Essential Research and Morgan: coronavirus, superannuation and trust in business leaders

Generally favourable reaction to the government’s handling of coronavirus, a big thumbs up to access to superannuation, and yah boo sucks to Murdoch, Palmer, Rinehart and Harvey.

The fortnightly Essential Research poll focuses, naturally enough, on coronavirus, with 45% rating the federal government’s response good or very good, and 29% poor or very poor. According to The Guardian’s report, it would seem the latter tend to be those most worried about the virus, as measured by a question on whether respondents felt the situation was being overblown, with which “one third” agreed while 28% thought the opposite.

Over the course of three fortnightly polls, the proportion rating themselves very concerned has escalated from 25% to 27% to 39%, while the results for quite concerned have gone from 43% to 36% and back again. The Guardian’s report does not relate the latest results for “not that concerned” and “not at all concerned”, which were actually up in the last poll, from 26% to 28% and 6% to 9% respectively. Further questions relate to trust in various sources of information, notably the government and the media, but we will have to wait for the publication of the full report later today to get a clear handle on them. Suffice to say that Essential still has nothing to tell us on voting intention.

In other findings, 49% said they wanted the opposition to fall in behind the government’s decisions while 33% preferred that it review and challenge them, and 42% now consider themselves likely to catch the virus, up from 31% on a fortnight ago. Seventy-two per cent reported washing their hands more often, 60% said they were avoiding social gatherings, and 33% reported stocking up on groceries.

We also have a Roy Morgan SMS survey of 723 respondents, which was both conducted and published yesterday, showing 79% support for the government’s decision to allow those in financial difficulty to access $20,000 of their superannuation. As noted in the previous post, an earlier such poll of 974 respondents from Wednesday and Thursday recorded levels of trust in various Australian politicians (plus Jacinda Ardern, who fared best of all); a further set of results from the same poll finds Dick Smith, Mike Cannon-Brookes, Andrew Forrest and Alan Joyce rating best out of designated list of business leaders, with Rupert Murdoch, Clive Palmer, Gina Rinehart and Gerry Harvey performed worst. We are yet to receive hard numbers from either set of questions, but they are apparently forthcoming.

UPDATE: Full report from Essential Research here.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. A second West Australian has died from coronavirus. Victim is a man in his 70s, who died at Joondalup Hospital. He was previously a cruise ship passenger @abcperth #perthnews

  2. The politicians are pleading for the electorate to do the “right thing” when it comes to social distancing and the like. This is not really surprising. Despite the authoritarians/Facists in our society demanding police action to enforce social distancing, and perhaps, soon, lock down, there are just not enough coppers to ensure compliance.
    Can’t speak for those on the other side of the Rabbit Proof, but with just on 7,000 police officers in WA – with say 80% of these in the Perth metropolitan area (which is very large) this group of 5,600 coppers (and they all can’t be on duty every minute of the day) would have their work cut out just to keep basic law an order in operation.

  3. It hasn’t had much press but the government reneged on its ban on non urgent elective surgery today. They let it happen for another week.
    The Colleges of Surgery and Anaesthesia still recommend it banned.
    A few of my disgraceful colleagues have organised extra operating lists on the weekend to perform facelifts and breast augmentations.
    I’m ashamed to be a plastic surgeon.

  4. S&P has cut Virgin Australia’s credit rating to CCC, deep in junk territory, after the airline grounded 125 planes due to the coronavirus pandemic, warning the airline was at risk of defaulting on its debt.

  5. Sprocket

    Mrs S and I have been a bit anxious about the 50th dinner we went to on 14 March.

    I didn’t kiss anyone but, as you would expect, I had to knock back a few attempted pecks.

  6. At least 35 people at Jimmy Niggles wedding (he is the one with the beard, and a ‘social influencer’) have come down with C19 – one of them, Senator Andrew Bragg – a Liberal Wet- infected Senator Rex Patterson..

  7. Dan wins the prize

    Although he missed the bonus point for pointing out tha Twiggy Forrest justifies paying no tax because he gives to charitable causes of his choosing

  8. Shellbell:

    No point beating around the bush. NSW is about 50% of all new cases and will largely dictate exponential growth or flattening of the curve.

    It’s of course possible for any the jurisdictions to have exponential growth, notwithstanding NSW having linear growth (if it were to do so). In that case the overall result would be exponential (though there would dampening).

    Presumably to the chagrin of s92 fanatics, intercourse has ceased to be free between the States, and we should analyse each separately, then sum them if a national total is for some reason desired.

  9. Diogenes

    What an insight into the government’s priorities responding to the virus. Special treatment for ‘fabulous’ hair do’s , bigger boobs and making fading ‘beauties’ look younger. Wonderful 🙂

  10. Shellbell

    Apparently Jimmy and bride went to Maldives for honeymoon – and are stuck there. Still regaling their Instagram followers.

  11. A criminal mastermind brought down by coronavirus.

    Man arrested at border checkpoint
    By Matt Dennien

    A man has been taken into custody at a Queensland border checkpoint after attempting to cross to the Gold Coast in an allegedly stolen ute with hand-drawn number plates.

    Police say the 43-year-old man was wanted on an outstanding warrant and allegedly found drugs and “other items” in the vehicle after it was stopped on the Gold Coast Highway before 3pm.

    The man was taken to Palm Beach Police Station for questioning, with charges expected.

  12. Blobbit @ #2441 Thursday, March 26th, 2020 – 5:53 pm

    Que? Not sure if that’s just a suggestion of GIGO? Or are you suggesting a correlation?

    The latter. My understanding is the virus prefers cooler temperatures. Was just wondering if maybe it’s observable that there’s slightly less spread on warmer days/slightly more on cooler. Probably not, but could be interesting to see.

  13. “My understanding is the virus prefers cooler temperatures.”

    Ah. I’d have to find a dataset. I guess the BOM has one floating around. What would be a good site though – Sydney temps?

  14. Although he missed the bonus point for pointing out tha Twiggy Forrest justifies paying no tax because he gives to charitable causes of his choosing

    He justifies fighting native title payments because noone should make a fortune just by exploiting natural resources, well except him, evil prick he is.

  15. What an insight into the government’s priorities responding to the virus. Special treatment for ‘fabulous’ hair do’s , bigger boobs and making fading ‘beauties’ look younger. Wonderful
    Only blue rinses will be permitted.

  16. Late Riser @ #2484 Thursday, March 26th, 2020 – 6:38 pm

    frednk @ #2476 Thursday, March 26th, 2020 – 6:25 pm

    LR is there a URL for the data set you are modelling. I am curious as to what the re-infection rate is.

    Happy to share the data. I’ll have a think as to how. I’ve been scraping it from different sources, news reports and aggregators.

    Current favourite aggregators:

  17. I think he’s trying to say he’s keeping an eye on us all just in case we say anything he will badly misconstrue as being naughty and act accordingly to try and set us straight.

    Zoidlord says: Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 6:35 pm

    “..” (my quotation marks.)

    I just finished watching the director’s cut of Brazil and it’s more relevant now than it was 35 years ago.

  18. (ROME) — It was the biggest soccer game in Atalanta’s history and a third of Bergamo’s population made the short trip to Milan’s famed San Siro Stadium.

    Nearly 2,500 fans of visiting Spanish club Valencia also traveled to that Champions League match.

    More than a month later, experts are pointing to the Feb. 19 game as one of the biggest reasons why Bergamo has become one of the epicenters of the coronavirus pandemic — a “biological bomb” was the way one respiratory specialist put it — and why 35% of Valencia’s team became infected.

    The match, which local media have dubbed “Game Zero,” was held two days before the first case of locally transmitted COVID-19 was confirmed in Italy.

  19. “Dandy Murraysays:
    Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 7:41 pm
    LR, Cud, Blobbit,

    I’ll make some python code available soonish.”

    Ta. I’ve been trying to force myself to get to grips with Python. Maybe this’ll be the reason 🙂

    I should load the data up into Maxima. Not quite R, but it’s what I tend to play with when I’m past excel’s capabilities.

    At the moment I’m just doing the excel thang.

  20. Dio

    That side deal with private hospitals is being reported now. Scomo tried to hide it in the initial press release. Greed meets corruptability.

    “ Royal Australasian College of Surgeons president Tony Sparnon on Thursday described the decision as a “sell-out to the private hospitals”.

    “It’s putting commercial forces ahead of patient safety and the use of vital resources,” he told The Age.”

  21. Zeh

    Am currently tackling Cryptonomicon. Also picked up Gibson’s latest the other day.

    I loved Cryptonomicon, although Gibson is by far the better writer. I must look for his latest.

  22. Germany’s outlier status may be in jeopardy…

    1:40 pm: Germany reports close to 5,000 new cases

    Germany reported another 4,995 cases of the coronavirus disease, with the country’s total now standing at 36,508, according to the latest data from the Robert Koch Institute.

    The institute is a federal government agency responsible for disease monitoring and prevention.

    Fatalities from COVID-19 in Germany increased by 50 to 198, said the institute. — Yen Nee Lee

  23. How many billions did we poor idiots have to pay for Duttons powder puff Border Force.

    The fascist black uniforms must have cost a lot.

    It turns out they only stop defenceless refugees on leaky boats.

    Confronted with a REAL threat, they just wave it through!!

    Gutless! Useless! Expensive!

    Isn’t that the very definition of a Liberal?

  24. The private hospitals deal, like the cruise ships deal, the NRL deal and the church conference deal, illustrate how Scomo governs. Mates and money trumps public interest every time. What will he do with the $80 billion stimulus package?

    With parliament not sitting again till August, it is going to be a long five months.

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