president Eddie McGuire says he was affected by prescription drugs when he made offensive comments about Sydney AFL great Adam Goodes.

    ‘Speaking on his breakfast radio program in 2013, McGuire said Goodes should be used to promote the musical King Kong, only a matter of days after the Indigenous star had been racially abused by a Magpies fan who called him an ape.

    “I haven’t really said this before, but I was on massive painkillers and crutches [for] an infection in my knee,” McGuire told GQ magazine.

    “I was on heavy-duty painkillers, antibiotics and steroids.”

  34. F. This is an unpleasant topic.

    clem, maybe I have been too forthright. We should all try to be better people and see the best in others, I am sorry if I have overstepped in my replies to your posts.

    Time for a wine in front of a warm fire.

  35. Boerwar
    The Greens don’t want to have a border policy so they hide behind there is an ocean like that can’t be crossed.

  36. ‘Mexicanbeemer says:
    Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 7:38 pm

    The Greens don’t want to have a border policy and they hide behind there is an ocean like that can’t be crossed.’

  37. sprocket_ at 7:28 pm

    Bibi may be in his last week in the job…

    Don’t count him out until he is ‘dead buried and cremated’ and probably not even then.

  38. I’ve met Anthony Mundine – briefly – and he is nothing like he appears on TV. I think he was badly advised. As regards his ability, he was a far better footballer than a boxer and his dad was a way better boxer, too. He fought guys like Bennie Briscoe and Carlos Monzon. The fighters in Mundine senior’s era were murderous and he stayed with them all.

  39. yabba:

    Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 3:36 pm

    [‘I was one of those in the Vietnam conscription birthday lottery, and was close friends with two who were ‘selected’ to be bastardised in the name of that vicious, appalling idiocy. One of those two subsequently suicided.’]

    I know where you coming from. One of my school chums was conscripted, returning home in/on HMAS Sydney. I happened to be serving in Sydney on his return in ’71 and he was not the young man he used to be, suiciding three months after arriving back. He was dux of the school and excelled in a number of sports. Such a waste.

    [‘I fail to understand why you would raise the plight of such unfortunates in the context of a discussion of Bucephalus’ obviously (to me, and several others) warped mental processes.’]

    My only issue with what you said is that I think you overstepped the mark by commingling Bucephalus’ military service with his comments.

  40. Re Collingwood. Was that jumper with a couple of magpies on it all they could manage for indigenous round? If so, it’s like they made no effort at all.

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