Galaxy: 53-47 to Labor

The first poll since the budget finds it to have been the worst-received budget since 1993, although the Coalition’s position on voting intention is no worse than it was already.

The Sunday News Limited tabloids have published the first poll since the budget, courtesy of Galaxy. Details from the reporting are sketchy, but it is presumably a phone-plus-online poll of around 1400 respondents, assuming it followed the same routine as the previous Galaxy poll a fortnight ago. Two-party preferred is at 53-47 in favour of Labor, up from 52-48, from primary votes of 38% for the Coalition (down one), 38% for Labor (up one) and a new high of 8% for Palmer United (up two). No result is available as yet for the Greens. (UPDATE: GhostWhoVotes relates that the Greens are down a point to 10%, and that the poll was conducted from Wednesday to Friday from a sample of 1399.)

With regards to the budget, only 41% rate it as good for the economy versus 46% for not good, while fully 74% say they expect to be worse off against only 11% for better off. The former set of numbers are in stark contrast to the Howard government’s first tough budget after it came to power in 1996, which according to Newspoll was rated good for the economy by 59% and bad by only 22%, with 6% opting for neither good nor bad (an option not available from Galaxy). The only other budget since 1995 to have scored a net negative rating from Newspoll on this measure was last year’s, at 35% for good, 37% for bad and 7% for neither).

The results on impact on respondents’ financial position resemble Newspoll’s findings for the politically disastrous budget that John Dawkins brought down after Labor’s election victory in 1993, which had 4% for better off, 74% for worse off and 17% for no change (the latter option again not available from Galaxy). However, whereas the results from 1993 were accompanied by a collapse in support for the Keating government, this poll has two-party preferred unchanged on pre-budget polling.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. The voting intention and the good/bad figures seem out of kilter with the beter off/worse off numbers.

    I’ll wait for one or two more polls,I think. This looks a bit conservative to me.

  2. In relation to the Galaxy results, I think the slide for Abbott and his government will become more apparent in weeks to come.

  3. And the only way I can get 53:47 with those primaries for the 2 majors and PUP on 8 is with ‘others’ at 5 [-2 and Greens unchanged at 11.

  4. Well, it’s gunna be fascinating to see how Abbott et al are gunna handle the blowtorch to the belly, especially when he’s the one that’s ignited it!

  5. It’s only a newspaper poll, but I bet it is enough to give the new LNP Member for Capricornia heartburn. Hockey’s Budget is not going well up here.

    Reader poll
    If a Federal Election was called today, who would you vote for?
    Current Results

    Palmer United Party – 11%

    Katter’s Australian Party – 1%

    Australian Labor Party – 56%

    The Liberal National Party – 18%

    The Greens Party – 11%

    This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

  6. Abbott’s -ve net sat is hardly surprising. He’s just spent the last couple of weeks convincing everyone that nothing he says can be relied on. In fact, now we can expect Abbott and Co to do the opposite of anything they say. It really does look like power has gone to their heads – like they believe they can try anything, get away with everything.

  7. Dan
    [I want to see the updated Abbott disapproval figures]

    If you want to ‘hear’ updated Abbott disapproval numbers…head to your nearest March in May tomorrow.

    I am hanging for a Monday Morgan outlier to break the 55 line. Go you good Roy Morgan thing!

  8. [And the only way I can get 53:47 with those primaries for the 2 majors and PUP on 8 is with ‘others’ at 5 [-2 and Greens unchanged at 11.

    I get there with Greens 10% and others 6%. Why is Greens 11% and others 5% a problem particularly?

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  10. zoidlord
    I think they’ll be plenty of that, but I think that if this momentum we’re seeing at the moment goes to grow it’ll be case of ‘he can run, but he can’t hide’.

  11. Did someone say LIBSPILL earlier?

    Hypothetically, should such a thing happen, is Hockey now struck from the list of candidates?

  12. There could hardly be a less propitious time for a Federal Treasurer to slam household incomes and confidence. the china economy is decelerating very quickly as the property market there bursts, already impelling marked decline in export prices.

    [An investment banker has blamed the recent slowdown in China’s property market on the triple whammy of a graying population, high prices and oversupply – and he says urbanization won’t ride to the rescue…

    Also, high prices for homes mean most people are having difficulty making a purchase, Ha said. He estimated that in many large and medium-sized cities, average monthly payments on mortgages accounted for up to 78 percent of household income last year, up from 62 percent in 2010.

    “Such a high rate is unacceptable for most normal families,” Ha said, adding that a more reasonable level was 50 percent.

    Finally, the total area of the country’s commercial properties under construction was 4.9 billion square meters at the end of last year, Ha said, and this was four times what was needed. And this oversupply will only worsen as population growth slows, he said.

    As for suggestions that rapid urbanization will aid the property market, Ha said many migrant workers cannot afford home prices in big cities. “Urbanization can’t save China’s property market.”]

  13. Not a problem, just playing with numbers.
    Greens at 11, others at 5 gives me 53 comfortably but 10/6 is only just 52.6. Depends on fractions I suppose.
    anyway we’ll find out soon I hope.

    PS the words ‘is unchanged’ need to be omitted from the second sentence in the intro.

  14. GhostWhoVotes ‏@GhostWhoVotes 3m

    #Galaxy Poll Primary Votes: L/NP 38 (-1) ALP 38 (+1) GRN 10 (-1) PUP 8 (+2) #auspol


    [The world needs to get ready for a new normal with Chinese characteristics. Reacting to yet more evidence that China’s growth is moderating quickly, President Xi Jinping more or less told us last weekend to get used to it.

    “We must boost our confidence, adapt to the new normal condition based on the characteristics of China’s economic growth in the current phase and stay cool-minded,” Xinhua quoted Xi as saying.

    What that means for China is not just slow growth, but slow growth complicated by a lot of debt, a hint of deflation, trouble brewing in the real-estate sector and very limited policy options.

    What that means for the rest of the world is less demand for natural resources and even less reason to be optimistic about the prospect for more, well, normal labour markets and inflation.]

  16. [ In relation to the Galaxy results, I think the slide for Abbott and his government will become more apparent in weeks to come. ]

    99.999% of punters will have not even had a cursory flick through the published budget papers. They will be finding out things they don’t like (allowances cut, programs defunct….) over the next few months and wont be liking any of it. I think the political damage from this budget is just beginning.

  17. Just saw your post imacca before closing the PC. I totally agree. It’s a bit like sun damaged skin. You don’t get to see the results of the sun damage until years later, only in Abbott’s case it will become obvious over the coming weeks and months!

  18. Re Poll
    We can assume that 85% of Green prefs go to Labor…but the Palmer prefs are less clear the end result
    In view of his harsh critique of Abbott and his gang…is it possible that Palmer’s prefs would go more strongly to Labor than at the last election…that changes the poll result

  19. It’s certainly true that Palmer preferences are a bit of an unknown variable. I wouldn’t assume they will be worse for the Coalition than they were at the election, because PUP got a lot of Labor-identifying voters looking for somewhere to park a protest vote, and their preferences tended to come back to Labor. Whereas I think what we’re seeing now is PUP peeling votes off the Coalition, so that the pool of PUP voters is further to the right than it used to be.

  20. Simon

    [If you want to ‘hear’ updated Abbott disapproval numbers…head to your nearest March in May tomorrow.]

    Yep. I’ll be there at only my second political rally. The first one was in March 😉

  21. Surprised to see you speculating on the nature of PUP vote, William, although your supposition is certainly most logical one that springs to my mind. 🙂

  22. BB,
    The film “Black and White” was exceptionally well written and superbly acted. I’ve spent an hour since it ended attempting to purchase it online, but having no luck at all.

  23. Swing Required@1

    The voting intention and the good/bad figures seem out of kilter with the beter off/worse off numbers.

    It is usual for this to be the case, but to not quite the same degree. Check the graphs in Mumble here:

    Note how the axis for one has -40 in the middle and the axis for the other has 0. So about a 40% gap is pretty common.

    It’s very likely that a lot of voters have just swallowed that the harsh medicine is needed, unlike 1993 when they not only thought it was bad for them but also that it was bad for everyone, and hence the government fell off a cliff (9 point Newspoll to Newspoll swing!)

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  25. Paul@6

    Looks like William had better apply his bias balancer to Galaxy…… after all it’s almost agreeing with Reachtel

    It’s a point below it; my current correction to RT is exactly that + I suspect William’s is similar.

    Galaxy is like a golf ball that always lands on the fairway somewhere and usually right in the middle of it. Quite uncanny how little it bounces around. When was the last rogue Galaxy poll? Was there ever one?

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