Presidential election minus 21 weeks

Duke it out here. Those participating in the US election threads are advised that they do so at their own risk.

Author: William Bowe

William Bowe is a Perth-based election analyst and occasional teacher of political science. His blog, The Poll Bludger, has existed in one form or another since 2004, and is one of the most heavily trafficked websites on Australian politics.

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  1. Blindoptimist

    the Dems are going to win Congress , there is no excuse for a Dems POTUS candidate not to lock Dems congress into that ‘mandate’ After the election those Dems congress elected pollies will have to support ratifying Kyoto BUT IF you wait untill after the electtion and try to get those Dems congress guys to support Kyoto when the POTUS did not even get a mandate and they did not either then the Multilatiional big oils & energy companys will pressure the Dems congress memebers & perhaps succesfully Now is the time for the POTUS candidate to make the mandate committment before the oil & energy despots can strike BECAUSE the potential Dems congress pollies at the moment can saay if prssured thats hypothetticals so I don’t answer hypothettical questions to avoid getting nailed down Then when obama wins on a kyoto mandate they say well guys he had a mandate so got to go with it Blindoptimist You cann’t get retorspectives mandates but when the climate stakes ares o big Obama should be stepping up & taking the politicalls risk , actually I think its a net vote winner but sorry to say & feel ‘ticker’ has always been one of my worryies I do not mind Obama supporters saying they support Obama for ehatever reason and say noyhing about Kyoto or alternatively say they do not agree with hom on this issue but lets not pretend he supports ratification now , maybe Edwards canset him straight , dare to win and dare to win all for CC future , made that up , its the no 1 22nd Century challenge

  2. and blindoptimist , my other post was simply to put the mathematical fact of how the race in dele’s was run , hillarywon 3 mths & Obama won the critical Feb one , would have thought both campaigns can claim they did a fair job , and at 2% end result that is a reasonablree conclusion of what happened , so i’m not perpetiating anthings just the record , and Obama won

  3. GG

    some of these guys nust keep records of what they say so they don’t contadict themselves ! Tell it as it is and you always know what you would ahve said Notice that little misquoting again and till just now when I went back to copy it for my post , I’d been been just saying back at him from memory of what i would have said, which per the quotes is what i did say , so you don’t need to keep records of what you say , very naughty of him and i think a NZ er too ,

  4. Ron,

    You are right. A lot here love the ‘gotcha” theory of blogging. Quote other bloggers out of context and also inaccurately. Or try and assume a moral and intellectual superiority for no particular reason other than it suits their personality or agenda to do so. Personbally, I like lots of opinions and the more diversity the better.

    Blind Optimist got it pretty well @ 1542. Basically, there is a lot of conclusive opinions coming before evidence and then no amount of facts is likely to change one’ opinions. For example, you rarely get a sense here that John McCain is regarded as a hero in the US and this includes by the Democrats. Similarly, if Obama were discovered to be a mass murderer some here would wipe that away as a firm policy committment to population control.

    That said, I am sad to see Catrina depart the scene. She usually added value to discussions and although we never agreed, she was usually feisty and fun. Clearly, her “fuhrer mistress personality” won today. Maybe she’ll feel better tomorrow.

  5. Chris B at 1561

    William has an unpublished editorial policy that puts me on the outside and I’m not about to hang around waiting for William to cut me off at the kneecaps (at least not while I have blood pumping).

    Enemy Combatant, Possum Comitatus, jaundiced view, codger, Greeensborough Growler, blindoptimist, Al, Chris B, Work To Rule, Noocat, Pancho, HarryH, Progressive, Jen, SimonH, Diogenes, Swing Lowe, Max, Kirribilli Removals and Robert Bollard …

    We will win in spite of the obstacles.

    Love you all – and take care.


  6. Yes, as Paul Simon once crooned,

    Four in the morning,
    I woke up from out of my dreams,
    There was tap, tap, tap of one finger yapping,
    Now nothing to do but back to sleep, But I’m reconciled,
    yes, there’s gonna be Peace like a River.

  7. Did you fall foul of Mr Bowe, Cat? Don’t worry. He has been stern with me too once or twice. Best to look to the summit and forget the torn toenail. I hope you don’t vanish into the blogfog.

  8. agree with the gotcha stuff

    You are aslo right I feel the biggesat pity of Obama for his supporters is he arose when one of the worst POTUS ‘s in history was nearing the end of his 8 years & people grabbed at something new from outside Washington , a brilliant orator , black , has poise & who is “a change from” from Bush I think many of his US supporters made their firm committments on this before checking his Senate record , his policyies and his history Subsequently anyone querying his Senate , policys & history its old style politics , a teflon effct to the already committed
    Am not impressed with either


    perhaps you were agreeing with my #1553 blog ? I’ve now laid out th politicl challenge for Obama to rise to now , and there is no escaping it four him

  9. Ron, I think Obama has signalled he will get back into the multilateral framework on climate change. Kyoto is about to expire and the post-Kyoto dealing has begun. Obama will involve the US from now on. No-one should think this in itself is going to work magic. It won’t. But it is better to have the US inside the tent than creeping around outside hoping to cut down the ropes, which has been Bush’s political strategy.

  10. Catrina, “You Don’t Have To Go”.
    Couldn’t locate the brilliant Jimmy Reed original on you-tube but minus the mushiness, this clip expresses how many of us feel about you.

    Life’s often about technicalities and compromise. Since the earlier “exchanges of perception” you are (empirically) just that little bit older, some of your cells have divided (mitosed) and therefore, you have grown. If at any stage during this cell growth you happen to have been standing, then you have grown up:)

    A bit more seriously, I once got stuck into Rain and BillBo called me on it, although not quite as sharply. Thought about it for a bit and realised that WB had a point because even though we were “duking it out here”, as in the current thread head:
    “Duke it out here. Those participating in the US election threads are advised that they do so at their own risk.”,
    my remarks were a tad ad hominem. So, Catrina, please reconsider you “farewell” comments, blow a spliff, have a nice glass of plonk, whatever floats your boat as they say, and have a listen to the clip. Tomorrow’s another day in Pseph City Central and I reckon many of us here would be delighted to share and exchange a few comments about it with you .
    Ron, you’ve been called far worse than a wimp and had your sanity, cerebral processes and literary idiosyncracies pilloried here before. As a long time sparing parter, Christ knows we’ve had our dust ups, you’ve always shown great generousity of spirit, c’mon, Ron, what do you say, is there some middle ground here?

  11. Catrina

    I was not offended at all and would like to have you back Perhaps you missed the subtlety of the moderator , if he had wanted you off he would have done what hes done before and given you a threat so he didn’y and you may have been cought bye surprise and by my general TLC this afternoon So you should take up the challenge for mys education rather than allow one setback to put you off and if yous come back i’ll try for at least a day , perhaps a 1/2 day anyway , also i love you

  12. And there she was
    the Catrina of young of heart ,
    to look after the ron
    oh the ron such a lost cause ,
    but not for the Catrina
    who has such heart & commas ,
    and where else could the ron
    find such love by the ton ,
    but the catrina needs strength
    now to overome the william ,
    and where else would it come
    but from the pupil the adoring ron

  13. So William Bowe tells Catrina, “Grow up or go somewhere else, Catrina.” Unbelievable. For months GG, Ron, ESJ and Finns have insulted and abused others here, including me, and not a peep from the moderator. If youre going to moderate your site at least have some consistency

  14. Andrew

    I humbly disagree. Most of us have had the odd tussle with the four musketeers. It’s more of an overly enthusiastic cuddle than anything. They are bravely fighting the Force and should get leniency to make things more interesting around here.

    It was just a little warning from William. And I find the comments about Ron’s grammar patronising to a great contributor.

  15. Since at one time, i was the cat woman’s toy boy. so what am i supposed to do now? life is rather meaningless now without the tap, tap, tap 4 in the morning.

    Baby, please don’t go
    Baby, please don’t go
    Baby, please don’t go
    Down to New Orleans
    You know I love you so
    Baby please don’t go

    Amigo Ron, Swanees gave heart attack on Saturday sometime in Canberra’s chill.

  16. Based on past form, I have no doubt that ESJ and GG have been up to to no good lately behind my back. Boys, whatever it is you’ve been doing – shame on you. However, I doubt Ron and Finns have been giving you more than you’ve deserved.

  17. god i love pollbludger 🙂

    one flew over the cuckooos nest on eternal loop

    ps ESJ i thought you had departed never to grace our shores again comrade?

  18. This is not the Republicans’ year. There are omens all over the place. Some of them cosmic. As you may recall, Rep. Vito Fossella (R) ran a red light a few weeks ago and was stopped by a policeman who determined that (1) Fosella was drunk and (2) Fosella had a family in Virginia in addition to one on Staten Island. Vito Finito as the tabloids put it.

    The rest on the Votemaster.

  19. Yes Chris, and he is rather coyly reported as having “decided” not to run again. Life is imitating art in the US Congress.

  20. #1531 – The Finnigans Says:
    May 18th, 2008 at 9:02 pm – #1517 – Catrina – [reinforces my assumption that Eddy, GG, and The Finns just need attention] – you are suffering the Warwick Fairfax Jr syndrome. as i said to jen, i got the remedy if you say the magic word.

    [#1585 – Those three get away with murder.] – Just a reminder to the cry babies, “the Warwick Fairfax Jr syndrome” is never send a boy to do a man’s job. I did warn her.

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