Newspoll: 51-49 to Coalition

Further improvement in Scott Morrison’s personal ratings, but otherwise little change in the latest Newspoll.

Courtesy of The Australian, Newspoll has the Coalition leading 51-49 on two-party preferred, unchanged on three weeks ago, from primary votes of Coalition 43% (steady), Labor 36% (up one), Greens 11% (steady) and One Nation 2% (down one, and their weakest result since at least the 2019 election). Scott Morrison is up two on approval to 66% and down two on disapproval to 30%, while Anthony Albanese is up one to 44% and up two to 41%, with Morrison’s lead as preferred prime minister out from 58-29 to 60-28. The poll was conducted Wednesday to Saturday from a sample of 1511.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Educate every Aussie to post-graduate level.

    Two things:
    1. Is every Aussie capable of a post-graduate education or should we further downgrade tertiary education so that every child gets a prize
    2. Does every Aussie want a tertiary education; when you get the same money holding the stop/go sign and much more laying bricks and you earn it much sooner

  2. BK
    How I developed a bad Coopers Pale Ale habit or as I still call it Toad Beer .They used to love our work group turning up once a week with fists full of ‘Toad Coupons’ for free Coopers Pale Ales 🙂
    Toads for beer

    Here’s how it works: Anyone over the age of 18 who captures a toad and delivers it alive to the Darwin RSPCA qualifies for a glass of Coopers beer at the Cavenagh Hotel. Sean Gould of Coopers said the limit for beer vouchers was six per day……The toads must be alive. “No coupons for squashed toads,” Wilkinson said.

  3. citizen,

    It was only a matter of time before the Morrison government openly attacked the ABC – they will not be satisfied until the ABC becomes ‘state controlled media’.

    Morrison government asks ABC to please explain controversial Four Corners episode

    Federal Communications Minister Paul Fletcher has asked ABC chair Ita Buttrose to explain how a recent Four Corners episode exposing alleged affairs and inappropriate behaviour between ministers and staffers was in the public interest.

    In a letter to Ms Buttrose, Mr Fletcher posed a series of questions to the ABC board requesting an explanation as to how the episode complied with the ABC’s code of practice and its statutory obligations to provide accurate and impartial journalism.

    Ita Buttrose the next Independent candidate for Wentworth?

  4. Personally I am against dictators and corruption

    Me too. One form of corruption is imperial powers intervening in other nations’ affairs to promote their own geopolitical and corporate interests, to the detriment of the people living within those nations.

  5. BK

    It was a damn good marketing ploy to introduce a beer into a market. Worked a treat and bucket loads of good + free publicity. The pub may not have been so happy with the numbers of people who thought you went to the pub to trade in your cane toads for beer 🙂

  6. By the Morrison government’s logic a ‘Please Explain’ letter should have also been sent to News Corp and The Daily Telegraph for exposing Barnaby Joyce’s sexual liason with his staffer.

  7. ‘2. Does every Aussie want a tertiary education; when you get the same money holding the stop/go sign and much more laying bricks and you earn it much sooner’

    That’s a bit like believing that fruit picking pays $3800 a week.

    I’ve known multiple people who have foregone University on these kinds of beliefs, and they end up very relieved to get accepted into a course (usually within a few months of boasting that “I don’t need to go to Uni, I can make more money without a degree…”)

    And you don’t have to take my anecdotal evidence for it: every study ever done bears this out.

  8. Have been reading my Twitter feed. If not already mentioned here check The Guardian re: drinking out of a dead mans prosthetic.
    Also I follow Albo’s twitter feed.
    I think he is playing a very smart game. He is targetting specific groups and for now ignoring the noise…an oppo leader at the moment has no hope of breaking through the Covid backgound. That will change. Is it only 12 months ago that Australia turned against Scummo who was on holiday in Hawaii?
    Pyne didn’t call Albo “Danger Man” for nothing

  9. No, we won’t kowtow to China or anyone else
    59,460 Voters

    We are determined to fail aren’t we.
    Still fearing the yellow hoards, reds under the bed.

  10. Australia has chosen to stick with the bullies it knows. If we are going to talk about countries being bullied.

    We are an Anglo Saxon western colony that dreams of independence.

    When we have the guts to follow Ireland’s example and have a popularly elected President then we may get the guts to be independent.
    New Zealand has shown the way. They did not even need to become a Republic.

    Edit: To be clear. Those arguing we should be independent and maximise our trading opportunities with skilled diplomacy are not craven citizens arguing to rollover.

  11. I don’t think the China issue is about rolling over because basically China seems to be saying well Australia if you are going to complain about what we do then we will complain back.

    I know army types have their own moral code but the idea of drinking beer out of someone else’s leg is gross and its becoming clear that parts of our army are made up of some of the worst types.

  12. Been away doing other stuff.

    I see that China and Australia haven’t kissed and made up.

    Have no idea what the stuff about the prosthesis is and don’t want to know.

  13. Mexican yes some in our military have let us down very badly. There is no response other than showing disgust, disappointment and regret.

    China’s response this year has been so over the top we shouldn’t rollover. Sure Morrison could have handled a couple of issues, Covid inquiry and doctored picture, better. However the China response has been stupid and bloody-minded.

  14. It would be better all round if Morrison would just shut up.
    Keeping your trap shut is not backing down, you can’t back down if you keep your trap shut.

  15. 5 years after I graduated and had extensive experience in my field, thanks to some lucky breaks and some hard work, I found myself on a project in north QLD with full responsibility of the outcome and with a few peeps under my supervision. Evening beers were very welcome and I would often start up conversations at the bar. One chap was a builder who I had come across on my job. We got talking about salaries, when I told him mine he nearly choked on his XXXX. ‘The blokes pushing wheelbarrows on my sites get more than that!’.

  16. Simon Katich says:
    Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at 7:45 pm
    We got talking about salaries, when I told him mine he nearly choked on his XXXX. ‘The blokes pushing wheelbarrows on my sites get more than that!’.

    You don’t do engineering for the money.

  17. Frednk agree Morrison should stop playing to his base and look at the bigger picture. Unfortunately I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t help him politically.

  18. Looks as though the great Australian tradition of it’s not how educated & professional you are, but just how much you earn is alive & well.

    How aspirational.

  19. Personally, I’m extremely pleased that Able Seaman Alfred Savage has been posthumously awarded the VC, the only Australian matelot to receive such recognition.

  20. I did quit and went and worked on a boat off WA for 6months. Then the company I had worked for wanted me back and decided they would pay a more reasonable salary.

  21. Pretty much everything else up there bites. Crocs. Jelly fish. Cassowary. Barflies at Tully. The girls still dancing at Toowoomba nightclubs after midnight.

  22. However, I will grant you, there is nothing like a Coopers extra stout after giving blood. One of lifes pleasures.

    But not too many or you’ll end up extra stout.

  23. Wow! That was some storm! Lightning coming out of the wazoo! Pitchforks, tendrils and sideways between clouds! The greatest show on earth!

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