Newspoll: 52-48 to Labor

First a state election rout in WA, now a soft result for the Coalition federally from Newspoll.

As reported by The Australian, Newspoll caps a sobering weekend for the Coalition by giving Labor its best result for the term, recording a 52-48 lead compared with 50-50 three weeks ago. The Coalition is down three on the primary vote to 39% with Labor up two to 39%, the Greens steady on 10% and One Nation on 3%. Scott Morrison’s leadership ratings are nonetheless largely unscathed, his approval down two to 62% and disapproval up two to 34%. However, but Anthony Albanese’s are considerably improved, with approval up four to 42% and disapproval down four to 41%, and he has narrowed the gap on preferred prime minister from 61-26 to 56-30. The poll was conducted Wednesday to Saturday from a sample of 1521.

UPDATE (16/3): The Australian today goes deeper into the Newspoll data in search of gender effects, but doesn’t come up with much — though this may partly be because they have combined the results of the last two polls to get a larger sample size in testing the effect of recent events, and the previous poll three weeks ago would probably have been too early. As compared with the combined polling from October to December, this finds the Coalition down two among women to 39%, with Labor up two to 38%, the Greens down one to 11% and One Nation steady on 3%; while among men, the Coalition is down two to 42%, Labor is up three to 37%, the Greens are down one to 9% and One Nation are steady on 4%.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Am I In before mundo?
    Remember Bill Shorten got like 60 of these and still lost!

    Let’s hope team Labor and Albo can build on it. I feel like now is the time to really start putting the pressure on Morrison. Hopefully Albo can cause some parliamentary trouble this week with the coalition being so light on members.

    I also think Dutton won’t be a helper this week. So things may get even better.

  2. Depending on your politics, a very pleasing 2PP, with Morrison’s personal numbers down but not significantly. And it’s only going to get worse for him while he continues to stubbornly defend Porter, and if any more stuff-ups occur with the roll-out of the vaccines. A very satisfying weekend indeed for Labor supporters!

  3. Not sure it’s good PR having ministers visit WA after the massacre.
    First question most likely to be “where have you been ?”

  4. I saw commentary last night on how Clive Palmer was damaged by the election.
    Just wondering if there will be a backlash against him Federally?

  5. Just read the Australian. Why the hell is Morrison heading out west now?
    There’s going to be a lot of “Where the bloody hell where you” memes in the pipes if he makes that trip.

  6. Q: I plainly do not understand politics as I cannot fathom Scotty’s tactics….as a Marketing (ie Spin Merchant) man, he just thinks you can PR your way out of anything.

    So expect more funny hats, Hi-viz, forced handshakes, camera mugging etc etc…he has ramped it up to shrill level lately.

  7. [‘Morrison plans blitz in wild West.’]

    I’m not quite sure what he means by “blitz”. How will he, for instance, restore morale when the state Tories got such a thumping? I don’t think that the two (or three) of them left with a seat will exactly be cock-a-hoop to great him bearing in mind that he didn’t visit WA during the campaign.

  8. Samantha Maiden@samanthamaiden·
    The last time the Coalition fell significantly behind Labor on two-part-preferred support was in January and February last year, following intense criticism of Mr Morrison’s Hawaiian holiday during the bushfires

  9. “Scott Morrison and senior cabinet ministers will launch a blitz of Western Australia“

    Like the London blitz?

    We now know Morrison is a pilot (of sorts) so all he needs do is commandeer a RAAF fighter and it’s bombs away! Take that you heathen voters,

  10. Reading Morrison’s mind “those idiots in the west are going to be smashed so I’ll stay right out of it. Once they are destroyed I will ride in in my taxpayer jet and save the party, or what’s left of it”.

    What can go wrong?

  11. Confessions @ #29 Sunday, March 14th, 2021 – 10:30 pm

    Samantha Maiden@samanthamaiden·
    The last time the Coalition fell significantly behind Labor on two-part-preferred support was in January and February last year, following intense criticism of Mr Morrison’s Hawaiian holiday during the bushfires

    Reynolds and Porter live in WA.

    Both are unwell.

    He’s taking Frank Sinatra CD’s singing My Way to comfort them.

    “And now the end is near and you must face my final hurdle………….”

  12. Gollsays:
    Sunday, March 14, 2021 at 10:22 pm
    Morro from Gunna Bay doesn’t do gracious retreats, nosiree, if the voters don’t have the good sense to swallow my bullshit then I’ll move on., termination package complete, too much time away from the girls, another tick in the box.
    Josh mate, have I gotta deal for you.
    One more poll will do it, although the scrappers about the party keep given me the opportunities says a deep and meaningful boy on the way out.
    What a low point in Australian politics and you Morro were the gatekeeper!

  13. If smirko has his hand in the rebuild of the Libs in WA, he just might secure it for the ALP for the next 15 years. I think his brand is starting to wane.

  14. From previous thread, having gone to all the trouble …. (a Labor theme at least)

    Speaking of London HC, the other week I was loitering around the upper galleries of Sydney Town Hall, as you do, and was struck by this fine portrait by Clifton Pugh of John Armstrong, a vigorously Irish Australian Labor man, Senator and minister in Chifley’s Govt, Lord Mayor of Sydney, and a stint in London as High Commissioner. I wonder how that want down. He had taken my mother out (same birth year) and she threatened to ‘look him up’ on one of their seniors’ jaunts. I think my father saw the folly in that.

    He’s staring straight at the viewer, with an intense quizzical stare. I couldn’t look away once we locked eyes, so took a snap to take him home.

    He died at 68 from a coronary. That wouldn’t happen these days.

  15. In the context of how close the TPP usually is that is quite a sizable shift and if the Liberals are not careful could turn into a solid trend. I heard from a senior executive who will be marching so this government wont be able to dismiss its women’s issues as just inner city wokist lefties.

  16. south

    If Scomo heads west the first question I want to see if he gets asked about state borders and the wonderful advice Brendan has been giving him.

  17. I suppose he’ll feel safe over in WA. Election is over. Marches by angry women are over. A clear space for photo stunts. Perhaps he’ll visit Broome.

  18. “The WA members can pick him up in a golf cart”

    Why waste a perfectly good golf cart when shopping trolleys can be had for free. Morrison, for all his bravado would be shitting blue lights over that result.

  19. It’s looking like the Nats will form the Opposition in WA, and it’s a matter of conjecture whether they’ll allow the 2 or 3 Libs to join them – absolutely no love lost between the two parties.

  20. He could hand deliver Porter a copy of the allegations neither of them have read.

    Will Jen go. Will she stay at home. What about the girls. Who’ll feed the chooks. What’s that Days of our Lives theme – As The Stomach Turns.

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