Newspoll: 52-48 to Labor

Labor slightly widens the lead it opened in the previous Newspoll, and Anthony Albanese maintains his ascendancy as preferred prime minister despite a slight fall in his personal ratings.

The Australian reports the latest Newspoll has Labor’s two-party lead widening from 51-49 to 52-48 since the previous poll three weeks ago. Both major parties are down on the primary vote, the Coalition by two to 38% and Labor by one to 35%, while the Greens are up one to 13% (equalling their best result since 2011) and One Nation is steady at 4%. Scott Morrison’s personal ratings are unchanged after the hit he suffered in the previous poll, at 37% approval and 59% disapproval, while a spike in Anthony Albanese’s ratings last time has failed to completely stick, with his approval down three to 43% and disapproval up three to 40% (compared with 40% and 41% in the poll before). However, Albanese maintains the lead on preferred prime minister he opened up in the last poll, which is out slightly from 43-39 to 43-38. The poll was conducted Wednesday to Sunday from a sample of 1510.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. This spiteful bit of bile might just be from the source of the incorrect public service advice, which to Morrison’s never ending discredit, should never has passed his lips. But alas, it flowed so easily – a neoliberal user pays fob off instead of a humane response to adversity and acceptance of the responsibility for attempting to mollify a potential national emergency.

    Whatever situation you find yourself in, well, your fault dude. Great stuff. Unless of course it happens that you’ve come up short in a cotton venture – no worries, here’s $80 mill, or need a railway to some mine, or …

    But most of all, we can’t have tax paying citizens duped into thinking their government is there to help them. No siree.

    The loss of $600,000 in payments from evacuees will have a negligible financial impact on the Australian government or the departments involved in the evacuation. The decision to reverse this position and provide free evacuations will, however, have effects on the public perception of the role of the Australian government in supporting its citizens travelling internationally.

    Dr John Coyne is the head of the border security and strategic policing and law enforcement programs at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

  2. Pegasus:

    [‘The Victorian Greens will hold a ballot of its members in the coming weeks, after a brief internal campaigning period, to choose a replacement, with a wide field of candidates expected.”]

    The Vic Greens have more problems than the second Fleet – I won’t, to avoid embarrassment, list them.

  3. Matt Canavan quits cabinet to back Barnaby Joyce for National party leadership

    “The leadership position is decided by a secret ballot, with MPs due to meet at 9am on Tuesday. A result should be known by 10.30am.

    Late on Monday, Canavan said he would support Joyce because the party needed to “fight a bit harder” and “shout a bit louder”.
    Canavan said he would not stand for deputy, and it would be up to McCormack and Scott Morrison if he could return to the ministry in the event Joyce was unsuccessful.

    Nationals MPs will also vote on a replacement for McKenzie as deputy, with several MPs expected to run, including the New South Wales MP David Gillespie, the drought minister, David Littleproud, and the Queensland MP Keith Pitt.

    The position will be decided by a series of ballots that eliminate one unsuccessful nominee each round.”

  4. Bye Bye RDn we hardly knew ye…

    Wish him well in the future, but I felt his time had come and gone.

    Not sure whom I think should lead… Maybe Larissa?
    She seems to spin a good yarn

  5. Mavis

    I don’t care who will become the new fed Greens leader, nor do I care I don’t get to vote for him/her.

    I do care about having a say who will replace RDN as the Victorian senator. I will be able to vote in such a ballot, as will every other member of the Victorian Greens party and every vote is of equal value.

    Grassroots party democracy.

  6. Tricot posted last night that he was one of those who got out of China, I wonder if he’s now heading to Christmas Island?

  7. …. and indigenous Australians who just want to develop their own land

    Where to start on that – apart from a small puke.

  8. That statement by Canavan was obviously a rushed job. A big slab of one paragraph is repeated (where the author forgot to delete draft words). This probably indicates that Canavan was in a flurry, not only about the Nationals leadership but also because he had done a McKenzie by failing to declare membership of a club that benefitted from federal government largesse.

  9. Pegasus:

    Good for you, though the secrecy of the Greens’ processes is a worry, evidenced by Dick’s announcement today. Any other leader’s resignation would’ve been presaged.

  10. Yep, gotta produce that wealth. No matter whether it’s done sustainably, ethically, and without sending entire species extinct. Just gotta get that wealth!

  11. Confessions……blow me down, but I just missed out on the Mystery Flight via Learmont to Paradise Island………….(Otherwise know as CI…………….)
    Came through Perth airport late Saturday and one could have brought in a nuclear weapon for all the heath checks that were made at the point of entry – at that particular point in time.
    I have been in self-imposed, non-mandatory house-bound (well sort of – have been for a walk) self-quarantine. The planes I came home on were loaded with families with kids, many wearing masks (me too for all the use they are) and I am doing my best to stay away from family kids at one end of the age spectrum, and the elderly at the other……..

  12. wombat – you about?

    What about gloves and hand sanitisers?

    One thing I think is abysmally missing on planes, and any other number of places for that matter, is hand cleaning stations. Ships have them I believe outside dining rooms; I know a Woollies with wet towels to clean your trolley. But hand contact with a fresh drop of viral load seems muchly overlooked.

    Or gloves. The Queen always wears gloves. Can’t touch dirty.

  13. Only having on this site for a dogwatch, I’m coming to like it, though William tends to apply his commenting guidelines adhocly, a word not known to spellcheck.

  14. Some Indigenous people DO want to make a quid out of their land.
    Why not?
    It is not axiomatically one way or another.
    Current indigenous values span more or less the same spectrum as non-Indigenous values.

  15. Boerwar @ #726 Monday, February 3rd, 2020 – 9:30 pm

    Some Indigenous people DO want to make a quid out of their land.
    Why not?
    It is not axiomatically one way or another.
    Current indigenous values span more or less the same spectrum as non-Indigenous values.

    I was referencing the irony that the party of the Great Disenfranchising is calling out radical lefties as blocking indigenous land use for whatever purposes.

  16. Four Corners was harrowing. The best sort of docco, IMO.
    Media Watch has been a cracker as well. Excellent quality Teev.
    Now for how well Hamish can manage Q&A panellists…

  17. So, Matt Canavan wants to give Indigenous Australians Australia back, ‘so they can develop their own land’ !?!

    How nice of him. I wait with baited breath his legislation to that effect.

  18. Now for how well Hamish can manage Q&A panellists…

    Very different format – and the desk has gone. The panel, apart from Jim Moran, look very interesting.

  19. Molan blowing it out of his arse.
    Yammering about ‘bottom up’ assistance from the Feds.
    A key bottleneck is Centrelink.

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