Sunday preselection snippets

Further dispatches to keep the ball rolling until the glorious day when paged comments return:

Nicole Hasham of the Illawarra Mercury reports on possible successor to Liberal MP Joanna Gash in the southern NSW seat of Gilmore. The front-runner is said to be Shoalhaven deputy mayor Andrew Guile, a one-time staffer to Gash who is evidently not on good terms with his former employer. According to the report, the South Coast Register published a letter from Gash in August which criticised Guile for sharing a $1080 meal with other councillors at a Sydney restaurants at which various preselections were said to be discussed, including her own. Also named as a possible contender is Gash’s “close Liberal associate” Clive Brooks, who “owns South Nowra business Great Southern Motorcycles”.

• The Daily Telegraph reports Craig Laundy, “general manager of his father Arthur’s $500 million hotel empire”, has Tony Abbott’s backing for preselection in the central western Sydney seat of Reid. According to the report, “a senior Liberal source said Mr Laundy had been to see Mr Abbott, party president Arthur Sinodinos, state director Mark Neeham and moderate faction leader Michael Photios about his run for the seat”. He may face opposition in the shape of Dai Le, ABC Radio National producer and two-time state candidate for Cabramatta.

• Christian Kerr and Lauren Wilson of The Australian report that some in the Nationals camp hope the party might be able to poach the New South Wales seat of Hume from the Liberals if Alby Schultz retires as expected at the next election, by fielding Senator Fiona Nash as their candidate. One virtue of the plan is said to be that Nash is seen as “a possible party leader, a more stable alternative to (Barnaby) Joyce”.

• Similarly, the WA Nationals are said to be hopeful of winning Durack if the current Liberal member Barry Haase does not contest the next election, “as many predict”.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. @latikambourkeLatika Bourke

    Tom Howe, acting for the Minister, seeks a termination of the industrial action or secondly a suspension of 120 days if term. not granted.

  2. I liked Uhlmann’s comment that Abbott could criticise the ALP’s IR policy if the Liberals had a policy themselves.

  3. 120 days, 4 months. Christmas and Summer Hols out of the way. Poor Qaint arse Joyce just got his worst nightmare delivered.

  4. I do hope there aren’t too many people in media/politics who are too young to remember Reith and the Patrick lies. At leas Combet is still around to tell them the truth – that’s if they bother to ask.

  5. [Dwelling in a sewer somewhere and feeding from the bottom.]

    I tend to think you’re right.

    This man has no redeeming features that I can discern other than he was, by all reports from Cowes, a damn good lawyer.

  6. rua

    No suspension and no termination?

    That means that Govt may have to go to other sections of the Act and impose it despite FWA…?

  7. charlton

    [This man has no redeeming features that I can discern other than he was, by all reports from Cowes, a damn good lawyer.]

    I trust you were waxing ironical?

  8. Thefinnigans TheFinnigans天地有道人无道
    How long before John Howard will let us hear his wisdom on #qantas
    7 minutes ago

  9. Is now also very obvious Qantas are dragging this out, do they want a resolution
    tonight? Like fek they do, not yet..hoping more time and their user friendly media will turn on the unions and drag the public with them…now we know Reiths dirt hands are involved, anything goes…

  10. [
    Qantas Airways

    Qantas fleet remains grounded until at least midday tomorrow. A decision on afternoon flights will be made tomorrow morning.]

  11. [Didn’t Mr Joyce want termination as the first option?]

    Who knows what Joyce wants I don’t think he knows himself. Compulsory arbitration is definately not what Joyce wants.

  12. Its all over folks QANTAS will be flying tomorrow, Melbourne Cup has been saved by Saint Julia. People named Joyce flock to change their name by deed poll.

  13. rua

    The only internal logic that seems to be consistent with grounding the fleet is if Mr Joyce wanted termination as priority number one followed by compulsory arbitration.

  14. for WA bludgers:

    [NinePerthChannel 9 Perth

    by candice_barnes

    60 MINUTES 7.30 “@LincolnHowes: Alan Joyce head to head with Tara Brown Why he stranded thousands of his own customers all over the world.”

    9 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply]

  15. Boerwar:


    [This man has no redeeming features that I can discern other than he was, by all reports from Cowes, a damn good lawyer.

    I trust you were waxing ironical?]

    I’m yet to master emoticons.

  16. l

    You should hear art philosophers discussing ‘black’. No-one has ever seen perfect black because it can only exist as the complete absence of light.

    And if there is no light to see it by….

  17. 8.45 decision

    [Its all over folks QANTAS will be flying tomorrow, Melbourne Cup has been saved by Saint Julia. People named Joyce flock to change their name by deed poll.]


  18. lizzie


    [Clever lawyers can argue black is white – that’s their gift. Reith is a good example.]

    Don’t be too hard on them; they’re usually just a little behind their clients.

  19. My guess?

    Suspension for a period of 21 days.

    One week to prepare their cast.
    One week to hear the arguments.
    One week to make a decision.

  20. Boerwar
    Posted Sunday, October 30, 2011 at 8:17 pm | Permalink

    [IMHO, if QANTAS planes take off tomorrow Mr Joyce should resign. FAIL.]
    And the board with him.

  21. [

    @vanOnselenPPeter van Onselen

    I dont see whats wrong w forcing arbitration w indep ump. It gets a result, all sides get to put their cases. Nothing unfair there #Qantas

    4 minutes agovia EchofonFavoriteRetweetReply]

  22. g

    [joyce dont understand fair work- the law and the concept]

    On the first part, I am not so sure. On the second part he just helped himself to a pay increase of 70%. What could be fairer than that?

    What was happening was that the unions only needed to strike for small but unpredictable amounts of time indefinitely to attrit the management bargaining position.

    Joyce’s tactical response was the standard Abbottian double or nothing. In the circumstances, this sort of makes sense, even if it does not work because management ends up in the same place, only faster.

    BTW, did you notice that quite a few PB posters went xenophobic on Mr Joyce?
    Unpleasant stuff, IMHO.

  23. Time for some humour. This great story from Pete FitzSimons noting that the mooning of the Queen has precedents going back to 1838.Well done the women of Tasmania !

    [all the way back in 1838, just as the King’s representative, the visiting governor, was about to give an uplifting speech to the female convicts of Tasmania’s Cascades Female Factory, imploring them to change their wicked ways. Suddenly, as the contemporary account goes, ”three hundred women turned around and at one impulse pulled up their clothes showing their naked posteriors, which they simultaneously smacked with their hands making a loud and not very musical noise. In a rare moment of collusion with the convict women, the ladies in the governor’s party could not control their laughter”. No penalty on those women is recorded and I believe that should be followed on this occasion.]

    Read more:

  24. And if Qantas fly again tomorrow, just what have Joyce and his cronies achieved? apart from inconveniencing 80.000 travellers world wide, rubbished the name Qantas world wide and shown the country he and the Board are under the influence of Reith and the Liberal Party heavies….I don’t agree or have much time for for Nick Xen, but his call for a commission is bang on…however I will temper that in the knowledge Julia is the expert here, whatever she decides is good enough for me.

  25. Finns

    What they all need is a good dose of the Dog Section of The Fair Work Division of F,B,F&Co.

    Imagine our Rotties chasing directors around the board room table…

  26. here’s a conspiracy theory… MPs cant get to Parliament. Libs get there via their rich mates and their private aircraft…Motion of no confidence in Government passed. Libs ask GG to dissolve parliament. New election…

    This cant happen can it?

  27. Paroroti
    have always Said this why we are mainly a labor state the convict past,
    And N S, w liberal following on from the rum trade and red coats

  28. Frank (and other WA bludgers)

    Re the “interview with Joyce on 48 Minutes.
    [GrogsGamut Greg Jericho
    Oh f*ck me. It’s a flirt piece #60Minutes
    3 minutes ago
    fanny fairweather
    fanny_fair fanny fairweather
    60 minutes is interviewing Alan Joyce like it is a f*cking PR piece. ]
    Save yourself the effort

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