Same-sex marriage survey: 61.6 yes, 38.4 no

And the winner is …

So there you have it. Below is a tool for exploring the results at divisional level according to a range of electoral and demographic criteria. Take your pick from the drop down menu, and you will get divisional “yes” votes recorded on the vertical axis, and their results for the relevant indicator on the vertical axis. Most of these are self-explanatory, with the exception of “One Nation support index”. This equals the division’s 2016 Senate vote for One Nation divided by the party’s overall Senate vote in that state, multiplied by 100. So an electorate will score 100 if its One Nation vote is exactly equal to the state average; it will score 200 if it’s double; 50 if it’s half; and so forth. This is to prevent the party’s across-the-board high results in Queensland from spoiling the effect. “Finished school” is measured as a percent of the 15-plus population.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. CTar1 and ajm: I’ve had a re-read of Section 32 of the Australian Public Service Act 1999 and its not 100% clear to me whether or not it is saying that a public servant who resigns to contest an election is “entitled” to return to their job no matter what or whether it is simply saying that, if the agency from which they resigned agrees to re-employ them, they are entitled to be treated as if they had never resigned (ie, so they don’t have to re-apply for their job, retain their leave and superannuation entitlements, etc.).

    So perhaps it is only a “gentleman’s agreement” after all.

  2. Bw

    I don’t know if he’s a good coach either. Dio would say not because he thinks the formation the team uses on the field is ratsh%t.

    I think his point at the moment about resigning is that while he’s expected to make a commitment to stay until the World Cup there’s no such commitment by the board to keep him until then so he needs to consider other offers that would include a contract.

  3. Even Fox News Is Getting Sick Of Trump’s Crap As They Mock His White House Asia Speech

    Fox News was not happy as Trump promised a major announcement and instead offered an how I spent my Asia trip speech.

    Shep Smith wanted to talk about the Roy Moore situation, but Trump offered zippo on that, so he asked the AP’s Josh Feldman what he would tell people the speech was about. Feldman answered, “Well, this had the feeling Shep, of when your cousin has already told you all about their vacation, but he makes you watch the slideshow of all of his pictures anyway. I mean there was nothing new in here that we didn’t know from having watched the President’s travels over the last week and a half or so.”

    Anthony Zurcher of the BBC made the same point that Trump promised a major announcement, and instead delivered nothing

    Fox News is divided on Trump. There is the Hannity/Ingraham faction that acts as state-run television, and then there are the journalists at Fox who tired of being lied to, misled, and stonewalled by this White House.

    Trump’s tween needing attention and acting out behavior is exhausting, and it looks like even parts of Fox News are getting tired of his crap.

  4. Boerwar @ #1143 Thursday, November 16th, 2017 – 2:53 pm

    I have no idea just how good or bad a coach Postecoglou is.

    Looking at his body shape, his body language and his words, I would say that his current job is a one man OH&S disaster.

    That said, one germane point may be that he has taken a team with an average FIFA rating of 48 and managed to squeeze it into the final 32.


    IMO, Postecoglou is a good coach; he wants the team he coaches to play possessive, attacking football at the highest possible level.

    He did really well at Brisbane Roar, Melbourne Victory and has done well with the Socceroos. It is the only truly international football code and he has gotten the group that followed the ‘golden years’ team into the World Cup. Besides which, the Australian team are the current Asian Champions.

    It is so easy to be an expert player or coach from the comfort of a lounge chair or commentator’s chair.

  5. Roy Moore’s Days Are Numbered As Sixth Woman Claims He ‘Grabbed’ Her Inappropriately

    With no end in sight and no guarantee that more women won’t come forward over the final weeks of this hotly contested Senate race, Roy Moore may soon have no choice but to step aside.

    Roy Moore’s campaign for the U.S. Senate found itself in even deeper trouble on Wednesday after yet another woman, Tina Johnson, has come forward claiming he “grabbed” her inappropriately at his law office in 1991.

    According to, Moore, an attorney at the time, was married when the incident occurred, and the woman he allegedly groped was 28-years-old, twice the age of his youngest victim.

    The report provides a detailed account of the disturbing interaction between Moore and Johnson when the young woman was at his office to sign custody papers

    The controversy has taken its toll on Moore’s campaign, with a new internal GOP poll showing Democrat Doug Jones leading by a mammoth 12 percentage points. The race is likely much closer, however, as the RealClearPolitics average still shows Moore leading Jones by three points.

    With no end in sight and no guarantee that more women won’t come forward over the final weeks of this hotly contested Senate race, Roy Moore’s days as a Senate candidate could be numbered.

  6. Ange is a whinge without a cause.

    He regularly seems to make it about himself. Maybe he has some unhealthy baggage he cant let go, or maybe it serves a purpose.

  7. Pair Of Women Who Worked At Alabama Mall Add Their Names To Growing List Of Roy Moore Accusers

    The newspaper noted that a dozen people they spoke to remember Moore frequently “walking around alone, leaning on counters, spending enough time in the stores, especially on weekend nights.”

    Just hours after a sixth woman came forward alleging that Roy Moore “grabbed” her inappropriately at his law office in 1991, the Washington Post is reporting that two more women had similar experiences with the current GOP Senate nominee in Alabama.

    According to the report, the two women worked at a Sears store at a mall in Gadsden, Alabama, where Moore was a frequent visitor. One of the two women was in high school.

    These deeply troubling revelations follow earlier reporting that Moore was banned from an Alabama mall in the 1980s for “prowling the mall” and trying to repeatedly pick up teenage girls.

    This type of behavior shouldn’t just bar Moore from visiting the neighborhood mall. It should also disqualify him from stepping foot inside the United States Senate.

  8. Trump probably can’t see why there is all that fuss about Moore treating girls and prey like crap.

    Isn’t that they way it is supposed to work?

  9. IMO, the problem with sec44 Is that it makes it invalid for anyone to NOMINATE for parliament. It would save the current predicament if newly elected members should be required to prove there compliance with the section, and not be admitted until the parliament should decide they’d done whatever was required! This is open to abuse by an unscrupulous majority, but an appeal to the court of disputed returns should be allowed.
    Of course this is moot, because it would require a referendum, which would have a snowflake’s chance in hell of succeeding, but it would save the tedious speculation of whether 19th century ‘statesmen’ were jingoistic racists!
    Interested parties could look at the case of John Wilkes and the 18th century Middlesex Elections.

  10. TallebudgeraLurker / SK / Bw

    I’m not a ‘soccer’ affectionado so I really don’t understand the different on-field formations and the related tactics at all.

    I see him on TV occasionally and he always seems to get asked if he’s staying or going … probably drives him batty.

  11. KayJay @ #911 Thursday, November 16th, 2017 – 10:33 am

    guytaur @ #896 Thursday, November 16th, 2017 – 10:13 am

    This is worth noting.

    This is where I grew up.
    sluntz: Twenty years ago, in the electorate of Braddon, polls showed 70% of the population supported 25 years jail for homosexual sex. It just voted 54% for marriage equality. Don’t ever let anyone tell you change doesn’t come.
    Tasmania as a whole beat the national average.

    My old home town with it’s electorate voted 55% for marriage equality. Wonderful. I hope the dreadful racism attitudes have improved from a really low base also.

    Yes, we live in hope. Sadly my time machine will never come about as the supply of paddle pop stick so necessary for construction have dried up. Damn the commoners wanting better conditions for themselves. Get back to work, slave conditions were good enough for the hardy pioneering stock and should be good enough for you.

    I seem to have been waylaid. What I mean is that because I am old, yes very, old, (not as old as the nice bloke across the road) and will not live to what a decent Austraya could be.

    Make your own lists. I have my own which includes a proper Aussie flag. A republic. Not only recognition of the first Australians but paying rent as well. Honouring internation treaties regarding refugees. Independence from alliances with war mongering states. Beaucoup paper for further lists. ☮

    Where is my favourite daughter ❓ I need to dress up, complete with top hat, to travel afar; as far as the local bread shop to immerse myself in humanity for a while.

    I like your list KJ.
    The local bread shop wouldn’t happen to be Baked Uprising, would it?

  12. ph RD

    Every time in the last 48 hrs that I’ve flicked over to CNN it has on a different panel of people all talking about Roy Moore endlessly. There appears to be noting else.

    I think Trump will be getting very unhappy that he’s not getting any fake news on screen time.

  13. meher baba:

    The the lease includes clauses requiring the lessee “to protect areas and things of significance to relevant Aboriginals”, “to take all practicable steps to promote Aboriginal administration, management and control of the Park”, and “to regularly consult and liaise with the Land Council, the relevant Aboriginal Association, and the Pitjantjatjara Council in connection with the administration, management and control of the Park”. So it looks to me like those restrictions are rooted in the traditional ownership – the lease granted to National Parks wasn’t unrestricted.

    The fact that it’s National Parks making the decision just seems to underscore this – they’re doing so as the lessee of the land, not as some kind of body making general decisions on what religious sensibilities ought to be enforced.

  14. CTar1 says: Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 4:46 pm

    ph RD

    Every time in the last 48 hrs that I’ve flicked over to CNN it has on a different panel of people all talking about Roy Moore endlessly. There appears to be noting else.

    I think Trump will be getting very unhappy that he’s not getting any fake news on screen time.


    I think Trump will be worried that HIS accusers will come again with similar complaints to that Roy Moore ………. so far they have* allegedly* been silenced with threats and payoffs as per Weinstein …..

    The tapes that some Intelligence agencies are * allegedly * holding on Trump ( apart from the easily discredited ‘fakes” ) are said to be of a horrific nature – only time will tell if they are ever released/qualified to be true …..

  15. I doubt Zuma’s word on this could be treated as ‘gold’ –

    Zuma earlier called for “calm and restraint” and asked the defense forces “to ensure that peace and stability are not undermined in Zimbabwe,” South Africa’s neighbor, which has lurched from crisis to crisis over the past two decades.

    The South African presidency said Mugabe had told Zuma over the phone that he was confined to his home but was otherwise fine and the military said it was keeping him and his family safe.

  16. CTar1
    **I see him on TV occasionally and he always seems to get asked if he’s staying or going … probably drives him batty.**
    It is said that he started that uncertainty through a journo back-channel after he received criticism for not qualifying in the group stage.

    I too dont know enough about the on field tactics, but I do know that the socceroos were drawing or losing to teams below them on the rankings. Even taking into account the arduous travel and difficult pitches they were forced to play on – I think criticism from soccer journos and past players is valid. That he couldnt face that criticism and then fomented doubt about his coaching future with the Socceroos (assuming this is true) is to his detriment.

  17. The politics of football in Aus is even worse than the LNP.
    Postecoglu is a good coach but he hates being called out for crap selections or tactics,hence the dummy spit of I’ll resign tantrum.
    He changed the formation of how the Socceroos played mid way through the WC qualification series and it nearly backfired on him.
    We struggled against teams we should of beaten and ended up having to play to two Home and Away playoffs to qualify. Should never have happened and didn’t need to happen.

  18. It’s all about themselves for Ange and Cahill. Why Ange felt the need to put out a story he was going to quit even if we made the World Cup is totally beyond me. And Timmy threatening not to go to the next World Cup if Melbourne City don’t give him more game time was shameful as well.

  19. rhwombat (Block)
    Thursday, November 16th, 2017 – 4:42 pm
    Comment #1164

    We light to frequent the local Bakers Delight where the ladies not only put up with us but are good humoured with it.

    Be good to yourself. ☮

  20. Postecoglou got a very ordinary team through to the World Cup Final. He’s been successful as a Coach throughout his career. He can rightly say he got more than the best out of his team over the qualifying journey. That the armchair worriers can still bitch says more about them than him every day of the week

    Ange could walk away tomorrow and pick up a multi million deal in China.

    I’d say he’s well justified in throwing peanuts back at the monkeys pilloring him.

  21. The Potato speaks!

    The immigration minister Peter Dutton has just expressed concern that the Safe Schools movement will use the marriage debate as “a launching pad for their next wave”. He’s echoing the concerns of fellow conservatives that same-sex marriage will threaten parental rights to choice.

    “That is a genuine concern,” Dutton told Sky News.

    This whole education and Safe Schools bullsh!t line seems to be about people arguing that parents should have the right to ensure their children are remain ignorant about the law and reality.

    Truly enlightening!

    He’s asked whether he wants to see stronger protections in the Dean Smith bill, or whether such protections can be introduced separately in the new year, after same-sex marriage is legalised.

    Well, potentially, I just think it’s important to see what happens with some of the amendments within this bill. But I do think that there is a future debate now that people can’t say that this future bill will be related to, or somehow intends to stymie same-sex marriage. I think now that we’ve got this issue resolved, it will give us the ability to have a free discussion – I think in the new year – about whether or not there is support for a religious protections bill, and I think that’s important.

    So Dutton seems to be hedging his position. He’s raised the prospect of introducing a “religious protections bill” in the new year, but has left the door open to supporting amendments to the Dean Smith bill. He doesn’t seem particularly interested in introducing specific protections for businesses (the mystical bakers and florists we keep hearing about) who don’t want to service same-sex weddings.

    Is this a tactical retreat?

    I hope so, it’s hard to see separate legislation being passed at a later date.

  22. Today in the Senate, the attack on Women controlling their bodies, themselves, continued:

    Alice Workman‏Verified account
    5h5 hours ago
    Cory Bernardi’s motion to stop medicare funding for abortions was defeated in Senate 36-10.
    One Nation + Eric Abetz, Barry O’Sullivan, Zed Seselja, Matt Canavan & Anne Ruston all voted in favour with Bernardi.

    Thankfully, there were more than enough votes to counter the Punishers and Straighteners faction.

  23. phoenixRED (Block)
    Thursday, November 16th, 2017 – 4:16 pm
    Comment #1149

    Regarding Mal’s marriage to himself.

    I guess this would be by invitation only.

    I would like to be there when the officiating person said “you may kiss the bride”.

    The melt down would be of nuclear bomb proportions as each inveterate ass kiss tried to one up the other.

    Take that lot any way you like. 😍

  24. More Potato.

    Hopeless! 🙁 🙁 🙁

    Peter Dutton has described New Zealand’s offer of $3m to refugees on Manus Island and Nauru as a “waste of money”. The New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern offered the money to help provide essential services to the refugees still on Manus and Nauru.

    Dutton was unequivocal in his condemnation of the offer. He doesn’t want hope being offered out to anyone, apparently.

    It’s a waste of money, in my judgment. Give that money to another environment, somewhere where… Indonesia, for example. We’re the biggest donor into Indonesia for people who are displaced. It’s an issue for New Zealand where they spend their money, but from my perspective, we want to get people off Manus. I want to get the regional processing centre closed, I don’t want hope being offered out to anyone that they’re going to come to Australia. I don’t want them rejecting the US position on the promise that maybe one day they’ll go to New Zealand or somewhere else.

  25. KayJay says: Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 5:30 pm

    phoenixRED (Block)
    Thursday, November 16th, 2017 – 4:16 pm
    Comment #1149

    Regarding Mal’s marriage to himself.


    Well Malcolm is a self made man – totally in love with his creator – so with the legal adaption of SSM – it is only logical that he would want to marry his one and only lifelong true love – himself !!!!!

  26. The problem for the reactionaries is that they decided to hitch the loss of a host of ‘rights’ as a reason for voting against marriage equality.

    The nation is not in the mood for this.

    So now they will have to address rights separately.

    That goes straight to a Bill of Rights.

    And they fear and loathe Bills of Rights.

    The perpetual self-wedging machine has done it again.

  27. @GG….”I’d say he’s well justified in throwing peanuts back at the monkeys pilloring him.”

    Total crap. Just because someone disagrees with your opinion doesn’t make them a monkey.
    He used the Socceroos as his own personal lab experiment and nearly cost the nation a spot in the worlds premier sporting contest. There are many youtube videos of him losing the plot because he doesn’t like people’s criticism.

  28. I think it was a r yesterday who was questioning the benefit and effect of Labor’s ads in the Queensland election. Well, this came up on my Twitter feed from a respected Twit:

    David Marler‏
    21h21 hours ago
    For people outside Qld, @QLDLabor in top gear now. It’s full on anti Newman-Nicholls-Hanson ads across prime time TV. Punchy 15 sec ads, never seen anything like it. #qldvotes

  29. ‘Cud Chewer says:
    Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    ^^^ That picture above (3:36) is enough to turn a gay guy straight..’

    …and a hetero lass queer?

  30. Postecoglou has large swathes of supporters both with the mugs following the game and the journos reporting on it.

    No excuse for his hysterics. They were unseemly as best. You expect more from the national coach.

  31. sonar @ #1188 Thursday, November 16th, 2017 – 5:47 pm

    @GG….”I’d say he’s well justified in throwing peanuts back at the monkeys pilloring him.”

    Total crap. Just because someone disagrees with your opinion doesn’t make them a monkey.
    He used the Socceroos as his own personal lab experiment and nearly cost the nation a spot in the worlds premier sporting contest. There are many youtube videos of him losing the plot because he doesn’t like people’s criticism.

    You clearly have aspirations to being the organ grinder.

    Nearly is a nothing word tinged with rationalising your own jealousy and lack of faith in a successful behemouth of modern Australaia and modern Football.

    Postecoglou’s score is on the board and you can please yourself.

  32. ‘Australia has once again found itself languishing at the bottom of the global rankings on climate policy and action, not budging from its 2016 position of fifth-last, in the latest Climate Change Performance Index, published overnight by the Climate Action Network Europe and German NGO Germanwatch.

    As you can see in the table below, Australia comes in at number 57 – sandwiched in-between two developing nations, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Korea, in the “very poor” performance section – out of a group of 61 countries responsible for more than 90 per cent of global energy-related CO2 emissions.’

  33. Add Michaelia Cash to the list of women (!) who voted with Cory Bernardi to have abortions taken off the Medicare Schedule of Benefits.

    Words fail me.

  34. This is promising …

    Similar to Fairtrade or Organic products, you may soon be able to buy “C02 Neutral” agricultural products – luxury products like coffee and tea look like early starters, others may follow.

    While I don’t think we will be seeing C02 Neutral beef anytime soon, changes in livestock production can still dramatically reduce C02 emissions.

    Sadly, I would expect Australia will be the one of the last countries to join this particular bandwagon.

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