Essential Research: 54-46 to Labor

No change on voting intention from Essential Research, as respondents reject the government’s stance on company tax cuts.

No change this week on Essential Research’s two-party preferred result, which shows Labor maintaining a two-party lead of 54-46, although as usual we’ll have to wait until later today for primary votes. The pollster’s monthly leadership ratings find Malcolm Turnbull with 39% approval (up one) and 42% disapproval (down three), while Bill Shorten is on 33% approval (also up one) and 46% disapproval (also down three), and Turnbull’s lead as preferred prime minister is 42-47, down from 42-25 last time. As related by The Guardian, the poll finds 72% supporting company tax cuts being made conditional on pay rises; more disagreeing than agreeing that company tax cuts would lead to higher wages without prompting; most disagreeing that penalty rate cuts would encourage companies to hire more workers. A series of questions on the proposed Adani coal mine found 48% saying it should be assessed on its economic and environmental merits, 22% saying coal mining in the Galilee basin should be banned, and 13% saying all mines should go ahead subject to environmental approvals.

UPDATE: Full report here.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. @PeeBee,

    Thanks for the info. It was all very odd, and I will keep everyone updated with developments.

    Interesting to hear that it was not the old Foxtel-type cable that was being installed. I had (a faint) hope, that it was a new type of ultra-thin fibre optic cable, but suspect I am not that lucky. I will go and haunt Whirlpool when I have time.

  2. I would like some knowledgeable group to assess the eventual all-up cost of Turnbull’s NBN, including cost of replacing the obsolete copper, loss of income and sale value that was projected using the original FTTP model plus actual performance comparisons and nation infrastructure viability into the future.

  3. poroti:

    Jacinda is just trolling those idiot fuddy duddies who all complained that Gillard doing such media was demeaning herself and desperate to boot!

  4. If today could not get any more bizarre. Bob Katter responded just like my family and I did, to Turnbull’s speech earlier. Sweet Jesus!!!

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    Sky News Australia
    Sky News Australia
    .@RealBobKatter: I was with about 20 staffers when @TurnbullMalcolm was giving his speech on minister-staffer relations, and I nearly died laughing.

    MORE: (link:
    Embedded video
    9:19 PM · Feb 15, 2018

  5. @ajm

    Sounds to me that either they are pulling HFC through the Telstra ducts (bit of that happening near me in Brisbane, but we are getting aerial HFC) or perhaps you are going to be a site for fibre to the kerb..

    Thanks! That makes sense. We were supposed to eventually, after 2019, get HFC, which is the worst sort of NBN – i.e. more expensive than we have now but with no increase in speed.

    This makes sense if they are installing fibre to the kerb: connect every second house with either HFC or proper fibre optics. Then see who complains the most. Do it with enough places, and you could have a large statistical study that says HFC is just as good as FTTP. Or, if not, just can the results – explains the secrecy.

  6. D&M

    Go to and search for your suburb. They have a lot of the official NBN data rearranged in a more accessible form. Takes a bit if fiddling around and pursuing obscure leads but you professional expertise should help with that!

  7. Nope @CTar1 – the cavalcade of comm cars heading for the airport represents the regular Thursday night exodus… and we get our city back, until 26 Feb.

  8. Victoria,

    Interesting comment from Katter.

    It would be a debacle for Turnbull if , in trying to save his own arse by throwing Joyce to the dogs, he put himself forward as a unwanted judge and jury on individuals morality, pissed off the nationals and made himself a laughing stock. All in the same presser !

    A great debacle, but a debacle anyway.

    The headlines tomorrow will be fascinating.


  9. So the Turnbull Abbott PM continues.
    Bishop says she can reschedule her trips.
    Turnbull says be a good girl and go overseas and act pretty Julie.


    From the Old Grumpy White Male land, a war on charities for their marxist aspirations!!

    Sky News Australia
    1 hr ·
    Ross Cameron: Non-governmental charities are fanatically committed to three issues — gender, climate change and increasing tax. Australia should stop giving any money to them immediately.


    You have to watch the video – totally hilarious.

  11. “Their actions also angered Victoria. On Thursday morning, the state’s water minister, Lisa Neville, said the Murray-Darling basin plan was now “over”. “We said if these motions get disallowed the plan is over. It’s not walking away, the plan is over,” Neville told ABC radio.”

    Could someone explain to me why the Victorian Government is unhappy that the Senate disallowed a plan to increase water havesting in the northern reaches of the MDB and therefore REDUCED overall water in the MDB?

  12. Looks like John Kelly won’t be on Team Trump for long.

    Trump’s public search for his next chief has left Kelly isolated and damaged by the drumbeat of leaks. Trump seems to be doing anything he can to needle Kelly. Last week, the president made sure that Kelly heard he had called his predecessor Reince Priebus for advice, a source briefed on the call told me. Perhaps it was a gambit to get Kelly to quit so he wouldn’t have to fire him. Trump hates making staffing decisions that are perceived to be driven by the media.

  13. I’m really looking forward to getting the NBN.
    Foxtel are going to cut off my cable internet to force me on to the NBN and I will get slower internet service. And it will cost more.
    Thanks Malcolm!!

  14. Briefly

    Good to see you here, I have a little more real information on Palestine which contradicts the nonsense you recently posted. This time on mobile telecommunications.

    Palestinians finally get access to 3G services

    While the rest of the world is speculating about the arrival of 5G, Palestinians in the occupied West Bank were able to start using 3G mobile services just last month after years of wrangling with Israeli authorities.

    Two companies, Jawwal and Wataniya, started offering the services on 23 January, a report on the website said.

    Prior to that, Palestinian mobile companies had no access to the frequencies as they had been blocked by Israel.

    The report pointed out that 3G services were launched in the early 2000s and 4G is common in most countries.

    It quoted Ammar Aker, chief executive of the Paltel communications company which owns Jawwal, as saying it had taken a decade to get Israel to agree to allow 3G services.

    “We launched 3G technically and commercially about midnight on Monday (22 January), he said.

    “This is a strategic step we have been waiting for for more than 10 years. We hope it has a positive effect on the national communications (infrastructure) and economy.”

    The service will be only be available in the West Bank for now and not in the Gaza Strip, which has been blockaded by Israel for more than a decade.

    Both companies need Israeli permits to bring in the necessary equipment. Egypt has also kept its border with Gaza largely closed in recent years.

    So the Palestinian authority cannot even control RF spectrum in its State and is held way behind the rest of the world by the Israeli illegal occupiers.

    An utter disgrace and rightly condemned.

  15. Does that job for Trump pay a lot? I will do it. I guarantee it will not be pleasant for either of us but I have dealt with a bastard like him before.

    I dont know how long it took for his swollen and bruised nads to heal. My foot never felt a thing.

  16. Just caught that News Ltd drone Shari whatserface on 7:30.

    Wow……she has really got it on hard in terms of going Barnyard, but seems to want to protect Turnbull??

    This is major rolling flustercluck for the Govt.

    Been mentioned upthread but doesn’t Turnbull realize how utterly stupid he looks getting all passionate about the bonk ban, bonking supposedly being a private matter up till now, while letting the other stuff like special jobs and pay for Barnyards lover slide on hopefully unnoticed??

    Give this a couple of weeks to filter into the poll results and they could be looking at serious problems……well more serious problems……..

  17. “I’m really looking forward to getting the NBN.”

    I was too. Got FTTN. Used to get 2-3Mbps on ADSL and now get 16-22 Mbps on FTTN.

    Ok, thats much better than i had. However………

    With the recent pricing changes iinet 50Mbps plan was the same price as the 25Mbps i was on with the same inclusions. Cool think i and swapped over. Was hoping would do better than what i had, particularly on upload.

    Anyway, upshot is that iinet have now tested and told me that my line quality and line length mean i will never do any better than i have now unless the infrastructure changes. Not a prob with the RSP.
    they have done their best and i am not out of pocket since the 50Mbps plan i’m on was no cost increase.

    So Mal?? where is the 25Mbps you promised by the end of 2016?? Lowlife creep.

  18. Fess
    I am willing to do a Victor of the Victor/Victoria movie. Or I will send him a pic of a Russian beauty as my Resume. (Putin with blonde woman’s wig)

  19. Tpg Bemused.
    Was almost going to ditch them cause my testing was showing not getting anywhere near 25. Or 20 for that matter.
    Not on a contract so if I need to I can jump. Getting 46-48 pretty consistently. Apparently they’ve upped their cvc or whatever it’s called.

  20. Daily Tele says PM BANS SEX

    That no sex sign with the missionary man wearing an akubra, obviously a hat tip to Barnaby – no pun intended.

  21. Aqualung @ #2643 Thursday, February 15th, 2018 – 11:02 pm

    Tpg Bemused.
    Was almost going to ditch them cause my testing was showing not getting anywhere near 25. Or 20 for that matter.
    Not on a contract so if I need to I can jump. Getting 46-48 pretty consistently. Apparently they’ve upped their cvc or whatever it’s called.

    Sounds good.

    I was down to get HFC in Q1 this year, but it is now on hold and I don’t know if it is just a delay or if they are switching technologies.

    HFC can be reasonably good – I have it now from Optus. NBN HFC is supposed to be even better than what I have now.

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