Newspoll: 54-46 to Labor

Malcolm Turnbull’s personal ratings deteriorate still further amid an otherwise stable result from Newspoll.

Newspoll retains its comatose form in its latest fortnightly result, with Labor steady on 37%, the Coalition down a point to 35%, the Greens steady on 10% and One Nation steady on 9%, and Labor’s two-party lead unchanged on 54-46. Malcolm Turnbull’s personal ratings have worsened, down one on approval to 31% and up three on disapproval to 59%, while Bill Shorten is respectively down one to 32% and up one to 56%, with Turnbull’s lead as preferred prime minister at 41-33. Poll courtesy of The Australian; numbers helpfully related by GhostWhoVotes.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Guytaur

    It feels like an eternity for me. Remember I had convinced myself that Trump wouldn’t even make it to inauguration cos the evidence of his treason was clear cut. still believe they had all the evidence way back then.

  2. gt

    Rational response would be delay rollout while fixing problem.

    Yep. Sounds like what they’ll say but Malone is the type to loudly defend his point. He seems to be saying the old network is still available.

    NBN Co are eventually going to have to come back and connect the house anyway and you’d think if they could leave people connected to the old network while they got it sorted that many of the complaints they’re are getting would be much less ‘news worthy’.

  3. AM embedding in campaign is fair as long as they embed for same time in campaign for other candidates.

    Thats the balance the ABC will have to give. Formal legal period or not. They have this Fair and Balanced legislation to abide by now

  4. poroti (Block)
    Monday, October 30th, 2017 – 10:02 am
    Comment #143

    For “chimp tear jerkers” try this recent one.
    “60 year old DYING Chimp RECOGNIZES old Keeper!!

    Very sad.

    Very old humans behave in a similar fashion, refusing food and drink and finally just drifting away.

    Thank you.

    I think I need some more restorative lawn mowing.

    🥔🥔🥔 Potatoes. No grass symbol so I will mow some imagined potatoes and think calming thoughts ❗

  5. Adrian

    to visit mum and dad.


    I don’t even need to ‘mute’ the TV to cope with that sort of guff. I automatically ignore.

  6. BK
    Please leave them alone.They are the breeders for the juveniles that eventually make it into WesternPort where, from time to time, I catch a feed.

  7. Adrian

    Eggleton has always come across as a strange sort of person to me.

    So what he’d find news worthy is equally strange to me.

  8. Some MSM drone was with Barnaby and his mum and dad for a ‘private’ discussion which was promptly spread over the air waves.

  9. Doesn’t everyone bring a random reporter in tow on a visit to mum and dad’s to conduct “private” discussions?

    Mind you, I wonder if the reporter will accompany him when he makes that visit to have that “private” discussion with his wife…

  10. I expect there must have been some preparation for filming Barnaby’s parents – like making sure his father had a full set of vowels available for use and wasn’t wearing an ‘All Blacks’ jumper.

  11. This article was posted earlier, sorry, I forget by whom.

    WA Labor should jump on this girl and mentor her.

    Me thinks, with her obvious courage, integrity and intelligence, she would be a very positive addition to Labor and the Young Labor movement.

    Duncraig Senior High School student Grace Gouldstone will deliver a letter today to principal Stephen Spice explaining why she is returning the “Ian Goodenough award for positive attitude and contribution to the school” presented to her on Thursday.

    “I feel strongly that the sponsor of the award, Ian Goodenough MP, does not support the values of that particular award and does not reflect the values of our school as a positive and inclusive environment, promoting equality for all,” she wrote. “As such, I reject his award.”

    Grace, 17, said she was honoured to be considered a worthy recipient but believed Mr Goodenough’s actions undermined the integrity of the award.

    “Mr Goodenough publicly voted No for the same-sex marriage postal vote and to me this does not reflect the positive beliefs of valuing diversity, inclusivity and most especially equality,” she said. “There are students at our school, my friends, who have a very wonderful and positive future ahead of them in same-sex relationships. I will not accept a community award sponsored by a person who will not allow them to marry in the future.”

  12. CT

    AR or Poroti can probably tell you.

    This is not a problem I have had much. Usually for me right click on image of website gets me the image with copy image address

  13. 

  14. Barnaby will probably use his visit to his parents to make statements like, “The response I get from doorknocking in the electorate has been extraordinary! The voters just love me.”

  15. BK @ #68 Monday, October 30th, 2017 – 7:16 am

    David Penberthy reckons the power companies are playing us for mugs. Google.

    I seriously hope guytaur reads this one. AGL are not the “heroes” in the electricity market that he thinks they are …

    AGL irks me the most because Andrew Vesey has postured as something of a Twitter darling, sucking up to the renewables crowd with his disingenuous boasting about how AGL is “getting out of coal”.

    This is despite the fact that it bought three coal-fired stations in NSW in 2014, derives 90 per cent of its current power from coal and gas, and will be the last Australian power company to wean itself off coal in some three decades’ time.

  16. they could leave people connected to the old network while they got it sorted

    I assume that the ‘cut connection’ tradies are working to a different schedule (separate section) to the ‘turn it on’ ones.

  17. Going off ABC coverage Barnaby Joyce has about 90% of the primary vote sewn up. After all, he is doing ‘a good job’.

    The constituents certainly did not want to vote for that wicked Tony Windsor.

  18. Probably tells you all that you need to know about Iggulden’s report:

    Barnaby Joyce’s by-election campaign underway
    By Tom Iggulden on AM
    Former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is at short odds to win back his seat in the New England by-election.
    His main rival Tony Windsor has bowed out early and One Nation is seemingly distracted by the Queensland state election.

    Barnaby Joyce, Former Deputy Prime Minister
    Ray Davey, Local voter
    Trevor Hazelwood, Local voter
    Jim Joyce, Barnaby Joyce’s father
    Marie Joyce, Barnaby Joyce’s mother

  19. Why would an energy company buy a coal plant with very limited time to run?

    I don’t Know?

    Maybe for the land and the ability to redevelop a site that already has the required access to the grid.

  20. poroti

    I had a quick nosy at Pirelli P7 prices.

    For the standard C series size 225/50R16 92V the P7’s are around the $175 point.

    But there’s lots of other decent recognisable brands in the $130-150 price range.

  21. …and no country person I know talks like Barnaby – all that ‘you know when it’s time to hang up the saddle’ faux-folksy stuff…

  22. hughriminton: “Given the events of the past few weeks it’s not surprising #Newspoll is where it is,” says acting PM. #auspol

  23. But Newspoll hadn’t really changed – isn’t that an admission that they’ve been on the nose for a good while longer than a few weeks? Spin is right

  24. “hughriminton: “Given the events of the past few weeks it’s not surprising #Newspoll is where it is,” says acting PM. #auspol”

    Given the events of the past 18 months it’s not surprising Newspoll is where it is would be more accurate Jules

  25. Phoenix Red, vic,

    It really doesn’t matter who is or who isn’t indicted, Mensch will proclaim herself a genius anyway.

    I’m not going to give her any traffic and visit her site, but here’s a list of people I’ve compiled as being contenders for the indictments due tomorrow (our time), and some to come in the future:

    Let me know how closely (or not) it compares with the self proclaimed genius.

    Donald Trump Sr
    Donald Trump Jr
    Eric Trump
    Ivanka Trump
    Jared Kushner
    Mike Flynn Sr
    Mike Flynn Jr
    Paul Mannafort
    Reince Priebus
    Sean Spicer
    Mike Pence
    Boris Epshteyn
    Michael Cohen
    Jeff Sessions
    Mitch McConnell
    Paul Ryan
    The Republican Party as a whole
    Steve Bannon
    Rex Tillerson
    Steve Mnuchin
    Betsy DeVos
    Erik Prince
    Blackwater (now Academi)
    Devin Nunes
    Jason Chafetz
    Carter Page
    Dana Rohrabacher
    Robert Mercer
    Rebekah Mercer
    Alexander Nix
    Cambridge Analytica
    Julian Assange/Wikileaks
    Nigel Farage (he’s up to his neck in all of this)

    My #1 tip for indictment tomorrow though is Felix Sater.

    PS Just like Mensch, I don’t have any “inside sources”. I’ve just compiled that list from publicly available information – from The Guardian, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Mother Jones, Politicusa, Bill Palmer, and many others. And yes, I actually have been keeping notes.

  26. [guytaur
    hughriminton: “Given the events of the past few weeks it’s not surprising #Newspoll is where it is,” says acting PM. #auspol

    I think she meant to say;

    “Given the events of the past few weeks it IS surprising #Newspoll is STILL where it is,”

  27. Dan G

    Of course Farage is in up to his neck. He was found leaving Ecuador embassy and was evasive when asked about his visit. Obviously was visiting the prick Assange

  28. DG

    I watched a bit of US network news over the weekend and most are saying Manafort or Flynn.

    Either or both are probably wishful thinking by them ‘cos they’d maximise the news coverage possibilities.

    More likely I’d reckon is some one a lot less well known.

  29. victoria

    Dan G

    Of course Farage is in up to his neck. He was found leaving Ecuador embassy and was evasive when asked about his visit. Obviously was visiting the prick Assange


    2 others that Dan forgot – Farage stooge – Andy Wigmore ……….. and my #1 asshole apart from the Trump Crime Family – Brad Parscale with his links to CambridgeAnalytica

  30. CTar1 @ #135 Monday, October 30th, 2017 – 9:56 am

    Malone saying that there’s no reason that people who are in places where NBN connections are being done but who have not been connected because the ‘bog standard’ connection won’t work for their house can’t stay connected to the old network while the problem is resolved is likely to cause NBN Co to have to answer some questions!

    Is the ‘gap’ in phone/internet access these people face simply a result of NBN Co policy meant to force people to change over when NBN is finally ready to connect them?

    You have 18 months from the point the area is provisioned (goes live) to move to NBN. My area was provisioned in January and we are still waiting to go live. I have asked questions all over the place. The latest is that that they will come back here in May 2018 – just before the 18months expires.
    If they leave the area without services there would be homes, businesses, a kindergarten, a petrol station and a fire station without phone services if the area extends as I think it does.

  31. There is even talk that this whole Trump Imbroglio will facilitate the redoing of the Brexit vote. Who knows how this whole shit show will play out.

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