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Welcome to the new-look Poll Bludger, brought to you as part of a broader incursion into the blogosphere by wealthy benefactors/gentleman admirers at Crikey. Note parallel developments from Possum Comitatus. The site has a new address in the Crikey domain: the old site will redirect here. The interior decoration is incomplete, so don’t despair for apparently missing features quite yet. To pre-empt the complaint which is now no doubt forming in many minds: no, you do not need to be a Crikey subscriber, trial or otherwise, to comment on this blog. However, you do have to register, which means providing a real email address which you will need to verify – I do not think anyone can rightly complain about this. To pre-empt another complaint: this site is run by WordPress just like my old site was and will run in very much the same way, without the limitations you might be familiar with from the old Crikey blogging platform. Beyond that, it will be business more-or-less as usual. There will be a slight difference in my moderation policy, which is to say that I will have one. More on that shortly.

As you can see, all the posts and comments from Wednesday are present and correct, so please carry on as before. Please keep this thread for requests/feedback/bug reports/complaints about the new order, and direct political discussion where appropriate.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. [Again, I can’t for the life of me work out why these things can’t be individually set by the user. Shame on WordPress!]

    They must be communists. There’s no other explanation for it.

  2. Ah, new home new look, took ages to get this gravatar thingy going (ghod I’m so old school sometimes). Could agree with a number of other suggestions but its just nice to be back (BTW the live people side of Sell Out – but I always kinda liked the dead side…).

  3. As GP said at 104, names should be in bold

    There’s a few names I just scroll past when reading, the way it is now forces me to pay more attention to them then they deserve 🙂

  4. GP @ 115

    Thats mean, how is Crikey! going to pay the bills? 😉 (William’s not on scale ya know, no workchoices at Crikey! mate) 😉

  5. No 119

    Thanks Jeff. Sorry to be a pain again, but can we also have the names in say, size 10 rather than microscopic? Cheers.

  6. No 117

    I have no problems with non-intrusive advertisements, like Google ads. Flash ads are obscene and bandwidth hogging. Note to Crikey: don’t use flash adverts.

  7. William (or Jeff, the fixit man?)

    I don’t know if this is fixable or not but I thought I’d ask. As you all know, and hopefully I don’t sound like too much of a tool explaining this, posts in threads here are currently separated by various colour backgrounds – ie one post has a white background, the next has a light grey background, then the next one has a white one… etc etc. That part’s fine and easy to identify.

    My question is then, is there anyway to possible make the ‘blockquotes’ a different colour entirely so that they are properly differentiated? Reading over a thread a while ago I found a few instances in which a user made multiple use of the blockquote feature in the one post, and it became bloody difficult to differentiate who was saying what, not to mention determining where one post began and another ended.

    Just a thought, nothing urging or ultimately deterring, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks it a bit confusing. Otherwise this all looks very spiffy, v. impressed!

  8. Yeah, I just whacked the blockquote support up a couple of hours ago… I’ll take a stab at some better colours soon. 🙂

    You do not sound like a tool, and I am really enjoying the feedback and suggestions — all of which are making the site better for everyone.


  9. once you have created your gravatar (picture)
    you must then click on the picture( shown below your email address info)to activate your gravatar.

    (it took me a few goes btw)

  10. Looks great. Once I work out how to use my screen name, I will of course attempt to post something divisive and scurrilous but for now, love youse all and thanks William

  11. [Well Shanners has gotten everything else right… not]

    Shanners’ Weekend Australian article from 4 weeks ago was titled something like “Count on Costello”, implying that he was going to go for the leadership after his book launch.

  12. I’ve fixed up the links at the top now, so they should be clearer for everyone. It now says “Profile” instead of “Site Admin”, and I changed “Register” to “Sign Up” (people tend to recognise “Sign Up” more than “Register” these days).

    Thanks to everyone for all the feedback (and compliments)! 🙂

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