BludgerTrack: 53.6-46.4 to Labor

Very slightly better news on the poll front this week for the Coalition, although Labor maintains its thumping lead on the BludgerTrack poll aggregate.

The only poll this week was a slightly-less-bad-for-the-government result from Essential Research, which takes some of the edge off last week’s surge to Labor. The Coalition’s two gains on the seat projection consist of one apiece in Queensland and Western Australia. No new results on leadership ratings this week.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. kurteichenwald: U know, same sex marriage has been legal for 2 yrs. Hadn’t evangelicals said all straight marriages would be destroyed by now? Mine’s fine.

    profsarahj: From the US, where the issue has subsided to no big deal. Get it done Australia…

  2. Thanks BK.

    The rampant irresponsibility and jaw dropping stupidity of Palaszczuk. Queensland Labor is a fucking disgrace.
    Apart from 1 billion in federal money, the QLD state government is offering a royalty holiday equivalent to a 700 million loan.
    (Money which they will never see again.)

    What is less difficult to see is the opportunity cost of the mine. In addition to the devastating economic impacts the mine will inevitably accelerate, there are the jobs and infrastructure we could have built instead.

    By subsidising an extinct industry, Queensland is missing out on the opportunity to rebuild and renew the communities that are struggling to stay afloat in the wake of the mining boom.

    Instead of creating jobs, they piss money up against the wall and subsidise the destruction of the Reef.,10676

  3. InsidersABC: Final tech checks underway on #Insiders.@andrewprobyn is guest hosting,joined by @cpyne,@lenoretaylor, @latingle & @markgkenny. #auspol

  4. joshgnosis: The Dads4Kids group isn’t some org celebrating fatherhood. They’re anti-gay. Here’s a submission to a nsw inquiry.…

  5. Aboriginal Health Council of WA chairwoman Michelle Nelson-Cox said no drop in meth use had been seen in the East Kimberley, one of two sites in Australia where the Turnbull Government has been trialling the initiative for the past year. She also said the card was still being used as a currency for drugs.

    “What we have seen since that policy was implemented in that particular region is an increase around elder abuse and trade-off with other alternatives — for example, taxi drivers are trading the cards for cash exchange,” Ms Nelson-Cox told a Federal inquiry into the meth epidemic.

    “We have also seen a rapid increase in crime and prostitution.”

  6. As a new teacher just out of Uni, I never got used to the buying rounds thing.

    I lived some distance from where I worked, as did a colleague. He insisted on dropping off for Friday night drinks.

    Someone would get up to buy drinks, ask what I wanted, and say, “It’s OK, I’m buying.”

    And then someone would say to me, “It’s your round.”

    And I never ever had any cash on me, let alone enough to shout several thirsty teachers…

    The annoying thing about it wasn’t I not only didn’t want to be there, I didn’t want to drink!

  7. lizzie,

    Lucky it wasn’t “completed” just think of all the animals that would have suffered from this shoddy construction.

  8. [guytaur

    On a serious note. Internalised homophobia exists. So I am sure there probably is internalised heterophobia too.]

    Isn’t that in part the conflict between conforming to societies “norms” and recognising and accepting your sexuality?

  9. Buying a round really only works in small groups. 4 max. Generally seems to work out that in bigger groups you find people separate into smaller groups for the purpose of rounds.

  10. I’m with zoomster on rounds.

    It pushes people to drink more than they would if buying for themselves alone.

    Easy to fix. Just don’t start. This is especially understood if you don’t drink alcohol. Or should be.

  11. Everyone has their own biases/assumptions. However they range in scope and strength of feeling. Some people take it to levels about race/gender and sexuality. Should keep in mind that 50 years ago the prevailing mood in Aus was anti gay, anti non white etc. Society changed its views for the most part.

  12. This is not essentially sexual but has to do with the complementary gender characteristics of thinking, feeling, being and doing.

    I guess that means women ‘doing’ the ironing, shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing…

  13. IOM

    Yes for the better. As the article posted below points out this is about much more than just marriage equality. Its about separation of church and state.

  14. Ides:

    Insiders has ditched the partisan numpties who simply make excuses for this hopeless govt and offer no insight whatsoever.

  15. Probyn picked exactly the right moment to seek ‘professional haven’ at the ABC. The envy of many of his colleges, I’d say.

    InsidersABC: Final tech checks underway on #Insiders.@andrewprobyn is guest hosting,joined by @cpyne,@lenoretaylor, @latingle & @markgkenny. #auspol

  16. I liked the fact that Andrew Probyn picked Laura Tingle up when she was trying to soft soap the government over the GST distribution.

  17. Im still of the opinion that Mayo will be the seat targeted for abolition with Sturt moving further into Adelaide. Not sure that the AEC would be keen to try to abolish Grey or Barker because they are too large in area.

  18. The ‘Gazelle’ is trying to criticise Labor over an unspoken, as yet, threat to walk out of parliament if Bananaby the Kiwi fruit sits in parliament as PM.

  19. ‘fess

    Barnaby really should’ve stood down from the ministry.


    But the ‘Coalition Agreement’ and the numbers in the Coalition Joint Party Room means this is virtually impossible if the Coalition are to continue to occupy the Government Benches.

    And regardless we’re heading for chaos and lots of ‘conventions’ will be broken.

    It’ll be a different Parliament in 12 months time.

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